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New Releases for March 8th

There’s a lot of good new stuff to watch this week so we’ll get right to it. Here’s the list; remember the * means it's also on Blu-ray, the @ means we have it for sale here in the store, and clicking SALE will whisk you away to our online store. THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON ONE—We’ve all seen the “I woke up from a coma and zombie things have taken over the world!” before but this show, based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman and created by Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont, has surprisingly strong emotional resonance.  @ INSIDE JOB—The recent Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature delves in to causes of the 2008 economic crisis. It’s narrated by Matt Damon.  @ SALE A FILM UNFINISHED—The discovery of a long-missing reel of footage shot in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 uncovers even more disturbing truths about the Nazi propaganda machine. The DVD contains Death Mills, a short film made by Billy Wilder in 1945 that features some of the first footage shot inside a liberated concentration camp.  @ TALES FROM EARTHSEA—Four years after getting the import Code 3 DVD here at Scarecrow, this Studio Ghibli film, directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro, finally gets a domestic DVD release. It has both the original Japanese language track with English subtitles and the English dubbed track featuring the voices of Willem Dafoe, Timothy Dalton, and Mariska Hargitay. @ JACKASS 3 *—No matter how many times I see the trailer, that guy getting slapped with the giant hand always cracks me up. The DVD & Blu-ray come with the theatrical and unrated versions, plus 3D glasses for your home viewing pleasure. Remember kids: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.  @ MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: XX—The new collection has Project Moonbase, Master Ninja I, Master Ninja II, and The Magic Voyage of Sinbad@ MORNING GLORY—Rachel McAdams does her darnest to turn a failing morning show around, ruffling the feathers of anchors Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford while attracting the romantic attention of Patrick "Nite Owl" Wilson. Go ahead and hum this song over the trailer. THE NEXT THREE DAYS—Russell Crowe resolves to break his wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of jail in this emotional thriller written and directed by Paul “Crash” Haggis. THE MAN FROM NOWHERE *— An ex-special agent hiding from a tragic past is drawn back in to a world of violence when his young neighbor is kidnapped. Read former Crow colleague & local film critic Sean Axmaker’s review over on his blog. @ FOUR LIONSFour bumbling terrorists find their dreams of glory do not match their ability to concoct a plan in this smart satirical comedy co-starring new Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch.  @ COLONY: THE ENDANGERED WORLD OF BEES—This documentary looks at the unexplained Colony Collapse Disorder phenomenon through the eyes of a veteran beekeeper and two brothers just getting started in the business. @ NEW VIDEO GAMES De Blob 2 (PS3) Fight Night Champion (PS3, Xbox) Rango (Wii) Dragon Age II (PS3, Xbox)
ANIME NEW RELEASES Black Butler: Season 1 Part 2 11 Eyes: Complete Collection & OVA Eyeshield 21 Vol. 3 & Vol. 4 Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Collection 2 Gin Tama: Collection 3 & Collection 4 Kampfer! Complete Collection Kimikiss-Pure Rouge: Collection 2 Koihime Muso: Season 1 Mai Mai Miracle (2009)(Code 3) Needless: Collection 1 Nyankoi! Complete Collection
FAMILY NEW RELEASES Spongebob Squarepants: The Great Patty Caper
NEW BLU-RAY Excalibur @ Exit Through The Gift Shop @ Rivers and Tides @ Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind SALE
NEW TV ON DVD Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 3 Doctor Who, Story 023: The Ark Doctor Who, Story 085: Seeds of Doom Judge John Deed: Season 3
NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Alien From The Deep (1989)—Italy, directed by Antonio Margheriti (Yor: Hunter From The Future) Around a Small Mountain (2010)—France, directed by Jacques Rivette (Va Savior) Birdwatchers (2008)(PAL Code 2)—Brazil Cosmonauta (2010)(PAL Code 2)—Italy 8.5 Hours (2010)—Ireland Father Brown (1954)(PAL Code 2)—UK From Time To Time (2010)(PAL Code 2)—UK Four Shades of Brown (2004)(PAL Code 2)—Sweden Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit (2010)(Code 3)—Japan Iron Petticoat (1956)(PAL Code 4)—USA Letters to Father Jacob (2010)—Finland Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010)—India Pink String & Sealing Wax (1946)(PAL Code 2)—UK Rage (2009)—Mexico Road Less Traveled (2010)(Code 3)—Hong Kong Sacrifice (2010)(PAL Code 6)—China, directed by Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) Zen: Vendetta/Cabal/Ratking (2010)(PAL Code 2)—UK Burke & Hare (2010)(PAL Code 2)—John “American Werewolf in London” Landis’ latest horror/comedy stars Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg as cadaver collectors for the Edinburgh medical school. Bruce Lee, My Brother (2009)—A new biopic follows the world’s most famous martial artist from childhood to stardom. Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (2010)—Also known as Adele: The Rise of The Mummy. This is the new film by Luc Besson.   NEW WARNER ARCHIVES & SONY/COLUMBIA CLASSICS Battle of Rogue River (1954)—“The Oregon Territory: wild and lawless in the time before statehood. A new Army commander, Major Archer (George Montgomery), is dispatched to bring order and peace to the region. But who is his greatest adversary? The native Indian chief who has led his braves to victory over several of Major Archer’s predecessors, the local barons who oppose the move to statehood, or the fiercely independent daughter (Academy Award® nominee Martha Hyer, 1958, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Some Came Running) of the battalion sergeant who takes orders from no man?” Experiment Alcatraz (1950)—“Five Alcatraz inmates have found a way to escape the Rock: earn their freedom by becoming human guinea pigs in a risky radiation experiment aimed at treating blood diseases. The experiment is soon scuttled after one of the subjects goes berserk, killing another inmate. But did the tests really lead to murder? Dr. Ross Williams (John Howard of the Bulldog Drummond films) investigates, finds another possible cause…and finds his life in deadly peril as a result.”
The Gun That Won The West (1955)—“Two men battle Indians while working to build the railroad west, and each other for the woman they both love. Jim Bridger (Dennis Morgan) and Jack Gaines (Richard Denning) are cavalry veterans re-enlisted in clearing the way for railroad construction, and convincing the Sioux nation to sign a peace treaty without an all-out war. The Springfield rifle plays a decisive part in their achievement. Gaines has to fight his own demons, and prove to himself and his wife (Paula Raymond) that he’s as good a soldier and a man as he ever was.” It was directed by William Castle. Ride, Vaquero! (1953)—“Vicious outlaw Jose Esqueda (Anthony Quinn) lives by what he calls the law of the bullet, terrorizing ranchers in post-Civil War Texas. At his side is his longtime enforcer and gunman, his adopted brother Rio (Robert Taylor). But Rio’s allegiance, already wavering, may change for good after he meets recently arrived rancher King Cameron (Howard Keel)…and after he finds that King’s stunning bride (Ava Gardner) is drawn to him.” Stars In My Crown (1950)—“Folks in Walsburg may want to pay heed to the brace of pistols holstered onto Josiah Gray’s hips. In time, they may want to pay even more heed to the Bible in his hand. Gray (Joel McCrea) is the newly arrived parson in the woodsy post-Civil War Tennessee town. And the true test of his strength will come when, during his greatest and most dangerous challenge, he sets aside his six-shooters and relies on his faith. McCrea brings a quiet resolve to this touching tale burnished through the recall of the pastor’s impressionable nephew (Dean Stockwell).” It was directed by Jacques Tourneur. Swordsman (1947)—Larry Parks is a Scottish aristocrat who must do battle with a rival clan for the woman he loves (Ellen Drew) in this swashbuckler directed by Joseph H. Lewis.
