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New to View: The Mel Gibson problem & series that need to stop

Congratulations are in order for The MacGuffin Podcast! They're nominated for Best Arts Website in the Seattle Weekly Web Awards. You can vote for them HERE. We like to think the fact that they film their podcast here had something to do with the nomination.

In the MacGuffin's latest episode, Spencer and John discuss Mel Gibson's career/infamy/general evil in light of THE BEAVER, which opens today at The Egyptian.  If you aren't already familiar with the premise of the film (which co-stars and was directed by Jodie Foster) you can watch the trailer HERE.  We also strongly recommend you read Lindy West's review in The Stranger.

Next, the MacGuffins discuss film series that may have gone on past their prime. The FAST & FURIOUS movies?  Some make a convincing argument for their continued entertainment value. The SCARY MOVIEs of the world? Not so much.They end fulfilling their legal obligations by offering their DVD Picks of the Week.  We have VIDEO NASTIES for rent on a PAL import DVD in our Psychotronic room (ask us if you need assistance playing import DVDs).  Spencer's THE USUAL SUSPECTS will be re-released on Blu-ray on Tuesday.