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New Releases for April 5th

This week’s new release list has real-life heroes, digitally retouched villains, punks, polygamists, sleuths, swindlers, and possible answers to the origins of the solar system. Here’s the list; remember the * means it is also available on Blu-ray, @ means we have it for sale in the store, and you can buy select titles here on line by clicking  SALE. TRON: LEGACY *—It’s all about the bio digital jazz, man. The modern take on Tron is worth watching for Jeff Bridges’ Dude-like portrayal of a now grizzled Kevin Flynn and Daft Punk’s incredible score.  @ SALE TRON: THE ORIGINAL CLASSIC *—It’s finally back in print so you won’t have to wait for one of our old DVD copies to satisfy your curiosity about whether it holds up. We’ll say one thing; the special effects are still impressive.  @ SALE THE TAQWACORES—A Pakistani-American college student finds his ideology challenged when moves in to a house populated with members of the hardcore Muslim punk-rock scene. It’s based on the novel by Michael Muhammad Knight.   @ SALE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: SEASON 5—The final season of a highly underrated show. ANY HUMAN HEART—Matthew Macfadyen, Jim Broadbent, and Sam Claflin each portray an author seeking fame and happiness at different stages of his life in this UK production based on the novel by William Boyd. CASINO JACK *—An outrageous dramatization of the outrageous Jack Abramoff corruption scandal, starring Kevin Spacey as the ultimate wheeler/dealer.   @ I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS *—Jim Carrey goes from a small town con man to a full-on corporate criminal and falls in love with Ewan McGregor in this comedy that somehow fell off the radar here in the US. @ LITTLE FOCKERS *—Robert De Niro questions Ben Stiller’s ability to take on the title of family patriarch through a series of increasingly embarrassing situations. TAXI DRIVER * —The Blu-ray debut of Martin Scorsese’s classic includes the original 1986 commentary track with Scorsese and writer Paul Schrader and a lot more.   @ SALE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER *—The latest installment of the Narnia saga will be out on our shelves on Friday, April 8th@ ANIME NEW RELEASES Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood—Part 4 Eps. 40-52 Hero Tales: Part 1 Hero Tales: Part 2
FAMILY NEW RELEASES Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That: Tales About Tails Sesame Street: Silly Storytime Wild Kratts: Creature Adventures Gustafer Yellowgold’s Infinity Sock--"Groovy Gustafer Yellowgold is a small, yellow, cone-headed fellow, who came to Earth from the Sun and has a knack for finding himself neck-deep in absurd situations as he explores his new life in the Minnesota woods."
NEW TO THE THE NICKELODEON in 90s SECTION Special section by the downstairs Customer Station AAHH! Real Monsters: Season 1 Angry Beavers: Best of Season 1 Catdog: Season 1 Rugrats: Season 1 Rugrats: Season 2
NEW BLU-RAY A.I.: Artificial Intelligence @ SALE Babe (1995)   @ Fiddler On The Roof—40th Anniversary Edition  @
NEW TV ON DVD Lark Rise To Candleford: Season 4 Life Unexpected: Seasons 1 & 2 30 Days: Season 3 Minder: Season 4 (1982) & Season 5 (1983)—“One of the best-ever British TV series, Minder stars the legendary George Cole (A Christmas Carol) as smooth-talking used car salesman Arthur Daley, a man synonymous with dodgy goods and shady deals, who knows a "nice little earner" when he sees one. He hires former boxer Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman - The Sweeney) to be his 'minder' (bodyguard) to protect him from other small-time crooks. Consistently entertaining, the two make a living - one more than the other - on the grimy streets of London.” Sister Wives—TLC presents a real life version of Big Love NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Alex and Leo (2011, Germany)—“On a Berlin summer day, a chance encounter brings together two young men whose lives are in shambles. Alex is coping with a broken heart after his deadbeat boyfriend cheats on him; Leo is a media professional who can no longer hide the truth from his demanding, long-term