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New to View: Macguffins talk Gore Verbinski & what makes a film

It's time for more movie musings with Spencer and John of The MacGuffin Podcast... Their latest episode begins with an overview of Gore Verbinski's films. Several of us here at Scarecrow would object to their flat dismissal of Verbinski's early films.  In The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide, our colleague Bryan called 1997's MOUSEHUNT a "stylish dark comedy." And I for one was pleasantly surprised by 2001's THE MEXICAN, and I'm not one to get particularly excited about movies starring Brad Pitt and/or Julia Roberts (OCEAN'S 13 aside). There's also the fine performance by James Gandolfini and the always welcome presence of J.K. Simmons. But I digress. Spencer and John* begin the real discussion with 2002's THE RING (shot in Seattle!) and move on through the blockbusterrific PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy, taking a nice stop to look at the underrated THE WEATHER MAN. This all leads up to Verbinski's latest effort, RANGO. I saw RANGO when it opened in theaters last weekend and thought it felt like an extension of POTC: AT WORLD'S END, but not in a good way.  On a more positive note, the animation is fantastic. Next, the MacGuffins share their philosophical views on what makes a movie successful. It's an interesting prompt to start your own conversation amongst friends. Or you can come in and debate it with us. We have both DVD Picks of The Week for rent and for sale here at Scarecrow: [caption id="attachment_6961" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Walking Dead: Season One DVD $27.95 Blu-ray is $37.95"][/caption]
  * Confidential to John: In some circles, TORQUE is quite popular. No one is exactly sure why.