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Expand your SIFF experience with Warren Etheredge's podcasts

As dedicated film fans, we're sure you're familiar with The Warren Report and the man behind the title, Warren Etheredge. Since SIFF season began, his insightful (& star studded!) podcast has featured filmmakers and stars from the fest. Here's an interview he did with Spring Breakdown director & co-writer Ryan Shiraki and co-writer & star & former SNLer & all around force of hilarity Rachel Dratch: How can you go wrong with a movie made by these folks, not to mention a cast that includes Parker Posey, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett , Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch? It's run at SIFF has already ended, but lucky for us it comes out on DVD Tuesday. We'll have it on DVD and bright & shiny Blu-ray. springbreakdown Be sure to check in with The Warren Report throughout the festival and beyond for more enlightening/entertaining podcast action. And if you're interested on how to become an expert interviewer such as Warren, he'll be leading a workshop called How To Grill A Star on Tuesday, June 23rd as part of 826 Seattle's How To Write Like I Do series. You can get all the info by clicking here.