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Best Sellers 1/25/11

Here are Scarecrow's best selling new DVDs for the past month. All items are available in our store and highlighted items can be purchased through our website.
  1. Machete
  2. Once Upon A Time in America BluRay
  3. Archer: Season 1
  4. Futurama: Volume 5
  5. The Social Network BluRay
  6. The Social Network
  7. Army of Shadows BluRay
  8. Attack of the Crab Monsters/War of the Satellites/Not of this Earth
  9. Howl
  10. Exit Through The Gift Shop
  11. Louis C.K. Hilarious
  12. The Naked Kiss BluRay
  13. The Room
  14. Micmacs
  15. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
  16. True Grit (1969)