girlfriend: he’s been attracted to men all the while. So begins a summer of love and self-discovery for Alex and Leo. But before they can find bliss with each other, Alex must detach himself from his ex and Leo must unleash his inner lion to convince Alex’s oddball clique of friends that he’s a worthy suitor.” Come Undone (2010, Italy)—“Anna has everything she thought she could ever need: a respectable career, a caring family, and a loving partner, Alessio. But when she meets Domenico, a handsome, married waiter, her neatly ordered world begins to fall apart. They quickly fall into a heated affair, based on secret meetings, stolen caresses, cell phone fights, and endless lies. Anna's increasingly distant behavior goes unnoticed by Alessio, while Domenico's wife becomes steadily more suspicious of her husband. As the two lovers begin to fall deeper under the spell of passion, they are faced with a life-changing choice which neither is entirely prepared to make.” Marchlands (2010, UK)(PAL Code 2)—“Marchlands is a ghost story at its heart. Alice’s haunting of Marchlands creates a disturbed and eerie domestic life for the three families who live in the same house across three time periods (1968, 1988, 2010) following her death. This gripping drama follows Ruth's journey to solve the mystery of her daughter’s tragic passing, so that Alice's spirit can finally escape Marchlands. Marchlands features a fantastic cast including Alex Kingston (Moll Flanders), Denis Lawson** (Bleak House), Jodie Whittaker (St Trinian's), Anne Reid (Ladies of Letters), Shelly Con (Mistresses) and Tessa Peake-Jones (Only Fools and Horses).”  ** aka Wedge Antilles. NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES The Last Dinosaur (1977)—“‘It eats meat! Us!!’ It is a Tyrannosaurus, ruler of a lost world hidden within a dormant polar volcano. Us are members of expedition led by a big game hunter and überzillionaire (Richard Boone). And eats – well, you get the idea, tyrant lizard fans! Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass, who charmed families with The Year Without a Santa Claus and more animated and stop-motion holiday heartwarmers, relied on dinomight for The Last Dinosaur, the sort of thrill-a-minute popcorn-seller that gives bad movies a good name.”
The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970)—“The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer is comedy and comedy, a quirky skewering of sex, the advertsing business, media, politics, the clergy, ale and you name it and featuring a motley array of talents – we’ll name them: Bedazzled and Beyond the Fringe’s Peter Cook, Monty Pythonites John Cleese and Graham Chapman, ever-reliable comedy veterans Denholm Elliott and Dennis Price, playwright Harold Pinter and more.”
Some Mother’s Son (1996)—“Surrounded by the conflict in Northern Ireland, Kathleen Quigley has managed to stay clear of it, devoting herself to her three children. Yet in a single moment, the war claims her as one of its living victims. Kathleen is caught in an inescapable political crossfire when her son, actively involved with the IRA, is jailed by the British. Academy Award winner* Helen Mirren (The Queen) portrays Kathleen in a powerful drama of courage and love from the makers of In the Name of the Father."
The Squeeze (1977)—“Scotland Yard’s Jim Naboth (Stacy Keach) battled the bottle instead of London’s seedy underworld and lost. But he finds one chance to get out of life’s gutter when the mob kidnaps his ex-wife in a ruthless $1-million ransom scheme. Director Michael Apted tightens The Squeeze into a penetrating study of people under stress – and a walloping bloody, sexy detective caper in the mold of great British gangland thrillers like Get Carter and The Long Good Friday.”
Used People (1992)— “’She got picked up at her own husband’s funeral!’ She is Pearl Berman, a not-so-inconsolable widow whose emotionally barren life and dysfunctional family get a joyous kick in the pants when a handsome Italian confesses that for 23 years he’s loved her from afar. And now it’s time for a closeup. As love turns Pearl luminescent, her disgruntled daughters and mother also discover that happiness is worth waiting for."
NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & NON-FICTION FARE American Jihadist—“American soldier. Family man. Jihadist. Isa Abdullah Ali is a person of many identities and contradictions, but in the beginning, he was a bullied young boy growing up in America s capital. At fifteen he joined the American army, and as a young man he converted to Islam and fought alongside the Amal militia and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Though the details of his past are murky, Isa claims to have killed more than 150 people in the fight to defend his faith. Through Isa’s own words and those of family members, psychologists and political experts, this award-winning documentary attempts to decode the social and personal influences that can lead an individual down a path to radicalism. American Jihadist reaches beyond easy labels to grasp the nuances behind one man’s decision to fight and kill for his religion.” American Justice: Vegas and The Mob—“Vegas existed before the mob came to town but not in any way that would be familiar to the millions of people who flock to the city today… From the Flamingo to the Luxor, this is the complete story of how the mob exploited legal gambling to make billions of dollars and created an American institution.” Kubrick’s Odyssey: Secrets Hidden In The Films—“This provocative and insightful film is the first in a series of documentaries that will reveal the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time: Stanley Kubrick. This famed movie director who made films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, placed symbols and hidden anecdotes into his films that tell a far different story than the films appeared to be saying.” It goes on to discuss how he filmed the Apollo Moon landings.” Lady Gaga: One Sequin at a Time—“Not since Madonna has the pop world experienced a cultural icon like Stefani Germanotta, better known by her stage name, Lady Gaga. From her early years as an aspiring pianist and songwriter, to her time as a Catholic-school outcast, to her first record deal, One Sequin at a Time explores the ups and downs of this highly influential superstar. Her explosive career has continued to grow following the release of two major albums and critically acclaimed tours. With commentary from such stars as Ozzy Osbourne, Akon, and Michael Bolton, see how Lady Gaga is taking on the world--one sequin at a time.” Bill Moyers: The Language of Life—“The magic of the spoken word takes center stage in this exhilarating eight-part series that showcases contemporary poets and their work. Join host Bill Moyers as he engages 18 writers—including greats Robert Bly, Adrienne Rich, and Gary Snyder--in lively conversation, and share the experience of hearing them read aloud before a live audience.” National Geographic: Big Cats Collection—“Powerful. Deadly. Beautiful. Endangered. Animals of incredible strength and skill, big cats are awesome predators that face an epic battle for survival. Featuring the world's most extraordinary big cats, this 3-disc collection captures 5 visually stunning and powerfully resonant stories of majestic big cats from some of the world s best wildlife filmmakers.” NOVA: Deadliest Earthquakes-Haiti and Chile—“NOVA follows a team of US geologists as they first enter Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 epic earthquake, hunting for crucial evidence that will help them determine what the risks are of a new killer quake. Could this work one day lead to a breakthrough in predicting quakes before they happen? NOVA investigates intriguing new leads in its gripping investigation of a deadly scientific conundrum.” NOVA: Where Did We Come From?—“Host Neil deGrasse Tyson tackles one of science's major challenges in each episode of Where Did We Come From? He will guide us as he explores dramatic discoveries and the frontiers of research that connect each central, provocative mystery.” The Power of Good—“Winner of the 2002 International Emmy Award, this documentary tells the story of Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE, Born May 19, 1909 who in 1939 saved the lives of 669 children, most of them Jewish, from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, by bringing them across Hitler's Germany to his native Britain. For nearly 50 years Winton did not tell anyone about his extraordinary rescue mission - not even his wife, who found out about her husband's involvement after finding a scrapbook in the couple's attic…” Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words— “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” …AND MORE MOVIES The Dorm That Dripped Blood *—“On the eve of Christmas vacation, a college dormitory stands condemned... the dark halls now vacant and unsafe. Student Joanne Murray and her close friends volunteer to help close down the building, unaware a psychopathic lunatic is hiding in the shadows. As the students disappear one by one, Joanne discovers the horrifying reality that if she is to survive, she alone will have to find a way to slay the brutal murderer... Synapse Films is proud to present The Dorm That Dripped Blood in a never-before-seen alternate version containing additional scenes, extended gore sequences, and a different sound mix. This transfer was created from the only existing 35mm answer print of the original Directors' Cut entitled Death Dorm, a version of the film thought to have been lost for over thirty years.”  @ Georgia Peaches/Great Texas Dynamite Chase/Smokey Bites The Dust—“It’s an Action-Packed Triple Feature Loaded With Car Chases, Crashes, Robberies, Explosions and a Little Moonshine! Two sisters running an auto repair shop and their moonshine-running boyfriend are extorted into becoming undercover government agents to outwit the Dragon Lady of the Southern crime belt in Georgia Peaches. Starring singer Tanya Tucker, Dirk Benedict (The A-Team), Sally Kirkland and Terri Nunn (lead singer for the group Berlin), this action-packed comedy was produced by Roger Corman as a pilot for a possible television series. Candy (Claudia Jennings, Gator Bait, DeathSport) and Ellie Jo (Jocelyn Jones, Tourist Trap) are a pair of sexy bank robbers who blast their way into small-town banks with a carload of dynamite in The Great Texas Dynamite Chase! Smokey Bites The Dust follows the rivalry between a small-town Southern sheriff and a small-town delinquent who steals cars and then destroys them with the sheriff’s daughter by his side.”
