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New to View: Sci-Fi & Reel NW

For our weekly check-in with the fine folks at the MacGuffin Film Blog, we'll catch up with two of their Single Servings episodes. First, Spencer heads to KCTS to talk with producer Dan Dumas about their recent new series REEL NW, which spotlights the work of independent filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest. The series runs every Thursday at 10pm on Channel 9 and includes such films as Wheedle's Groove and Paddle to Seattle. Scarecrow is a proud sponsor of the series. Second, Spencer visits the EMP|SFM (Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum) for a chat with curator Brooks Peck about this weekend's SCIENCE FICTION + FANTASY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. It's SOLD OUT at the Cinerama but you can still catch the winners Sunday at SIFF Cinema. They also talk about the Science Fiction Museum's awesome BATTLESTAR GALACTICA exhibit.