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The Social Network & other New Releases for 1/11/11

From straight-to-video low budget horror to the front runner for the 2010 Best Picture Oscar and most everything in between, here are this week's new releases. Remember, the * means we also have it on Blu-ray. THE SOCIAL NETWORK *—If you've been wary of watching "The Facebook Movie," get over it. It has nothing to do with Farmville or any of that other crap your high school friends clutter your News Feed with. It's about power, ego, and a socially dysfunctional genius. David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin are near if not at the top of their already lofty games. See it. You can also buy it in the store or online. PIRANHA *It's not in 3D but you'll likely be so mesmerized by the non-stop barrage of blood and boobies that you won't care. LOUIS C.K.: HILARIOUS—The man is right. We are a nation of fat 8th graders. This trailer is NSFW due to language. THE FREEBIE—Director Kate Aselton also stars as one half of a married couple—Idiocracy & Parenthood's Dax Shepard being the other—who dare each other to sleep with someone else for one night. BEARCITY—The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival had this to say about this year's Opening Night film: "...this sweet and sexy film has it all: colorful characters, droll humor, romantic drama, and plenty of fur." The trailer is NSFW due to language and a bare human bottom. FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS: SEASON ONE—HBO's comedy series based on the humorous website co-created by Will Ferrell. It's home to the important sketch "Drunk History." HOT IN CLEVELAND: SEASON ONE—Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick play three sexy pals living under one roof. Betty White's roof, that is... ALPHA AND OMEGA—She's a take charge kind of wolf, he's content to just lay about the forest. Together, they experience wacky hijinx and learn valuable lessons while traveling a great distance in Alpha and Omega... FOUR DAYS IN OCTOBER—I'm guessing this installment of ESPN's 30 for 30 series tells the story of the 2004 Boston Red Sox legendary four game winning streak just a bit better than the Farrelly Brothers' Fever Pitch. The trailer is not suitable for Yankees fans or those not interested in seeing the wound under Curt Schilling's famous bloody sock. PRAYERS FOR BOBBY--Sigourney Weaver stars in as devoutly religious mother dealing with the death of her gay son. HEARTBREAKER—The swoon-worthy Romain Duris stars as a "romantic for hire" who ends up falling for one of his clients (Vanessa Paradis) and they end up having the time of their life (Dirty Dancing reference). Look & listen closely to spot The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln in this trailer. ANIME NEW RELEASES Black Butler: Season 1, Part 1
NEW BLU-RAY Across The Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright Army of Shadows—Criterion Collection Dances With Wolves—20th Anniversary Edition The Endless Summer Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre Once Upon a Time In America--It's new on Blu-ray--buy it here. Raging Bull—30th Anniversary Edition Rob Roy (1995) Robinson Crusoe on Mars—Criterion Collection
FAMILY NEW RELEASES Angelina Ballerina: The Nutcracker Sweet Ben 10: Ultimate Alien V.1-Escape from Aggregor Beyblade: Metal Fusion Volume 2 Box of Delights (PAL Code 2) The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer Duke Ellington...and More Stories to Celebrate Great Figures in African American History Fireman Sam: Ready for Action Hannah Montana Forever: Who is Hannah Montana? Lincoln and Douglas: An American Friendship... Missy and The Maxinator Yo Gabba Gabba! Let's Visit the Doctor!
NEW TV ON DVD Billy The Exterminator: Season 1 Doctor Who, Story 04: The Dominators Doctor Who, Story 111: Meglos Greek: Chapter 5 Hoarders: Season 2, Part 1 Rules of Engagement: Season 4 Sordid Lives: The Series Trek Stars Go West--A two disc set of original Trek stars guest-starring on TV Westerns!
