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The end of January brings a classic Japanese horror film to SIFF Cinema. It's KURONEKO, Kaneto Shindo's 1968 thriller that's not available on DVD here in the US. We have a PAL Code 2 import DVD but strongly encourage you to see this brand new 35mm print up on the big screen during its Seattle theatrical premiere. We're giving away tickets to the opening night screening on Friday, January 21st at 7:30pm. Just head in to the store and look for the entry box on our front counter. Here's the KURONEKO background from SIFF:

The title is literally translated from the Japanese as Black Cat. In war-torn medieval Japan, a demon haunts the Rajomon Gate, ripping out the throats of samurai in the grove beyond. The governor sends a war hero to confront the spirit, but what the man finds are two beautiful women who look just like his lost mother and wife. Both a chilling ghost story and a meditation on the nature of war and social hypocrisy, Black Cat is the second horror triumph from director Kaneto Shindo (Naked Island, Onibaba), who mixes stunning visuals, an evocative score, and influences from Noh theater to create an atmospheric, haunting, and emotionally devastating masterpiece.

If that didn't convince you, here's the trailer: