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Scarecrow Video Podcast IX with GRAHAM ELWOOD

For the second Scarecrow Video podcast in a row, we're extremely fortunate to have a Very Special Guest.�In our ninth episode Matt, Kevin, and myself chat with comedian/filmmaker/experienced podcaster GRAHAM ELWOOD.

Mr. Elwood is the co-founder & co-host of the always entertaining Comedy Film Nerds. The name says it all: it's basically comedians nerding out over movies, something of which we heartily approve. He's also been a guest on fellow comedian's podcasts like Doug Loves Movies (Doug Benson, that is), Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny, and Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. Graham also tours the country doing stand-up, which is what brought him here to Seattle. If you're reading/listening to this before 8pm on Wednesday, March 16th, he'll be headling the LAFF HOLE show at Chop Suey. Head there now.

WARNING: This podcast contains salty language and therefore is NSFW. It also contains a spoiler for THE BOOK OF ELI. With that in mind... CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST


Here's a trailer for LAFFGHANISTAN. It is available now on his site.


Matt's crazy movie pick is FEAR IS THE KEY. You'll find on a PAL Code 2 DVD in our Adventure section.

Kevin seconds FEAR IS THE KEY and raises us Canada's THE BIG CRIMEWAVE. It's on lovely VHS in our Canada section.

Mine is the profound exploration of teenage emotions� HOW CAN I TELL IF I'M REALLY IN LOVE?, which on second thought doesn't have Henry Winkler in it at all. You'll find it in the Documentary room in our Human Sexuality section (ew).

Graham recommends THE LIVES OF OTHERS, which we confirmed was the 2007 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film......and his go-to great film THE GREY FOX with Richard FarnsworthWe're extremely grateful to Graham for coming to the store and nerding out with us.

Older episode of the Scarecrow Video podcast can be found HERE.