Skins: Volume 4 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Basant Bahar (1956)—India Beautiful Kate (2009)—Australia Beauty on Duty! (2010)—Hong Kong Detective Dee & The Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010) (Code 3) —Hong Kong Fearless Duo (2010)—Hong Kong Framed (2008)—UK Karan Arjun (1995)—India Let It Rain (2008)—France Life After Life (1981)—Hong Kong Lovebirds (2008)—Philippines Moss (2010)(Code 3)—Korea Shake Hands With The Devil (2007)—Canada Happy Ever Afters (2009)—An Irish wedding comedy starring Sally Hawkins Reign of Assassins (2010)(Code 3)—Hong Kong, co-directed by John Woo! NEW SONY/COLUMBIA CLASSICS Eleanor: First Lady of The World (1982)—"Jean Stapleton was nominated for an Emmy® (1982, Outstanding Lead Actress In a Limited Series or a Special) for her portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt in this made-for-TV biography, first telecast May 12, 1982. The film picks up Mrs. Roosevelt's storied life after the 1945 death of her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. At the request of new president Truman, Eleanor serves as a United Nations delegate, spending much of her time tilting with dedicated anti-FDR politico John Foster Dulles (E.G. Marshall). She goes on to spearhead the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proving to Dulles — and to the Soviet delegate (Freddie Jones) — that she's anything but soft on Communism."
Fury of The Congo (1951)—"Johnny Weissmuller is back as Jungle Jim in this blood-curdling adventure. A police inspector is searching for a professor missing in the Congo — except he's really the head of a band of smugglers looking for the Okongo, a horse-like creature that is the source of a powerful narcotic. Because the Okongo are sacred to a primitive tribe led by Leta (Sherry Moreland, Mesa of Lost Women), the villains enslave them to help track the elusive herd. Naturally, it's Jim to the rescue, battling assorted very wild life along the way."
Hoedown (1950)—"Country music star Eddy Arnold plays himself in this goofy comedy about a new cowboy movie star (Jock Mahoney) on a personal appearance tour for his first movie, unaware that his studio has already decided it's a flop and dumped him. He wanders in on a benefit concert hosted by Arnold, featuring Carolina Cotton, The Pied Pipers, and others. Arnold sees potential in the kid and tries to get him back in Hollywood's good graces."
No Time To Be Young (1957)—"Robert Vaughn (TV's The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) has one of his earliest film roles in a staple genre of the 1950's the teenage problem film, directed by David Lowell Rich (Have Rocket Will Travel, Senior Prom). Like every generation before and since, the baby-boomers were not free from angst and rebellion against authority. Here, Vaughn stands out among a cast of other lesser known newcomers (Merry Anders, Tom Pittman, and Roger Smith) as an angry young man who makes bad decisions, and must suffer the consequences."
To Sir, With Love II (1996)—Sidney Poitier reprises his 1967 role as a tough love teacher to take on an inner-city Chicago school in this made to TV movie directed by Peter Bogdanovich. And because it's already in your head, go ahead and listen to this.
Undercover with the KKK (1979)—"This 1979 Made for Television Movie is based on a true story and stars former star football player 'Dandy Don' Meredith as an FBI informant who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan in order to gain information to help prosecute Klan members."
NEW DOCUMENTARIES & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Back Nine—"After turning 40, a novice golfer accepts the challenge to chase his dream of playing professional golf. Witness his journey, his passion, and commitment to the sport." Baseball's Greatest Games: 1960 World Series Game 7—A thorough look at the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. The New York Yankees in a game that featured one of the most famous home runs of all time. Belonging (2006)—"Challenging common stereotypes of a displaced people, 'belonging' tells the story of what happens when ordinary people get caught up in the extraordinary circumstances of war. The Arab/Israeli wars of 1948 and 1967 changed the lives of thousands of Palestinian families forever. Told by two generations of surviving family members interspersed with historic footage, this is not a story of blame and bitterness. It is in fact a human story, one of displacement and loss, a story of longing and belonging. This documentary brings to life the deep-rooted attachment Palestinians have to their lost homes, and land, and that of their ancestors." Cultoons! Vol. 2: Animated Education and Cultoons! Vol. 3: Monkeys, Monsters & More!