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May's Actor's Spotlight section

A new month brings two new faces to our ACTOR'S SPOTLIGHT special rental section.� Each month we highlight two actors and put some of their best films together for your perusal. May's actors are:


Mr. Bruhl has appeared in the WWI drama JOYEUX NOEL (2005), Julie Delpy's 2 DAYS IN PARIS,(2007) and you may recognize him as the Nazi sniper/aspiring actor who falls for Shosanna in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (2009). His breakthrough role was in 2003's GOOD BYE, LENIN!


The Iranian actress won acclaim at 14 with her first film THE PEAR TREE (1998).� Since then she has starred in such films as BAB'AZIZ: THE PRINCE THAT CONTEMPLATED HIS SOUL (2005), Ridley Scott's BODY OF LIES (2008) and Abbas Kiarostami's SHIRIN, a film comprised of women's faces as they sit in a theater watching a movie based on an ancient Persian love story. You'll find the Actor's Spotlight just after our PALME D'OR rental section in the Second Take area.