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New Releases for May 3rd

The first new releases of May brings undercover crime fighters, musicals, documentaries, and comedies both dark and light, plus a bunch of new imports and MGM Limited series & Universal Vault series titles (which you’ll find at the end of this post). Here’s the full list--as always the * means it is also on Blu-ray, @ means we have it for sale in the store, and SALE will allow you to buy select titles from our online store.

THE GREEN HORNET *Screenplay by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg…, directed by Michel Gondry….  You know you want to see how it turned out…  @ SALE THE DILEMMA—I don’t know, Vince Vaughn, should you tell your best friend (Kevin James) his wife (Winona Ryder!) is might be cheating on him? Ron Howard’s latest comedy explores this moral quandary.GUY AND MADELINE ON A PARK BENCH—A lively musical about two people falling in love. Variety’s John Anderson says it’s, "a magical amalgam of Jean-Luc Godard, Miles Davis, Morris Engel and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg." Sold! @A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN—Stellan Skarsgard stars in this dark & dry comedy about a mild mannered gangster and his attempts to keep from being sucked back in to a life of crime.MAO’S LAST DANCER—Driving Miss Daisy director Bruce Beresford’s biopic of Chinese dancer Li Cunxin, who danced for Madame Mao before he defected to the US.KUNG FU DUNK *—A martial arts prodigy turns college basketball player in this film from action director of Shaolin Soccer and starring Green Hornet’s Jay Chou.  @RUBBER—It won’t be out in the US for a while, but you can enjoy the awesome killer tire movie with this PAL Code 2 import from the UK. Ask us if you need assistance playing PAL and/or region coded DVDs. The trailer has several exploding heads in it and therefore is NSFW or those who don't like watching heads explode.THE PJ’S: SEASON 1—The stop-motion animated series featuring the voice of Eddie Murphy as the superintendent of a Detroit housing project, co-created by Larry Wilmore (later of The Daily Show) with a theme song by George Clinton.BEING HUMAN: SEASON 3 *—The original UK series returns for more vampire/werewolf/ghost teen drama. @HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT’S INFERNO—Re-enactments, interviews, notes, and storyboards help recreate Clouzot’s vision for his unfinished 1964 film. @SMILES ON A SUMMER NIGHT—Ingmar Bergman’s naughty comedy makes its Blu-ray debut on the Criterion Collection. @ SALEFAT GIRL—The Criterion Collection edition Catherine Breillat’s shocking coming-of-age story is new on Blu-ray. @ SALE ANIME NEW RELEASES The Girl Who Leapt Through Space: Volume 1 The Girl Who Leapt Though Time—new on Blu-ray  @ K-ON!: Volume 1 Moribito: Guardian of The Spirit Part 1—on Blu-ray Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin: Volume 2 Sacred Blacksmith: Complete Series FAMILY NEW RELEASES Almost Angels (1962) Family Fun Collection The Littlest Outlaw (1954) The Sword and The Rose (1953) Westward Ho, The Wagons! (1956) Ben 10: Ultimate Alien-Power Struggle NEW BLU-RAY Bob Dylan: The Other Side of The Mirror Machine Girl @ Man Who Could Cheat Death/The Skull Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad Student Bodies/Jekyll & Hyde: Together Again Those Daring Young Men and Their Jaunty Jalopies/Houdini Twelve O’Clock High @ What Dreams May Come NEW TV ON DVD Drop Dead Diva: Season 2 Murdoch Mysteries: Season 3 Penn & Teller: BullS@$T: Season 8 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Blood Pledge: Broken Promise (2009)—Korean horror Call Me Salome (2010)—Italy Confessions (2010)(Code 3)—Japan Dream Home (2010)(Code 3)—Hong Kong horror Goemon (2009)—Japan, based on the manga series  @ It’s A Secret To Her (2009)—Korea Make Yourself at Home (2010)(Code 3)—Korea Night & Fog (2009)(Code 3)—Hong Kong Norwegian Woods (2010)—Korea--This isn't the movie based on the Murakami novel. This is a "independent ensemble horror-comedy." Oppai Chanabara: Striptease Samurai Squad (2011)—Japan  @ Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares: Series 3 (PAL)—UK Shaolin (2011)(Code 3)—Hong Kong Sleepless (1957)—Egypt Tale of the Oriental Serpent (2010)—China Horrible Histories: Series 1 (2009) (PAL Code 2)--Learn your history! You'll find this in our Family New Release section.Outrage (2010)(Code 3)--New from director Takeshi Kitano! WARNING: The trailer has subtitles NSFW. NEW DOCUMENTARIES & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE The End of Poverty?