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New to View: Super comedies and burn on demand

In the latest episode of The MacGuffin Podcast,  Spencer and John begin with a lot of trash talk about the genre of Superhero comedies. While I think most of us here agree HANCOCK is icky, we do not agree with the hate on MYSTERY MEN. And where's the love for THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO? (not a movie, but still...). Their rant is prompted by this week's theatrical release of  James "Slither" Gunn's SUPER starring Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, and Ellen Page. Hopefully it will be fare better than the films these guys mention. Just to clear up some facts about Robert Townsend: #1 I think I heard Spencer say, "He died a while back," which isn't true (unless he's referring to his career, which also isn't true). #2  METEORMAN came out in 1993; THE PARENT 'HOOD TV show ran from 1997-99.  Fun fact: Townsend also directed Eddie Murphy's infamous live stand up film RAW. And if you haven't seen his benchmark indie film HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE, head up to our Comedy section and get it now. Next, Spencer and John move on to discuss the burn-on-demand DVD phenomenon,  where studios like Warner Brothers and Sony make titles that have never had a proper DVD release available without doing a full run mass pressing. Our colleague Mark has written about them on our blog here and here and here. Another note here: These burn-on-demand DVDs are NOT like bootlegs. The majority of the titles are remastered  (with results that depend on the shape the print was in to begin with), and the art is not in any way just  "printed off a printer."  Sure they don't have extras, but I'm not so much concerned about that when I just want to watch Anne Bancroft in THE PUMPKIN EATER, relive childhood with THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN, or own rare footage of XTC performing live in URGH! A MUSIC WAR.  We all wish Criterion or Shout! Factory would put out something like ROLLING THUNDER, but until they do we'll be happy there's something available other than a tattered VHS copy or nothing at all.
If you're curious to test these burn-on-demand titles for yourself, we do have all the Warner Archives, Sony, and MGM titles for rent. Check our weekly New Release list, as we list all these new titles in a special section.  We don't do rentals through the mail, though. They end with their excellent DVD Picks of The Week. We have both of them available for rent and sale in the store.