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Best Sellers 3/22/11

Here are Scarecrow’s best selling new DVDs for the past month. All items are available in our store and highlighted items can be purchased through our website.
  1. Lemmy 49% Motherfucker 51% Son of a Bitch
  2. Summer Wars
  3. Sweet Smell of Success BluRay
  4. Attack of the Crab Monsters/War of the Satellites/Not of this Earth
  5. Tales From Earthsea
  6. Megamind
  7. Summer Wars BluRay
  8. Amelie
  9. Exit Through The Gift Shop
  10. Alice In Wonderland (1976)(Adult)
  11. Dr. Black Mr. Hyde
  12. Yi Yi
  13. Fernando Di Leo: Crime Collection
  14. Lost in Translation BluRay
  15. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 20
  16. The Clowns