—"There are many famous cartoon characters we know and love, but what about the ones that didn't achieve great success? What happened to the animated advertisements and educational films? Many of these animated gems have been lost to time, often abandoned and forgotten. Not Anymore! The Cultoons collection gathers these rare gems together, most unseen by the general public since their creation." Frontline: Death By Fire—"Frontline examines the 2004 execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, convicted for the arson deaths of his three children. In light of new science doubts are raised about whether the fire at the center of the case was really arson at all. The film meticulously examines the evidence, provides an in-depth portrait of those most impacted by the case, and explores the explosive implications of the execution of a possibly innocent man." Frontline: The Spill—"BP has widely been viewed as a company that valued deal-making and savvy marketing over safety, and left behind a long trail of problems. Frontline examines the trail that led to the disaster in the Gulf. From BP's vast oil fields in Alaska to its refineries in Texas and its trading rooms in New York and London, the film raises new questions about whether BP's corporate culture will finally be forced to change." Hotel Terminus: Life and Times of Klaus Barbie—"A brilliant and epic Academy Award-winning examination of the Nazi SS officer Klaus Barbie, the infamous 'Butcher of Lyon', Hotel Terminus: Life and Times of Klaus Barbie weaves together forty years of footage and interviews culled from over 120 hours of discussion with former Nazis, American intelligence officers, South American government officials, victims of Nazi atrocities and witnesses. Barbie, while Gestapo chief in Lyon, tortured and murdered resistance fighters, including Jean Moulin, Jewish men, women and children, and had thousands deported to death camps."
Jefferson (2010)—"Thomas Jefferson is the most researched, most written about, most referenced, and most quoted of our Founding Fathers. And yet, somehow, he remains the most stubbornly inscrutable. His life is a seemingly impenetrable thicket of contradictions: he enshrined the words All Men are Created Equal, and yet was a lifelong slave-owner; he was simultaneously a man of the people and the personification of the Virginia aristocrat; he was a die-hard American revolutionary who was also a dedicated lover of European culture and art; he advocated ruthless fiscal responsibility as president, yet his own finances were mired in debt." Magic Inside: Season of the 2010 World Series Championship San Francisco Giants—"From the homegrown pitching to the rookie sensation behind the plate... from the key in-season acquisitions to the been-there-done-that approach of veterans, these Giants were on a mission. They staged a September rally to win their division - they surpassed Atlanta and the reigning NL champion Phillies in a succession of nail-biting playoff games - and once in the World Series, they silenced the powerful Texas offense with one pitching gem after another." Nature: A Murder of Crows—"New research has shown that crows are among the most intelligent animals in the world, able to use tools as only elephants and chimpanzees do, able to recognize each other's voices and 250 distinct calls. Crow experts from around the world sing their praises, and present us with captivating new footage of crows as we have never seen them before." Picture Me: A Model's Diary—"A raw and personal video diary, charts model Sara Ziff's rise from fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. Ziff and filmmaker, Ole Schell, co-direct the documentary, lifting the veil on the glamorous world of high fashion modeling, from photo shoots with celebrated photographers to runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. The film considers the ever increasing demand for adolescent models, the pressure to stay thin, sexual harassment and drug use. This intimate account features in-depth interviews with noted photographers and designers, and showcases personal footage shot by the models themselves, giving voice to those who are often seen, but rarely heard." Tim Richmond: To The Limit—"Natural. Rock star. Outsider. In the 1980s, race car driver Tim Richmond lived his life the way he raced cars - wide open. Born into a wealthy family, Richmond was the antithesis of the Southern blue-collar, dirt-track racers who dominated NASCAR. He also was a flamboyant showman who basked in the attention of the media and fans - especially the attention of female admirers. Nevertheless, it was Richmond's on-track performances that ended up drawing comparisons to racing legends...But his freewheeling lifestyle soon caught up to him. He unexpectedly withdrew from the NASCAR racing circuit, reportedly suffering from double pneumonia. In reality, the diagnosis was much more dire: He had AIDS." This is part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series.
Secrets of The Dead: The Silver Pharaoh—"The royal tomb of Pharaoh Psusennes I is one of the most spectacular of all the ancient Egyptian treasures. So why hasn't the world heard about it? Archaeologists, using the hieroglyphs inside the tomb, pieced together the identity of the pharaoh, and further investigation reveals political intrigue, a lost city, and a leader who united a country in turmoil and became the Silver Pharaoh." Top Secret Rosies: Female Computers of WWII—"In 1942 soon after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a secret military program was launched to recruit female mathematicians who would become human 'computers' for the US military. Top Secret 'Rosies': The Female 'Computers' of WWII shares a story of the women and technology that helped win a war and usher in the modern computer age." When The Forest Ran Red—"In 1753, global superpowers England and France each claim the Ohio Country of America. The English establish settlements, and the French build a line of forts from the Great Lakes southward. Into this unstable setting steps 21-year-old George Washington, an ambitious youth. Within months Washington touches off a war that soon goes global, and leads troops to face the French. His first campaign ends in defeat, but prompts King George II to send two regiments of redcoated regulars to the Ohio Country under the command of Gen. Edward Braddock of the Coldstream Guards. The historic march of Braddock's army culminates in a brutal forest battle recreated moment by moment in this highly acclaimed documentary." ...AND MORE MOVIES Annie's Point—"A recently widowed grandmother is determined to grant her husband s last wish that she set his ashes free over the idyllic bluff they called Annie's Point. When her son Richard refuses to let his mother make the two-thousand-mile trip, she takes off anyway with her free-spirited granddaughter in tow." This might sound terribly Lifetime until you find out the grandmother is played by Betty White. Antarctica (2008)—"Days before his 30th birthday, Omer (Tomer Ilan) finds himself torn between Danny (Yiftach Mizrahi), a sexually-charged dancer, and Ronen (Guy Zo-Aretz), a handsome and conservative journalist. Meanwhile, his sister Shirley (Lucy Dubinchik) faces a crisis of her own when she decides to pursue a lesbian relationship with her boss." Big Shot-Caller—"As a child, Jamie Lesser watched "Strictly Ballroom" ninety-seven times and dreamed of being a salsa dancer. Living in New York City as an accountant, his life seems to make sense. He works all day and returns home without much human interaction. One night after receiving a raise and feeling cocky, he decides to watch salsa dancing at a nearby club, and bumps into Elissa, a gorgeous Dominican girl and falls head-over-heels in love. When Elissa stops calling him without explanation, Jamie returns to his former bleak and lonely life, which soon disintegrates into chaos as he loses his job, his apartment and his self-esteem. He moves in with his estranged sister who quickly proclaims the Big Shot-Caller upstairs is calling on him to follow his childhood dreams. With nothing left to lose Jamie enters salsa classes, and competition and soon finds joy and triumph, in this inspiring New York City story about a love, loneliness and following your dreams." Caged Animal—"A former kingpin of the streets, Miles Cain Skinner (Ving Rhames), is doing life in prison. He is feared and respected among the inmates. When Cain's nemesis Redfoot (Robert LaSardo)is transferred to the same prison, Cain's wrath is unleashed in a savage showdown with no surrending, no retreating, no mercy." Robert Patrick co-stars as the warden. Case 39—We've actually had this long-shelved Renee Zellweger/Bradley Cooper thriller on a PAL import since the fall, but it's finally out now for your domestic DVD use. Deleted Scenes (2010)—"Edgy, fragmented and filled with hot men who are not afraid to show their skin, Deleted Scenes it is a tale of love, passion and dysfunction. When 30 something Sean meets Eastern European immigrant Wolf, sparks fly. They return to Sean's apartment begin a high energy and hugely sexual affair. What starts as a mere chance meeting slowly evolves in to something more. Wolf is easy going, turning tricks to supplement his living, while Sean is needy, talkative and neurotic. Creating a stable relationship is fraught with problems. With Wolf disappearing for hours at a time and Sean doing drugs the two of them seem to be headed down a path of destruction." Dismal"Dana is failing Biology. To pass she must attend an extra credit assignment with several classmates that will lead them into a remote region of the Great Dismal Swamp, a place teeming with life... and death. While the group keeps one eye out for hungry bear, deadly snakes and lurking gators, they are unaware of the real danger. For the top of the food chain lives in a dingy cabin not too far from their campsite, and he has an appetite for human flesh." Downton Abbey—"Downton Abbey -- a sprawling, lavish Edwardian mansion nestled in the Yorkshire landscape -- needs an heir. Dame Maggie Smith stars as Violet, the stubborn Dowager Countess of Grantham matriarch of Downton. Hugh Bonneville stars as her son, the stoic, unflapple Lord Crawley. Elizabeth McGovern is his far-sighted American wife, Cora. From Academy Award-winner Julian Fellowes. This is the original un-edited UK version of the program."
