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The Scarecrow Podcast: Episode VI

Welcome to Episode VI of our semi-regular reflection on movies--The Scarecrow Podcast. In this latest installment, your host Matt Lynch is joined by Bryan and our once and future colleagues Tommy and Laird for the usual round up of what they've been watching and some standout films of 2010. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Matt and Bryan (and myself) were pleasantly surprised by the new-on-DVD animated fantasy Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. We enjoyed the world director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) created for these creatures, the voice cast (which includes Helen Mirren and Hugo Weaving), and the dazzlingly detailed animation.How is it like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Listen to find out!

For your upcoming New Year's revelry, Tommy seconds Spenser's recommendation for the 80s slapstick insanity of Get Crazy. Tommy says, "There's no movie that personifies fun as much as this." The trailer is NSFW.You'll find it on genuine VHS in our Staff Holiday Favorites rental section.

While it has been critically acclaimed on many fronts, Laird wasn't impressed with the Banksy documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. Does it have a point? Matt says it's, "Borat with street artists," while Tommy looks for a F for Fake comparison. Is it real or just an elaborate hoax? Is this movie worth its place on the short list for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar? Rent it and make up your own mind...

We'll likely talk about our favorite DVDs & movies of 2010 once the new year starts, but the gentlemen jump start the best-of talk with a few choice films. Tommy likes Final Flesh. What this movie is about is a bit beyond my capacity for proper summation--made-to-order porn would be as close as I could get. Listen to what Tommy has to say and then click HERE to watch the NSFW trailer. Laird recommends Duke Mitchell's Gone With the Pope, a lost 70s exploitation movie about some criminals who scheme to kidnap the Pope and demand every Catholic to pay a $1 ransom. Click HERE for the NSFW trailer (sorry, that seems to be a theme) and HERE for the Massacre Mafia Style (aka The Executioner) trailer.

Matt likes the new and decidedly surreal Greek film Dogtooth. We have it now on PAL Code 2 DVD; the domestic DVD will be out January 25th.

Click HERE for previous episodes and listen for more installments of The Scarecrow Podcast in 2011. Happy New Year!