/Banking on Change—“Renowned actor and activist, Martin Sheen, narrates The End of Poverty?, a feature-length documentary directed by award-winning director, Philippe Diaz, which reveals that poverty is not an accident. It began with military conquest, slavery and colonization that resulted in the seizure of land, minerals and forced labor. Today, global poverty has reached new levels because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies -- in other words, wealthy countries exploiting the weaknesses of poor, developing countries.” Also on the DVD is Banking on Change: “Despite India’s economic growth, the disparities between wealth and poverty are enormous. Many villagers migrate to the cities in search of work and end up begging on the streets. South Indian bank manager J S Parthiban set out to do something to help their economic circumstances…” Fernando Nation: ESPN 30 for 30 series—“Nicknamed ‘El Toro’ by his fans, Fernando Valenzuela ignited a fire that spread from LA to New York-and beyond. He vaulted himself onto the prime time stage and proved with his signature look to the heavens and killer screwball that the American dream was not reserved for those born on U.S. soil. In this layered look at the myth and the man, Director Cruz Angeles recalls the euphoria around Fernando's arrival and probes a phenomenon that transcended baseball for many Mexican-Americans. Fernando Valenzuela himself opens up to share his perspective on this very special time. Even 20 years later, ‘Fernandomania’ lives.” Frontline: Revolution in Cairo—“Frontline dispatches teams to Cairo, going inside the youth movement that helped light the fire on the streets. We follow the April 6 Youth Movement, which two years ago began making a bold use of the Internet for their underground resistance--tactics that led to jail and torture for many of their leaders. Now, starting with the ‘Day of Rage,’ we witness those same leaders plot strategy and head into ‘Liberation Square’ to try to bring down President Hosni Mubarak.” Hinduism…A Way of Life—“Considered to be the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism has no single founder and is based on a number of religious texts developed over many centuries that contain spiritual insights and practical guidelines for religious life. Today across the world more and more people are getting fascinated by Hinduism. Come, take a journey into the world’s third largest religion and you may find in it something that will touch your heart. It can be something that you have been following for years even though you may not be Hindu. This is because Hinduism is not a religion per se. It is way of life!!” Processed People—“Processed People features in-depth discussions with leading health experts detailing why so many of us are sick, and offers solutions to our current devastating health crisis. Tragically, many Americans are victims of a ‘health care’ system and way of life which are devastating to our overall well-being. To those running our system, the bottom line on the dollars we're able to spend is more important than the bottom line on our health.” Selling God—“What is the price of a soul? At a time when televangelists can fill a stadium at the same rate as a rock star and a theme park can sell tickets to the Holy Land, organized religion has in many ways put a price tag on salvation. Selling God is a fascinating and always amusing survey of evangelical Christianity from Biblical times to the rise of megachurches to the post-9/11 culture wars. Combining historical insight with irreverent humor, director Carl Christman explores the many absurdities that arise when pop culture meets religious doctrine. Featuring interviews with Dr. Noam Chomsky and a host of other scholars and religious leaders, this satirical documentary shows that in many modern churches, every prayer is accounted for and every penny, too.” Thoroughbred: Born to Run—“Produced and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Paul Wagner, Thoroughbred follows a diverse group of individuals for a year leading up to the 2009 Kentucky Derby and captures the beauty of the breed, the thrilling nature of the sport, and the fascinating array of contemporary occupations and activities that make up the industry.” Trust Us: This Is All Made Up—“TJ and Dave walk out on stage without characters, dialog or plot. An hour later they leave an audience with one of the funniest nights of their lives. Described by The New York Times as ‘Second City-seasoned masters of long form improv’, TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi have become living legends in their field. Exploring the trust that underlies their relationship and the forces that govern their improvisation, Trust Us, This is All Made Up is a portrait of two remarkably talented friends and features an unforgettable live performance recorded at New York's Barrow Street Theater.” …AND MORE MOVIES The Auteur (2008)—“The world's greatest porn director attempts to revive his sagging career and win back the love of his life in this outrageous, award-winning comedy.” Bloomington—“Bloomington is a coming-of-age drama about a former child actress attending college in search of independence and who ends up becoming romantically involved with a female professor. Their relationship thrives until an opportunity to return to acting forces her to make life-altering decisions.” Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein—“Victor is socially awkward. He spends all of his time watching old movies on TV with his best friend, his rat that he named Frankenstein. Victor becomes so detached that he can't tell real life from the old movies that he watches. He begins to receive transmissions from the TV and then is haunted by his dead mother before he realizes that if he can't make friends, he would just ‘make’ one. Things are great until even his own creation thinks that he is a poor excuse for a man.” From Prada to Nada—“Nora and Mary only know the good life in Beverly Hills – shopping, posh parties, and more shopping – but they’re in for a big shock when Daddy’s fortune suddenly disappears. Thankfully, an aunt takes them under her wing but she lives on the other side of town. Laugh out loud as these princesses embark on the biggest adventure of their lives…without designer labels!” It stars Camilla Belle, Alexa Vega, Wilmer Valderrama, and Adriana Barraza. Identity (2009)—“Uncovering the dark side of reinvention, Identity follows an elite police unit tracking identity thieves and their unwitting victims. DSI Martha Lawson (Keeley Hawes, Ashes to Ashes, MI-5) assembles a crack team of investigators, betting her reputation on their results. Cavalier DI John Bloom (Aidan Gillen, The Wire) has undercover experience and knows exactly what it’s like to live a lie. Ambitious DS Anthony Wareing (Shaun Parkes, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries) clashes with Bloom about his questionable past and even more questionable methods. Rounding out the group are cocksure DC José Rodriguez (Elyes Gabel, Casualty) and IT expert Tessa Stein (Holly Aird, Waking the Dead). The cases reveal the many reasons for adopting a new persona, from simple greed to far more sinister motives. Solid detective work and high-tech investigative tools unmask the criminals but discord within the team may derail the operation.” Megan is Missing—“On January 14th, 2007, 14-year-old Megan Stewart disappeared. Three weeks later, her 13-year-old best friend Amy Herman also vanished. Assembled from video chats, webcam footage, home videos and news reports, this is what happened in the days immediately before, and after, Megan went missing. From writer/director Michael Goi comes this unblinking depiction of internet predators and child abduction as seen through the eyes of two North Hollywood teens...Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn and Dean Waite star in this disturbing and often explicit drama about a real-life world of risks and danger that every teen must know...and no parent can afford to miss.” My Own Love Song—“Jane and Joey (Renée Zellweger and Forest Whitaker) embark on an unforgettable road trip across the country in a moving and uplifting story of redemption, self-discovery and courage. From the acclaimed director of La Vie en Rose and featuring all-new music and songs by Bob Dylan.” Party Animals (2007)--"Set in the frantic, high-stakes world of the British government, this BBC drama series centers on the unsung heroes of party politics - those ambitious young men and women who keep the government ticking over like a well-oiled machine. When Danny, Scott, Ashika and Kirsty are not absorbed in their own personal dramas, they are beavering away behind the scenes at Westminster as researchers and advisers. Unlike most self-involved twenty-somethings, these four must shoulder the incredible responsibility of running a country - and the pressures that entails. Party Animals invites you into a world of cloak-and-dagger politics, where power play and sexual intrigue are the order of the day." Romeo and Juliet (1954) *—“A wonderful film translation of the magic of Shakespeare's verse into the language of cinema. Shot on location in Italy, the film stars Laurence Harvey, beautiful newcomer' Susan Shantell and features the voice of John Gielgud as the chorus.” The Terror (1963) *—“In one of his first-ever roles, a young Jack Nicholson stars as Lt. Andre Duvalier, a soldier in Napoleon’s army in 19th century France, separated from his regiment. He awakens on a beach to the sight of a strange woman who leads him to the gothic, towering castle that serves as home to eerie Baron Von Leppe (Boris Karloff). But, as Duvalier soon discovers, nothing is what it seems in this ghastly, haunted mansion of death! This underground favorite was made in classic Roger Corman fashion, making the most of his resources to bring yet another film to life on a minimal budget for his producers at American International Pictures.” To Paris With Love (1954)—“Alec Guinness plays Sir Edgar Fraser, a widowed Scottish aristocrat who decides that it is time to introduce his 20-year-old son to the opposite sex. This, he decides, must be done in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. So off they go, and Sir Edgar is determined to find a beautiful, spirited girl for his son. This he does, but complications arise when he finds himself falling for her. Matters become even more tangled when his son falls in love with the woman he has found for his father.” Upstairs and Downstairs (1959)—“Richard Barrie (Michael Craig) and wife Kate (Anne Heywood) are a pair of newlyweds. Kate’s father, and Richard’s boss, Mansfield (James Robertson Justice) insists that the couple take on domestic help in order to continue entertaining his rich clients.  