Four Corners of Suburbia—"Walt, a school teacher with a doting wife and two small girls, might seem to have it all. But when he meets Fiona, the lyrical world of his youth is reawakened, throwing into question the life he has chosen. Sensing trouble, his wife Rachel plans a romantic getaway weekend, but Walt has other ideas and invites his childhood friend Benjamin, a painter leading a cloistered existence in rural Vermont, for a rare visit. A run-in with friends sets in motion a chaotic weekend in which everyone must decide what they really want in life and what they're really willing to do to get it." It stars Paul Blackthorne, Alec Newman, Alice Evans, and Twin Peaks' Madchen Amick. Green Hornet (1940)--"The city is faced with rising crime and increased racketeering activity. Intrepid newspaper editor, Britt Reid (Gordon Jones) becomes the crime fighter the Green Hornet to take on the bad guys. As far as the police are concerned, the Hornet himself is the criminal. This misunderstanding enables Reid to operate outside the law to battle evil and injustice. Working along side the Hornet is the brilliant inventor/sidekick Kato (Keye Luke), the only person who knows the true identity of the Hornet. Watch as our heroes fight an infamous racket and put an end to the menace infecting their city." This movie version is edited from the original 13 chapter serial.
The Gunslingers—"Butch, a gunslinging bounty hunter, gets caught up in a violently competitive hunt for a stash of gold when outlaws find out about his mysterious map. While trying to get paid, he must saddle up to stop these outlaws and collect what's his. Bullets fly as guns are drawn and fights break out - anyone who stands in Butch's way will be killed." The Heavy (2010)—"During a routine hit, "Boots" Mason (Gary Stretch) learns a hit has been placed on his own life when a crooked cop, Dunn (Vinnie Jones), tries to kill him. While he seeks his revenge, secrets kept hidden are exposed and no innocent bystander is safe as bullets fly. In this world where you can trust no one, all bets are off!" House of Usher (2008)—"Many Arrive. Few Survive... A Haunting Adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe Classic by Director David DeCoteau. When Victor Reynolds (Michael Cardelle) visits his first love Roderick Usher (Frank Mentier) at his crumbling family estate, he finds Roderick and his sister Madeline (Jaimyse Haft) decaying before his eyes. Tempted by the seductive charms of the Usher siblings, as well as the house itself, Victor learns the terrifying secret that's been keeping them both alive." Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery—"Private investigator Donald Strachey takes on the case of his life and gets caught in a high-stakes whirlwind of deceit and murder when his partner asks him to uncover the source of an anonymous multi-million dollar donation to a youth center. Starring Chad Allen and Sebastian Spence."
