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New To View: The MacGuffins look forward to the SUMMER MOVIE SEASON

It's time once again to check in with our fellow movie fans Spencer and John at The MacGuffin Podcast. Their latest episode looks ahead to next week's official opening of the summer movie season (THOR! *)  and many of the films coming out between early May and the end of August. Will people accept Mel Gibson in THE BEAVER? How super will SUPER 8 be? Why must everyone hate on CARS 2?  Will we have superhero fatigue by the time CAPTAIN AMERICA comes out? Does Terence Malick's TREE OF LIFE really have a dinosaur in it? All I know is that the time between now and when I can see BRIDESMAIDS can not move fast enough.

Spencer and John end as always with their DVD Picks of The Week. Excellent work, gentlemen.

*Or more importantly, Agent Coulson. Am I the only one who thinks he's more attractive than Thor?