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New To View: The MacGuffins talk OSCARS

Happy Oscar weekend, everyone!  Spencer and John from The MacGuffin Podcast are getting in to the spirit of the weekend with their Oscar picks: who the think will will and who they feel should win (it's not always the same film). Is it finally Roger Deakins' year to win for Cinematography (he's nominated for his work  TRUE GRIT), or will Wally Pfister take it for INCEPTION? What about Best Original Song? Has anyone seen any, much less all of the documentaries or foreign films? Can anyone beat Aaron Sorkin for Best Adapted Screenplay? Will there be a Best Director/Best Picture split ala BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and, ugh, CRASH? Muse along with the MacGuffins and fill out your office Oscar Pool at your own risk.  You can find the full list of nominations HERE. We're having some technical difficulties that are making this embedded video tiny. If you want to watch in regular size, click here.   As always, Spencer and John end the episode with their DVD Picks of the Week. We have them both for sale and for rent here in the store.


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