In/Significant Others—"In/Significant Others is a psychological drama that explores lives of one city's residents; each of whom is connected to the same homicide investigation. The ensemble cast includes an Iraq War veteran returned home to an emotionally disturbed wife; a new father living in the shadow of his successful brother; a sister caught up in a web of addiction; and a cameraman who attempts to exploit the reality behind all of their stories, or at least his version of them. The search for truth turns into a life and death struggle as the subtle manipulations of all relationships are exposed." King Of The Avenue—"When Taz (Simon Rex) sells his soul to the devil to become Miami's biggest drug lord, he gets all the money, women and power the game has to offer. But when the devil comes to collect, he raises the stakes by bringing forth a demon in the image of Taz's late step-father (Ving Rhames) to collect what is owed. Now Taz must try to outwit the most evil force known to God and man, and escape his deadly deal with the devil." Last International Playboy—"Jack Frost's playboy lifestyle in New York City is rocked by the news that his childhood love is engaged. Amidst his friendships with Scotch Evans, a ribald nightlife correspondent; Ozzy, a troubled but loving heroin addict; and Kate Hardwick, a bewitching, quick-witted reporter, Jack sinks deeper into depression. Haunted by lost-love and his mother's suicide, Jack plunges into whiskey and self-destruction until his eleven-year-old neighbor, Sophie, an unlikely mother figure, leads Jack back into himself, and out of the nostalgia and excess that consumed him." Am I the only one who now has this song in the head? Let Me Die Quietly—"In this neo-noir thriller, Mario ia a haunted, broken-broken-down man who's been tortured by visions of violent murders all his life. An encounter, a location or even a touch can bring him the terrifying final sensations of a murder victim. Now, as his visions intensify, he senses his own impending death. With an encroaching sense of tragedy, Mario sets out to save the life of the last victim in his final premonitions. Then, he has a chance encounter in an elevator with a beautiful woman, Gabrielle, who herself is psychic and seeing different aspects of the same murder. These two lost souls join forces in an attempt to stop a serial killer, but, in their quest, they may end up leading each other down a path of self-destruction." Long Ride From Hell—The 40th Anniversary Edition of this lost Spaghetti Western starring "The Hercules Man" Steve Reeves.
Lynch Mob—"The rural town of Lynchburg, Georgia holds a dark secret. A century-old curse has condemned the citizens to a diet of human flesh. Unable to leave the city limits the town folks must lure unsuspecting travelers to their quaint town where they soon become the menu item of choice. Problems arise when the Federal Government releases a street savvy criminal into their community under the witness relocation program." My Normal—"My Normal is the story of Natalie, a young lesbian from the Lower East Side, who's struggling to find a balance between her dreams of becoming a film maker and her lifestyle as a dominatrix. Her exotic looks and unconventional techniques make her one of the most desirable mistresses in the NYC underground. After befriending her weed dealer and igniting a steamy love affair with her new girl, Natalie gets an internship on a real movie set. But if everything she ever wanted is becoming a reality, why is her life falling apart? When it seems that all is lost, Natalie realizes that the only way to turn her dreams into reality is to use her unique talents as a dominatrix to get exactly what she wants." My True Self—"After a year in Egypt, 25 year-old Ben Fields returns home to Louisville to begin his medical residency. Quicker than he can imagine, his family learns Ben has Stage IV melanoma, and possibly a very short time to live. Distraught that his life will have left no impression on the world, Ben decides to try to make a difference. His best friends (Silas Gaither - Survivor Africa) are on the road to success but Ben, armed with the powerful perspective of someone facing certain death, is determined to show them there is more to life than they may perceive. Meanwhile, his illness is devastating his mother (Erin Gray, Silver Spoons, Buck Rogers) and father (Ron McCoy). Ben sets himself a goal at great risk and sacrifice to himself and the people he loves. He questions his decisions; whether he has made the right choices towards the end of his life. In the end, his redemption may come by way of his friends becoming more aware of the value of life, and the choices they have made, in this life-affirming story of love, friendship and sacrifice." Pastor Shepherd—"Pastor Shepherd is the tale of a down-on-his-luck freeze-dried pet salesman and his journey to become the first-ever cyber-evangelist."
