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Theatrical round-up for January 14th

Happy weekend! Here's a look at what's playing on screens around town: First and foremost, Friday night is your last chance to see the new 35mm print of SUNRISE (one of the greatest silent films--and films in general--ever made) with a live musical score at Northwest Film Forum. We strongly encourage to take advantage of an opportunity to see it on the big screen but if you really can't make it, we have it for rent in F.W. Murnau's director's section. NWFF debuts another silent of sorts this week with Uruguayan director Pablo Stoll's HIROSHIMA, which they describe as, "an absurdist journey through the mundane day of a slacker, where all spoken dialogue is replaced by intertitles," with a soundtrack provided by the underground Uruguayan bands the main character (played by Stoll's brother) listens to on his headphones. And if you were at all involved in and/or intrigued by last year's 20/20 AWARDS, in which local film luminaries re-award Oscars to films that should have won, there's a discussion of the process and a look towards the next round (last year's was 1989; let's hope they do the year CRASH won next) on Saturday. Over at Central Cinema, Jason Miller's BadMovieArt celebrates a year of awesomely bad film with MOVING TARGET, the Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine and The Exorcist's Linda Blair. Watch the trailer here; you should be convinced to see it by 0:17. We at Scarecrow congratulate Mr. Miller on BadMovieArt's first anniversary and look forward to many more years of bad, great movies. Central Cinema also has Jim Jarmusch's MYSTERY TRAIN, a TV party with episodes of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (if you're left wanting more, we've got them all here in the British Comedy TV section), the comedic horror of SLITHER ( as presented by Crypticon) and a HOUSE PARTY quote-a-long, complete with a live performance by Mash Hall. If you're looking for more perspective on the films of Kid and Play, we recommend Vern's reviews of their work together. At SIFF Cinema, there's AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE, Steven Soderbergh's intimate portrait of the late master monologist. Anime fans will want to converge on our neighborhood this weekend for EVANGELION 1.0 (YOU ARE NOT ALONE), playing down the street from us at Grand Illusion Cinema. There's another SCI-FI SECRET SATURDAY MATINEE on yes, you guessed it, Saturday, presented by The Sprocket Society with an installment of the FLASH GORDON serial. The GI's Late Night movie is the not-on-DVD 1979 anthology horror SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT. Speaking of late nights, David Lynch's WILD AT HEART is this weekend's Midnight movie at The Egyptian. Lastly, the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS are on Sunday, so this is your last chance to catch up on the nominated films in local theaters. You'll also find many of the already on DVD nominees like THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT and INCEPTION in our BEST OF 2010 special rental section. Happy viewing to all.