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New to View: Sandler vs. Cedar Rapids

Greetings and welcome to another installment of The MacGuffin Podcast, recorded in the comfort of our War/Westerns section. This week,  Spencer & John (returning in the fine EVIL DEAD shirt) discuss the highs and lows in the career of  Mr. Adam Sandler in anticipation of his latest film JUST GO WITH IT. I would like to thank these gentlemen for reminding me that I need to watch PUNCH DRUNK LOVE again and not-really thank them for reminding me CLICK ever existed. In much better new-in-theaters news, they look forward to this weekend's opening of CEDAR RAPIDS, the new film by Miguel Arteta (CHUCK & BUCK, YOUTH IN REVOLT, THE GOOD GIRL). It stars Ed Helms as a small town insurance salesman whose tight-buttoned, line-towing life is turned upside down when he attends an important conference in the titular city.  Doing a lot of the up-ending are Anne Heche,  Isiah Whitlock, Jr., Kurtwood Smith, Alia "Maeby Funke" Shawkat, and the awesome John C. Reilly. I saw it at the SIFF preview Wednesday and highly recommend it for those who enjoy super-raunchy, hilarious movies with heart and/or those who want to see Ed Helms in his underpants. It's funny and sweet and a little bit gross--just the kind of movie I bet Adam Sandler wishes he was making. They end as always with their DVD Picks of The Week.  Both are available for rent & sale here at the store.
John's pick
Spencer's pick
We here at The Crow wish Spencer & John much congratulations on their 75th episode! We look forward to the upcoming Roundtable discussion.