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Scarecrow Podcast Episode VIII: A chat with Chris Strompolos from RAIDERS: THE ADAPTATION

For the eighth episode of The Scarecrow Podcast, Matt Lynch and yours truly chat with Chris Strompolos,who along with his friends Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb, made an incredible shot-for-shot remake of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. It was shot mainly over summer vacations starting in 1982 when they were not quite teenagers and wrapped six years later. We talked with Chris about the whole project as well as filmmaking in general, the creative process, and what movies he's been watching lately. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Chris and Eric are in town to present their film as a double feature with the original RAIDERS this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at SIFF Cinema. You can get showtimes & tickets online HERE.We STRONGLY RECOMMEND you not miss this rare opportunity to see their endearing and entertaining film, especially with an audience of like-minded Indy fans. We can pretty much guarantee it will be the one of the most enjoyable theatrical experiences you'll ever have. There are many articles & interviews with Chris, Eric, and Jayson online. We mentioned during our chat, as well as the 2004 Vanity Fair article that helped bring their movie to a wider audience. Read up & take notes so you can ask questions during the Q & A. Here's a little bit of the� RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK story book Chris mentioned during our talk. The audio is from the book, but the scenes are portrayed by action figures. The second part can be found here.  And here's the trailer for the film that started it all...

We at Scarecrow thank Chris immensely for taking the time to talk to us about RAIDERS and movies in general.

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