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More Last Minute Gift Ideas

With the holiday shopping season coming in to a frenzied home stretch , we've taken a tour of our current sales stock and picked out some last minute gift ideas. . . DESTROY ALL MOVIES!!!: A Complete Guide to Punks on Film--We've already gone on at length about the merits of this fine compendium of punks in movies by friends-of-the-store Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly. This is the perfect book to curl up with and examine once all the holiday hubub subsides. We have it on sale for $29.95. You may want to include a Scarecrow Gift Certificate so the lucky recipient can get some rentals from our special Destroy All Movies section.
It might feel corny to buy someone a holiday movie for the holidays, but there are some films worth having on hand right when the festive mood strikes. One consistently popular rental this time of year we feel most folks would enjoy owning is ELF. Right now you can even get it in a special collectors' tin. The DVD is $31.95, Blu-ray is $39.95.
Speaking of Blu-ray, you probably know someone whose decided this would be the year to upgrade to the high-definition player. Why not help them build their Blu-ray library? Scarecrow has a pretty extensive selection of Blu titles for sale. We have recent releases like SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD ($31.95), INCEPTION (also $31.95), or TOY STORY 3 (again, $31.95). There's also the brand new Blu-ray release of BATTLE ROYALE with the Director's Cut, Theatrical Cut, a Special Features disc, Comics, Postcards & a commemorative booklet, all for just $39.95. We also have classics Blus such as THE COMPLETE METROPOLIS (you guessed it, $31.95), TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE ($22.95), THE AFRICAN QUEEN ($29.95), John Woo's HARD BOILED, the original 1969 TRUE GRIT ($19.95), and the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy ($59.95). And don't even get us started on the CRITERION Blu-rays...
THE DARJEELING LIMITED ($27.95), NIGHT OF THE HUNTER ($39.95), and THE THIN RED LINE ($29.95). The best bang for you buck on the floor right now is probably this--a Coen Brothers triple feature of BARTON FINK, MILLER'S CROSSING and RAISING ARIZONA. You get all three movies on DVD for just $18.95.
Other bargains include THE MUPPET MOVIE ($17.95), THE APARTMENT ($13.95), The Criterion edition of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS ($17.95!), John Huston's classic & seasonally appropriate THE DEAD ($13.95)...
..or the new to DVD thanks to the Warner Archives--THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH ($19.95). Don't say there's nothing to do in the Doldrums...
There's a lot more to be found here at the store, so head in and take a look . If all else fails, there's always the SCARECROW GIFT CERTIFICATE. You can buy one for any amount you like, and the person you give it to can redeem it for rentals or sales or both. We're open regular hours Wednesday & Thursday (that's 11am-11pm), then we'll close early at 8pm on Christmas Eve (Friday) and be CLOSED all Christmas Day. We'll reopen at 11am on Sunday the 26th for all your post-holiday buying & renting needs. Happy Holidays, everyone!