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Some new VHS cover redesigns

A while ago I found some VHS titles that had very simple and unappealing covers and updated them with some new illustrations and design. I've taken some more time to do a few others and in order to streamline the process I've created a standard design format that will be carried over onto several future covers. The illustrations themselves are a bit more time consuming. I'll watch through the film and finding a particular scene that seems like it could represent the film as a whole. Then I pause the tape and quickly sketch it out. Sometimes I have to rewind and re-pause the tape since VHS doesn't have that infinitely long pause time like DVD does. I started collecting tapes that lack real covers  in the foreign section and found a couple of very obscure films to repackage. Since I'm watching them to get a good image, I figured I might as well review them too. The Last Bridge - 1954 The cover drawing is from the first scene in the film. The soldier on the left is leaving for the front lines during WWII and the woman is a doctor who has to stay to help the wounded. Now this is pretty universal, but I was taken back when I realized they were both German. It definitely changed my perspective for a second. The movie follows the doctor played by Maria Schell who ends up being a prisoner of some Yugoslav Partisans who need her to help their sick and wounded. Their need for her and her conscious bonds them while they move further away from her home. She's helpless as German soldiers die around her and those who are taken captive refuse attention because they think she's a traitor. She works both sides a much as she can, letting "severely wounded" men run off and vaccinating the Partisans against Typhoid. In the end she has a bitter sweet moment with her love. She's on her way to get more vaccinations to the Yugoslavs and has to convince him she must and that she will return. Both sides cease fire and let her across the "last bridge". The story can easily be interchanged with any two waring sides but I just thought that it was unique that the perspective was from WWII Germans. I personally haven't seen a film like this and I think that it adds some weight to the anti-war tone. Salamah - 1945 This is an Egyptian film about a slave/maid who has a gifted singing voice. Her singing is so attractive that she is dizzily bought and sold between her master and admirers. One man who wants to marry her ends up honorably assisting her towards her fate that ends up separating them. A simple film with lots of musical numbers and a tragic ending. So there's that. Two down and probably a 100 to go. Thanks for your time. here are the original covers. Blech...