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Did you miss it at SIFF? Visit our Post-Festival rental section!

The long slog of cinema love known as The Seattle International Film Festival is over. Once your eyes have readjusted to natural light, you've checked in with your loved ones and enjoyed a nice long walk in the sunshine, what's there to do? We suggest that you watch more movies. Our special Post-SIFF rental section is up now, filled with titles you may have missed at this year's festival. Did you swear up and down this would be the year you finally watched The Conversation but then totally spaced it? Were the kids having too much fun outside to see Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death? Did you read Christopher Frizzelle's essay in The Stranger too late to catch A Woman Under The Influence or watch Warren Etheredge's podcast featuring Rachel Dratch after Spring Breakdown played? They're all included, plus The Country Teacher from the Czech Republic, the Canadian teen movie At West of Pluto, import DVDs of   Yes, I Can See Dead People, Olivier Assayas' Summer Hours, Warlords (starring Jet Li!) and many more. You'll find the section right at the front of the store facing the counter. We congratulate all the volunteers and staff at SIFF and hope they're all getting a well-deserved break. They'll definitely be awake this weekend for the Best of SIFF mini-fest at SIFF Cinema with fan favorites like Humpday, Golden Space Needle winner for Best Documentary The Cove and the winner of the Golden Space Needle for Best Film, the Midnight Adrenaline series feature/staff favorite Black Dynamite. Check out all the SIFF winners here. postsiff