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MacGuffin Podcast: Episode I

While we were camped out last month at the booth we call our satellite Scarecrow Video at Sakura-Con, the fine folks at the Backroom Podcast interviewed Alex to get some anime viewing recommendations. Now some of those folks have a spin-off called MacGuffin Podcast that's dedicated to all things film. Spencer & his crew filmed their first episode up in our orange chairs in the Westerns/War section. They talked with Kevin about comic book movie adaptations, got a fan vs. non-fan take on the Star Trek movie with yours truly, and chatted with Clint from the Seattle True Independent Film Festival about their upcoming fest (we have schedules in the store) and that other big film festival in town. It ends with a nice little jaunt around the store. Enjoy, and look for more set-at-Scarecrow episodes in the future.