The Heroes of Telemark (1965)—It is 1942 and Norway is under the thumb of the Nazis. In a Norwegian factory, Nazis are producing "heavy water," an essential element in the production of atomic weapons. The leader of the Norwegian underground is enlisted by British intelligence to aid in destroying the factory. It stars Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris.   @ Moon Diary--A lonely child like moon keeps a diary of his depression, boredom, and recurring nightmares... The Mountain (1956)—Retired mountain climber and guide Zachary Wheeler (Spencer Tracy) reluctantly helps his younger brother (Robert Wagner) scale a treacherous mountain slope to reach the site of a recent plane crush. Truly his brother’s keeper, he puts aside their differences and agrees to help his inexperienced brother on an immoral looting mission. After reaching the crash site the brothers discover a lone survivor (Anna Kashfi)… Zachary immediately starts caring for the injured young woman planning her rescue while his brother would rather abandon her and make off with the loot. The stellar cast also includes Claire Trevor, William Demarest and E.G. Marshall. This one-of-a-kind action-adventure was directed by Edward Dmytryk (The Caine Mutiny). The Night of The Generals (1967)—“Omar Sharif stars as a German intelligence officer who sets out to find the murderer of a prostitute who was also a secret agent. Focusing on three generals who were the girl's clients, Sharif obsessively attempts to prove one of them guilty of the crime. His attempts fail, until another prostitute is killed and Peter O'Toole is exposed as the psychotic general.”   @ Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Set 2—“Great British actors including Derek Jacobi (I, Claudius; Cadfael), Judy Geeson (To Sir, With Love), Jean Marsh (Upstairs, Downstairs), Robin Ellis (Poldark), and John Thaw (Inspector Morse) deliver riveting performances in this classic mystery series. Relying on brain over brawn, their characters outwit, outthink, and outmaneuver the most ruthless of adversaries--and all in ways Sherlock Holmes would have considered much more than elementary.”
Rope of Sand—“After a two-year hiatus, Mike Davis (Burt Lancaster) returns to the same African city where he was tortured and left for dead at the hands of a sadistic Police Commandant (Paul Henreid). Originally innocent of all charges, Mike is back to claim the diamonds he had supposedly stolen two years ago. He enlists the help of an alcoholic stranger (Peter Lorre) and the doctor (Sam Jaffe), who had helped him back to health. The diamond syndicate head (Claude Rains) recruits a nightclub temptress Suzanne Renaud (Corinne Calvet) to seduce and betray Mike as an alternate to brute force. This suspense-noir classic was directed by William Dieterle (Dark City).” Scourge—“An ancient evil has reawakened and is rapidly infecting the unassuming town of Harborford, Washington. Every six hours it feeds on a new victim before it has to find a new host. Everyone can see what it does, but no one knows what it is. To stop it, they'll have to find it...but with nowhere left to run and no place left to turn, the destruction of the Scourge is in the hands of the notorious town bad boy.” Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story (1985)--“Richard Chamberlain plays Raoul Wallenberg, scion of a well-to-do family of Swedish bankers. Although he is a Christian 'Aryan,' Wallenberg despises the anti-semitism of the Hitler regime. Not content with merely sitting back and viewing with alarm, Wallenberg vows to help as many Jewish victims of the Nazis as possible. Employed as a diplomat at the Swedish embassy in Budapest during World War II, Wallenberg is responsible for the escape of over 100,000 Hungarian Jews, thereby earning the enmity Nazi functionary Adolph Eichmann (played with the fury of a rabid animal by Kenneth Colley).”