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New Scarecrow Spotlight sections

Around here, March Madness isn't only a basketball term. It's also applicable to the abundance of special Spotlight rental sections we have up around the store.  In addition to our Favorite Kids Movies and the still-going-strong BEST OF 2010 sections, here are this month's new special sections: We have two new actors in our ACTORS SPOTLIGHT section. As you may remember from last month, the Actors Spotlight collects some of the best films from our favorite international actors.  You'll find them to the right of our grand staircase just before the Second Take section. LINDA LIN DAI
Through her sadly short but highly acclaimed career, the Hong Kong actress starred in several Shaw Brothers films such as LOVE PARADE, THE BLUE AND THE BLACK, and THE KINGDOM AND THE BEAUTY. This clip is a song from 1959's CINDERELLA AND HER LITTLE ANGELS ROMAIN DURIS
You might recognize this versatile French actor from such films as CQ, THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED, the recent indie comedy HEARTBREAKER,  and the charming L'AUBERGE  ESPAGNOLE. Next to the Customer station in our Kids' section, you'll find a collection of films based on NEWBERY AWARD winning or nominated books.  It includes classics like CADDIE WOODLAWN,  OLD YELLER, and ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY as well as modern favorites like TALES OF DESPERAUX, ELLA ENCHANTED, and HOLES. Remember kids, ALWAYS READ THE BOOK FIRST!
Last but not least, you've heard of the Western movie cliche cowboys vs. Indians, but what about cowboys vs. GHOSTS?  Up on the new shelves in the Western section, you'll find the SPOOKY COWBOYS section, a collection of  titles that pit the Old West against the undead like 1943's THE HAUNTED RANCH,  the mid 60's camp of BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA, and the 1935 serial THE PHANTOM EMPIRE starring Gene Autry.