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Scarecrow Video Podcast: Episode XI

Has it really been almost two months since our last Scarecrow Video Podcast? Time does fly when you're in the retail trenches. Luckily, schedules recently aligned to bring you a brand new installment of our random film chat. In our 11th episode, Alex Thomas, Travis Vogt, and Matt Lynch gather at Dad Watsons in Fremont for beer, tater tots*, and a roundtable discussion of what they've been watching lately. You'll hear Matt explain his disconnect from animation, Alex talk about her shifting love for SPACEBALLS and the other movies she loved at age 9, Travis almost go crazy while describing the lunacy of FIELD OF DREAMS, and much more.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 11 The episode contains strong language and therefore is NSFW.

As requested, here are the screen grabs that eerily illustrate Matt's observation about VOLCANO:

Here's the cover for the sleazeriffic POOR PRETTY EDDIE:

Here's the trailer for the Ron Galella documentary SMASH THE CAMERA

You'll find the previous ten Scarecrow Video Podcast episodes HERE.

* I'm just assuming they ate tater tots because how can you not order them?