Tattooed Stranger (1950)—“Cops swarm a Central Park crime scene where a cold corpse sits in a hot car. The victim is a Jane Doe, shotgunned elsewhere and driven to the park in the stolen sedan. Veteran cop Corrigan (Walter Kinsella) and Tobin (John Miles), a university-trained rookie Corrigan dismisses as ‘Louis Pasteur,’ are charged with finding both whodunit and who the victim is. And from a tattoo on the victim’s arm to sand-packed shotgun casings that defy ballistics analysis to a blade of a rare type of grass found in the car, the cops pull a case together.” Wild Rovers (1971)—“Lifelong ranch hand Ross Bodine decides cowpunching is no kind of life. So he and a raw cowboy half his age rob a bank to get the cash each needs to improve his lot. An indignant posse is soon in pursuit. Filmmaker Blake Edwards made his name with The Pink Panther and other comedies, but he also showed great skill in other genres with the thriller Experiment in Terror, the drama Days of Wine and Roses and this nuanced paean to the West. In performances perfectly matching Edwards’ balance of rowdy comedy and hardscrabble period realism, William Holden and Ryan O’Neal play the fugitive saddlebums, with Holden drawing special praise.”
NEW DOCUMENTARIES & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol—“ A fresh, social and political look at the $57 billion-a-year Adult Entertainment Industry and its effects on 3 subjects who agree to view porn 1 hour a day for 30 days.” Best That Never Was: ESPN 30 for 30 series—“In 1981, college athletic recruiting changed forever as a dozen big time football programs sat waiting for the decision of a physically powerful and lightning-quick high school running back named Marcus Dupree. Having already graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, Dupree attracted recruiters from schools in every major conference to his hometown of Philadelphia, Miss. Dupree took the attention in stride, and committed to Oklahoma. What followed, though, was a forgettable college career littered with conflict, injury and oversized expectations. Eight-time Emmy Award winner Jon Hock examines why this star burned out so young and how he ultimately used football to redeem himself.”
Black Whole—“Black Whole uncovers scientific proof that we are one. The work of physicist, Nassim Haramein, provides insight into the structure of space-time and a new coherent model of the universe. Using the sacred geometry and codes in ancient monuments and documents, the film presents a new look at the reality of which we live.” Eskrinadors—“The film traces the development of Eskrima from its origins in tribal warfare, as an art of duelists, and its transformation into a sport practiced in over 30 countries. Eskimradors is Filipino Martial Arts as you've never seen before. The film features legendary Eskrima Grandmasters of Cebu such as Ciriaco "Cacoy" Canete, SGM Dionisio "Diony" Canete, and GM Undo Caburnay. Groups such as Doce Pares, Lapunti Arnis de Abanico, Teovel's Balintawak, Nickelstick Balintawak, and Liborio Heyrosa Decuerdas, allow us a sneak peek into the deadly techniques which have made Cebuano Eskrima renowned the world over.” The Human Experience—“We are all searching for answers to the most basic questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Do we really matter? In a world fraught with hostility and violence, an altruistic group of young men endeavor to understand the true essence of the human spirit by visiting forgotten souls such as homeless New Yorkers, Peruvian orphans and isolated Ghanaian lepers. By spotlighting heartwarming stories from around the world, this uplifting documentary shows viewers that every single person, no matter his or her lot in life, is beautiful. Gorgeously filmed and masterfully narrated, The Human Experience explores with depth and compassion what it means to be a human being.” Ingredients—“Inspiring and rich, Ingredients unearths the roots of the local food movement and digs into the stories of the chefs, farmers and activists transforming our broken food system. This upbeat, beautifully-photographed film introduces us to the verdant farms and pioneering restaurants where good food is produced and served." Nature: Birds of The Gods—“Living in the depths of the New Guinean Rainforest are birds of unimaginable color and beauty. When Europeans first saw the plumes of these fabulous creatures in the sixteenth century, they believed they must be from heaven and called them Birds of Paradise. David Attenborough introduces a young team of New Guinean scientists on a grueling expedition to find and film these Birds of Paradise; the holy grail of wildlife filmmakers.” NOVA: Can We Live Forever?