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New to View: Johnny Depp & cinematic rants

We're in the middle of BRIDESMAIDS buzz right now, but next weekend the summer movie season kicks in to high gear with the return of Captain Jack Sparrow in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES.  In the latest episode of the MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer and John (both clad in Scarecrow approved attire) discuss the career of Mr. Johnny Depp--from 21 JUMP STREET and the Burton films to the underrated WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE and biopics like ED WOOD and FINDING NEVERLAND. Note: Depp is not ugly in EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. Some goth kids find that look attractive.

This episode also brings a new segment to the podcast--Go Away Now.  I'll volunteer to go on the podcast and talk about STAR WARS disappointment because my thoughts on their discussion would take longer to share than I have time to type here.

They end as always with their DVD Picks of The Week. We have both for rent and sale here at the store.

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