Pinprick—"A teenage girl is hiding a criminal inside her bedroom closet. At first they have an innocent relationship: trading stories, making up rules, and goofing around, but slowly the man becomes bored with her girly ways and begins to spy on her lonely mother. One day after a jealous fight with the girl the man leaves the closet and makes his way into the mother's life. She invites him to stay as a guest and he now lives openly in the house. The daughter is shocked by his behavior and his betrayal, but does not tell the mother who he really is. Things begin to spin out of control and more secrets are unveiled when her father returns, but at this point the visitor has everybody under his control." Pooltime—"When a handsome gay urban professional thinks he might be having a midlife crisis, he decides to hold a different kind of weekend pool party at his West Hollywood home. At almost 40, David (Marcus Harwell), wants to see if there really is a match with one of his former boyfriends and invites them all to his pool...not to do shots of Patron and play Lady Gaga, but to see if there really is a husband for him somewhere in his pool. Soon the weekend evolves into a whirlpool of nosey neighbors, pressuring parents, stubborn siblings, and sexy pizza boys." Release—"Jack Gillie (Daniel Brocklebank), a young priest convicted of a serious crime, is incarcerated. Angry that his church has abandoned him, he suffers from a lapse of his faith. Yet he attempts to help and befriend his vulnerable cellmate Rook (Wayne Virgo, the lead in Shank). But no amount of comfort can protect Rook (and eventually the priest) from the threatened violence from one particular sadistic inmate. It's a volatile atmosphere; the guards either complacent or on the side of the thugs, the female warden is more concerned about power and sex than in maintaining control and the restless inmates Amidst all of this, Jack's only beam of hope comes in the form of prison guard Martin (Garry Summers) with whom he begins a passionate but clandestine affair. When tensions rise and violence explodes within the walls, both men's dreams of escaping together are threatened." Shadowlands (2010)—" A taut reinvention of vampire lore, Shadowlands opens in modern day North America, where construction workers uncover an old stone cross and what appears to be a wooden stake. They remove the stake from the ground, allowing Laura (Caitlin McIntosh), a slumbering vampire, to revive and rise from the earth. Beaten and weak, Laura is unable to speak, remember who she is, or even the fact that she is a vampire!" Sometimes In Life—"Jill, a young fashion designer, finds herself feeling insecure about her relationship with her flirtatious girlfriend and her budding fashion career. Rob, a thirty-something who is a jobless do-nothing, just lost his father and is doing some soul searching on his slacker lifestyle. When these two unexpectedly meet and begin to see their weaknesses in each other, they realize they've both lost their way in life - but can they help each other get back on track or just further off course?" Stonehenge Apocalypse—"When a disgraced scientist discovers unusual spikes in the Earth's electromagnetic field emanating from Stonehenge, it is up to him to warn the world of a possible apocalypse. As his claims are disregarded by his peers, the ancient structure begins to move independently, build up an electromagnetic charge and release enough energy to vaporize people within a certain radius. Can he convince the military and his peers of his findings before it is too late and all life on Earth is destroyed?"
The Strange—"The Strange is a bizarre film experience that will accustom you to the kind of abnormal behavior you may have only heard or read about, but never seen. Why did the couple and the mime have a deadly standoff? What type of job interview traumatized that guy forever? What meal did that teenage girl request before she starred in a snuff film? Why do people drive hundreds of miles to see this obscure Vegas band? What lesson did the Samurai warrior learn from the computer geek who dragged him through a wormhole 100 years into the future? Why does that photographer secretly take pictures of beach people with his disposable camera and frame them like they're his family? Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Better Luck Tomorrow) co-directs this dark comedy." Strapped—"A routine trick at a man's apartment propels a cynical hustler into a series of strange and life-changing encounters in this stunningly photographed drama from San Francisco-based Joseph Graham. Tall and lanky with a mop of unruly dark hair, the young man makes for an attractive prostitute - handsome in body, amiable in personality and efficient in sex. He's just out to make a buck, one guy at a time. But this coldly efficient rent boy begins to look at himself in a different way one stormy night when he finds himself lost in a maze-like apartment building..."

Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives--A hit at this year's Midnight Adrenaline series at SIFF. They called it, "...a controversial slice of grindhouse transploitation." Watch the NSFW trailer here.

Trade In—"In the midst of economic hardship, two car dealerships are pitted against each other in a wacky sales contest to determine who gets to keep their doors open. One of them decides to rent out the back of his dealership to a movie company, not knowing that the movie is a porn. That revelation comes at the most inopportune time, as the dealership is holding a big family day and the porn spills out onto the event." It stars Chris Mascarelli, Ron Jeremy, and the late Corey Haim. Ultimate Death Match—"After a death in the ring of one of their superstars, the FOPW (Federation of Pro Wrestling) lose their licenses. Promoter Jake Reed is forced to hold his illegal matches on the internet with one big catch . . . all matches are to the death! Someone will die in front of millions of rabid, bloodthirsty fans. Not since the bloody days of the Roman Gladiators has there been such a public exhibition of savage combat! LET THE BLOODY GAMES BEGIN!"