—“Host Neil deGrasse Tyson tackles one of science's major challenges in each episode of Can We Live Forever? He will guide us as he explores dramatic discoveries and the frontiers of research that connect each central, provocative mystery.” NOVA: Emergency Mine Rescue—“With special access to the site of the San José, Chile, mine, the mining engineers and the miners' families, NOVA chronicles the miners' 69-day ordeal and the work of a global team of engineers who struggled tirelessly around the clock in a desperate bid to bring the trapped miners safely to the surface.” Pony Excess: ESPN 30 for 30 series—“In the early 1980's a small private school in Dallas owned the best record in college football. The Mustangs of Southern Methodist University were riding high on the backs of the vaunted ‘Pony Express’ backfield, but as the middle of the decade approached, the program was coming apart at the seams. Wins were the only thing that mattered, as the University ceded power of the football program to the city's oil barons. On February 25th, 1987, the school and the sport were rocked, as the NCAA meted out ‘the death penalty’ on a college football program for the first and only time in its history. Director Thaddeus D. Matula, a product of the SMU film school, chronicles the journey of the once mighty team.” Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman—“Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole will explore the deepest mysteries of existence - the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity (Who-or what-am I? Are we alone? How did this begin? What happened before that?). This series will bring together the brightest minds and best ideas fromthe very edges of Science--Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and more - to reveal the extraordinary truth of our Universe.” Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts—“Finally what you’ve been waiting for … Daniel Tosh one of the hottest young comics working today and star of his own hit TV show on Comedy Central, Tosh.0 comes to the stage with his new stand-up special, Happy Thoughts. With his usual biting and hilarious observations on pop culture, he delivers laughs and sometimes even tears. Daniel’s unique sense of humor and comic timing make this stand-up special a must-own for his huge fan base and every comedy fan.” 20th Century Fox: First 50 Years—“Step inside the Hollywood dream factory! If you love movies, you won't want to miss this fascinating and fact-filled chronicle of the first 50 years of Twentieth Century Fox. Hosted by James Coburn, this look back at the birth of a major Hollywood movie studio is packed with 129 minutes worth of clips from over 120 films, revealing interviews, archival footage and fascinating film outtakes. You'll witness the boom times and the hard times. The unforgettable stars and stories. The trend-setting innovations and behind-the-scenes moments. They're here to enjoy as Shirley Temple, Tyrone Power, Betty Grable, Henry Fonda, Marilyn Monroe and more great stars beloved classics (The Grapes of Wrath, Miracle on 34th Street), musicals (The Sound of Music, Oklahoma!) and little gems (Charlie Chan at the Opera) shape legends and studio chief Darryl F. Zanuck builds an unforgettable Hollywood dream factory. They're all here. For a movie fan, they're all a dream come true.” Zeitgeist: Moving Forward—“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward focuses on the very fabric of the social order: Monetary-Market Economics. While the majority of the world today have slowly come to see some basic flaws in the economic system we share, as large scale debt defaults, inflation, industrial pollution, resource depletion, rising cancer rates and other signposts emerge to bring the concern into the realm of ‘public health’ overall, very few however consider the economic paradigm as a whole as the source…ZMF presents the case that it is, indeed, the very foundational mechanics of this system that generates the patterns of behavior and unsustainable methods of conduct that are leading to the vast spectrum of detrimental consequences both personal, social, and environmental and the longer they go on, the worse things will become.”   …AND MORE MOVIES Dotmov Festival 2004—“Length is in itself by no means a measure of quality. As demonstrated by this collection of 36 of the best short films entered in the 2004 DOTMOV digital film festival, exciting things can come in small packages too. DOTMOV is organized by Shift Japan and judged by a panel of guest creators that this year included The Designers Republic, Yoshi Sodeoka (c505), Jiro Ohashi (SAL Magazine), Motion Theory, Sugarcube, Diesel Virtual Department, and Form.” Every Day—“Liev Schreiber (Salt) heads an all-star cast in this warm and wise comic drama as Ned, a loving husband and devoted father dealing with life's curveballs. He's got a stressed-out wife (Helen Hunt, As Good As It Gets) an independent teenage son (Ezra Miller, City Island), and an embittered father-in-law (Brian Dennehy, Silverado) who's turning his home upside down. Ned's job writing a scandalous TV series for a demanding boss (Eddie Izzard, Valkyrie) is unfulfilling, and late night rewrites with a sexy co-worker (Carla Gugino, Entourage) might just push him over the deep end. This modern family story by Nip/Tuck producer/writer Richard Levine is filled with heart, humor and life's unexpected twists that teach Ned that marriage and parenthood don’t always go according to the script.” Glenn The Flying Robot—You know what makes a friendship/rivalry/love triangle type movie even better? A robot! Mr. Art Critic—“After a scolding from his boss, M.J. Clayton (Bronson Pinchot), a high profile Chicago art critic known for his heartless commentaries, retreats to his Mackinac Island cottage to clear his head. There he runs into a recent victim of one of his particularly nasty reviews and makes a drunken proclamation that any idiot can make art, followed by an impossible wager which finds himself entered into the town’s art festival competition! M.J. is about to discover that creating art is indeed... a gift.” Murder, He Says/Feudin’, Fussin’ and a Fightin’—“First, pollster Fred MacMurray is stranded in the Ozarks and up to his ears in homicidal hillbillies, hidden loot, and mayhem in the delightfully daffy dark comedy Murder, He Says. Marjorie Main co-stars as the head of the sinister Fleagle clan; with Helen Walker, Porter Hall, and Peter Whitney as Main's twin sons Mert and Bert (the latter of whom has a krick in his back). Next, between The Egg and I and the Ma and Pa Kettle films, Main and Percy Kilbride starred in the backwoods musical/comedy Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin'. Donald O'Connor is a travelling salesman coerced into representing the tiny town of Rim Rock in its annual footrace against a rival burg.” Off Limits (1953)—“Off Limits is the first and only teaming of comedy legends Bob Hope and Mickey Rooney. Bob Hope plays a boxing trainer who loses his one and only champion to the draft and decides to enlist, so he could keep an eye on his prized fighter. He is left holding the laces when his boxer is discharged – until enlisted private and amateur boxer Herbert Tuttle (Mickey Rooney) asks Bob to train him. Bob is more interested in Tuttle’s aunt (Marilyn Maxwell) than actually training the young contender. This screwball comedy was directed by George Marshall (Fancy Pants).”
On The Double (1961)—“Danny Kaye (Knock on Wood) headlines this wacky WWII comedy… he plays a timid American soldier who bears a striking resemblance to a famous British Colonel. The Military Intelligence decides to use the poor chap as a pawn and recruit the naive soldier to impersonate the legendary Colonel, who’s highly targeted by the Nazi assassins. Co-starring Dana Wynter as the Colonel’s suspicious wife, Diana Dors as the Colonel’s personal driver and mistress and Wilfrid Hyde White as the Colonel overseeing the mission. This zany action-comedy with classic Danny Kaye routines was directed by Melville Shavelson (The Five Pennies).” To New Shores (1937)—“He may have been billed under his real name-Detlef Sierck-but there's no mistaking this German melodrama for anything other than an early work from Douglas Sirk, who skillfully helms this story of a 19th-century London cabaret singer (Gloria Vane) deported to prison in Australia. Her crime? Taking the blame when her lover bounces checks.” We also have a significant amount of new Adult titles in the New To Room section inside our Sexploitation room.  Look for UP THE ARISTOCRACY, which features the segment Snookered, aka "The porno that was shot in that same room from The King's Speech."