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Theatrical goings-on for Christmas weekend

Merry Christmas, everyone! We'll be open until 8pm on Friday, December 24th--aka Christmas Eve--for your last minute viewing & gifting needs. We'll be CLOSED on Saturday, December 25th--aka Christmas Day--so our staff can be with their friends & families and watch movies with reckless abandon. We'll reopen at 11am on Sunday the 26th for your post-holiday needs. Some theaters will be closed as well--Northwest Film Forum & SIFF Cinema are taking some time out for the holidays but will return with new programming in the new year. Central Cinema will be closed Christmas Day but starting Sunday they'll be showing the new indie comedy TINY FURNITURE and timeless classic GHOSTBUSTERS starting Sunday the 26th. They're also having another screening of THE ROOM on Thursday, Dec. 30th (it's best with a crowd that has access to alcohol). And of course it wouldn't be Christmas in Seattle without IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE at Grand Illusion Cinema. They're open on Christmas Day in case the family gets restless and/or you need to get out of the house. All the Landmark Theatres & major multiplexes should be open as well, including the Guild 45th, where the heavily award favored THE KING'S SPEECH (starring Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth) opens, where it will play with another future major award winner, BLACK SWAN. This is an excellent opportunity to cross two future Best Picture nominees off your "To See For The Oscars" list. We've also heard nothing but praise for the Coen Brothers remake of TRUE GRIT. But if you're looking for something a little less cerebral, TRON: LEGACY is at the Cinerama in beautiful 3D. The DAFT Punk soundtrack sounds fantastic and the chocolate & buttered popcorn combo is surprisingly tasty. Scarecrow wishes everyone a happy & safe holiday!