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Spotlight Kids section: 90's NICKELODEON

Hello Scarecrow blog readers! I am very excited to introduce this month’s special KIDS Section: Nickelodeon of the 1990s! Years ago when I was only a customer and not an employee, I was so jazzed Scarecrow had so many of the things I watched while I was growing up: ALL the old Disney hits (a few choice selections being The Rescuers, Sword in the Stone, Oliver and Company), as well as all the old comic book/superhero (Batman, X-Men, Spiderman). The shows my younger brother and I had once watched were finally available to me after almost 10 years, and I felt much joy while searching for and watching these long lost favorites. After I finished the old Disney and after-school action shows, I came to Nickelodeon treasures like Adventures of Pete and Pete and Rocko’s Modern Life.  These are the shows I remember spending a good chunk of my summer vacation afternoons absolutely glued to TV, watching as many reruns as I could manage before my mom told me to go outside. As a kid, Nickelodeon was the channel that I had to sneak around to watch. My lovely middle class parents allowed me to watch as much PBS or Disney Channel I wanted, which were very high quality and educational but often downright boring. Nickelodeon was the other kid’s channel, the channel I felt a little naughty for watching. Their shows were hilariously gross and weird in comparison to the shows on PBS or Disney, and I loved it for that reason. To me, Nickelodeon was a intellectual step above the other kids channels; most of the shows I watched and liked required the viewer (in this case a nine year old little girl) to understand elements of sarcasm and satire. No mean feat for a person with a one digit birthday. Shows like Rocko’s Modern Life and AAAHHH!!! REAL MONSTERS pushed and prodded my little brain to accept the gross and disgusting and see the humor in such situations, something most of my other nine year old friends rejected. I loved these shows because they made little or no sense at all: monsters that went to school to learn how to scare, a talking wallaby that worked at a comic book store, a dog and cat that were joined together, and a boy named Doug who had a crush on a girl named PATTI MAYONNAISE (Seriously?  Seriously awesome, that is).  Despite their silly premises, they seemed more down to earth, with real-life lessons that were more fun to watch than anything I had seen before. I have put this small section together for all the other 20-something year olds out there searching for their childhoods. I hope you have as much fun watching these “old” shows as I have! They are not all gone, nor forgotten: Long Live ICKIS, OBLINA, and KRUMB! Sincerely, Paige
You'll find the 90's NICKELODEON section in the Kids section by the Customer Station.