Who would have thought that finding help would be so much fun! The circus of a search continues until Swedish beauty Ingrid (Mylene Demongeot) enters the Barrie household.  Her domestic abilities are spectacular and when Ingrid enters the party in her blue dress, well, let’s just say that’s when the fun really begins.” Waiting For Forever—“Rachel Bilson (Jumper, The O.C.) and Tom Sturridge (Pirate Radio) lead an all-star cast in this ‘refreshingly honest and original love story...with superb performances.’ (Boxoffice Magazine). Sturridge creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable character in Will, the quirky street performer with a free spirit and a heart of pure gold. The object of Will's lifelong affection is Emma (Bilson), the beautiful young actress whom he has never stopped loving since they were childhood sweethearts. But when they reunite, and Will gets swept up in Emma’s complicated past, his innocence and all-consuming passion could cost him everything he’s ever wanted.” Ward No. 6—“A bold contemporary adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s legendary short story, Ward No. 6 chronicles one man’s descent into madness. Dr. Ragin is the head doctor at a provincial insane asylum, where he daily interacts with the abandoned, the unloved and the forgotten. Lonely and isolated in his personal life, he finds solace in the long philosophical dialogues with his brilliant patient Gromov, which lead him to question the nature of his own existence. Updating the 1892 tale to the present day, the film is shot in a real mental institution on the outskirts of Moscow, and features interviews with actual patients. A powerful film, Ward No. 6 illuminates the writer’s immortal genius for a new generation.” NEW MGM LIMITED/ UNIVERSAL VAULT SERIES Ballad of Josie (1967)—“Starring Doris Day, The Ballad of Josie is a rousing western-comedy about a feisty widow who is determined to make a better life for herself and her young son. Independent and unwilling to fall into another submissive relationship, Josie decides to raise sheep, despite that her little town of Arapaho is in the middle of cattle country. Defying tradition, she purchases herds of sheep, renovates a dilapidated ranch on her property, dons a pair of pants, and challenges the resistance of enraged cattle ranchers. With all her pluck and courage, amidst fights, gunfire and an all-out riot, Josie organizes the ladies of Arapaho to come to her aid, even against their own cattle-owning husbands!” Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw (1975)—“A stunning carhop who wants to be a country singer and her sweetheart who dreams he's Billy the Kid become involved in robbery and murder.” It stars Lynda Carter and Marjoe Gortner. Call of The Wild (1972)—“Based on the 1903 Jack London (White Fang) adventure classic, The Call of the Wild is an exciting tale of gold fever and adventure in the Yukon.” This one stars Charlton Heston and Michele Mercier and was directed by Ken Annakin (Swiss Family Robinson). Chicago Confidential (1957)—“Brian Keith stars as Jim Fremont, an Illinois States Attorney fighting corrupt unions in Chicago. The union crooks in collaboration with a gambling syndicate try to pin a murder rap on an uncooperative union leader Blane (Dick Foran).” Cloudburst (1952)—“A World War II veteran, working in the British Foreign Office, avenges his wife's murder.” It stars a pre-Music Man Robert Preston and Elizabeth Sellars. Cold Wind in August (1961)—“An older woman seduces an impressionable working-class boy who falls deeply in love with her. Disillusionment sets in when the boy discovers that she is a stripper and prostitute.” I can’t say I blame the guy. The movie stars Lola Albright and Scott Marlowe. Defiance (1979)—“An out-of work merchant seaman single-handedly tames a powerful street gang that has been terrorizing his neighborhood on New York City's Lower East Side.” The all star cast includes Jan-Michael Vincent, Theresa Saldana, Danny Aiello, and Art Carney. Destructors (1974)—“A tough U.S. Embassy official in Paris is assigned to break a narcotic ring, but after several of his agents are killed he hires a professional killer.” It stars power trio Michael Caine, Anthony Quinn, and James Mason. Explosive Generation (1961)—“A schoolteacher (Beau Bridges) asks his teenage students to write essays describing their feelings about sex. When an angry school board decides to suspend him, his students unite to defend their teacher.” It co-stars Patty McCormack, Lee Kinsolving, Billy Gray, and William Shatner. Gun Runners (1958)—“The owner of a cabin cruiser in Florida innocently rents it to a ruthless gun merchant who sells arms to a revolutionary group in Cuba.” It stars Audie Murphy, Patricia Ownes, and Eddie Albert, and was directed by Don Siegel. Happy Theives (1961)—“A dapper art thief enraptures a wealthy duchess, then steals a priceless painting from her estate.” This caper stars Rita Hayworth and Rex Harrison. A Lovely Way To Die (1968)—“A Lovely Way To Die stars Kirk Douglas as Schuyler, a hard-boiled police detective who turns in his badge after charges of brutality are made against him. Hired by a prominent attorney (Eli Wallach), Schuyler is assigned to protect a beautiful young woman who is accused of murdering her wealthy husband. While trying to uncover more information about the murder, Schuyler falls for his lovely client and gets embroiled in a murderous scheme of blackmail, deadly secrets and lies.” Man In The Shadow (1957)—“Orson Welles and Jeff Chandler star in Man in the Shadow, a modern-day Western with bite and social significance. As the new sheriff in town, Ben Sadler (Chandler) believes in justice. As owner of the Golden Empire ranch, Virgil Renchler (Welles) makes his own rules, obeyed by a town that needs his business. When the brutal murder of a Mexican farm worker is covered up by all who fear its perpetrator, the formidable Renchler, Sadler fights a lonely and dangerous battle against the entire county. Up against a master manipulator, more than one attempt is made on his life. Suspense mounts steadily to a showdown - in which only one man can win.” It was directed by Jack Arnold. Mass Appeal (1984)—“Mass Appeal stars Jack Lemmon as Father Tim Farley, a complacent priest in a wealthy suburban parish who drives a Mercedes and cracks jokes from the pulpit. When idealistic Mark Dolson (Zeljko Ivanek), a radical seminarian accuses him of ‘song and dance theology,’ the result is a head-on clash that teaches each man the true meaning of faith. Based on the Broadway hit, this witty and thought-provoking adaptation is a humorous and compelling duel of conscience and compromise.” Patty Hearst (1988)—“A dramatization of the newspaper heiress' abduction and subsequent brainwashing by the Symbionese Liberation Army.” It stars Natasha Richardson, William Forsythe, Ving Rhames, Dana Delany, Jodi Long, and Frances Fisher and was directed by Paul Schrader (American Gigolo). Pete ‘N’ Tillie (1972)—“Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett star in the poignant Academy Award-nominated comedy-drama Pete 'n' Tillie. An unlikely middle-aged match-up, Pete Seltzer (Matthau) and Tillie Schlaine (Burnett) are introduced through their kooky mutual friend, Gertrude, portrayed by Geraldine Page in an Academy Award-nominated performance. Tillie, a spinsterish secretary, is not overwhelmed by Pete, an exasperating punster, but they eventually fall in love and marry. Enlivened by their witty sparring, their marriage is inevitably tested by Pete's infidelity in this humorous and heartwarming story.” Queen of Hearts (1989)—“An Italian couple defy both their families and marry for love. Four children later, they are running a diner in England. Humorous, dramatic, sad -- everything a movie should be.” It stars Joseph Long, Anita Zagaria, Ian Hawkes, and Eileen Way. Stolen Hours (1965)—“Susan Hayward stars as a rich Texas playgirl with no real ambition who meets a young Welsh doctor who sees the despair beneath her indifference -- and the illness she's trying to hide.” A Thousand Clowns (1965)—“In this four-time Oscar nominated film (including Best Picture), Jason Robards stars as a nonconformist who is forced to find a conventional job.” It co-stars Barbara Harris, Barry Gordon, and Martin Balsam. Ulzana’s Raid (1972)—“Burt Lancaster (Airport) stars as a scout assigned to aid the cavalry in tracking down Ulzana and his band of renegade Indians in the fact-based story Ulzana's Raid. As the trail gets hotter, McIntosh (Lancaster) attempts to teach an idealistic young lieutenant (Bruce Davison) that the only way to fight the Apaches' escalating brutality and violence is with even stronger force. Directed by Robert Aldrich (The Dirty Dozen), this gritty action epic is sure to excite both the senses and the intellect.” The Virginian (1946)—“When a cowboy is confronted by ruthless cattle thieves and betrayed by his best friend, he must fight for justice...even if it means the loss of the woman he loves who cannot accept the uncivil laws of the Wild West.” It stars Joel McCrea, Brian Donlevy, Sonny Tufts, and Barbara Britton.