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Theater-going round up for the last weekend before Christmas

Holy holly on a wreath! It's almost Christmas! If you're like me and only an hour ago decided to finally get cracking on the shopping, Scarecrow will be having a BIG SALE for all your stocking stuffing need. On Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th, ALL of our used movies will be 50% OFF! Head in early to get the good stuff. While you're in the neighborhood, you may as well take advantage of the Best Film Corner in America with a trip to Cinema Books and, if you're here between 10am and 2pm on Saturday the 18th, a visit to Landmark Theatres' annual MOVIE POSTER SALE at the Seven Gables Theatre. If you need a movie rest in between all your running about, here's what's new in area theaters this weekend: HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT'S INFERNO, a documentary about the French New Wave director's ill-fated, incomplete film INFERNO is at Northwest Film Forum. Director's Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea Annonier chronicle the production's demise and reconstruct the dazzling existing footage. Over at SIFF Cinema there's the LABYRINTH Quote-A-Long, Jim Henson's classic 80's musical fantasy starring future Oscar winner Jennifer Connolly and the fantastic mane on the head of David Bowie. They'll be subtitles for your quote-a-long ease (or you can study up here). Puppeteer Karen Prell will be at all the screenings for Q & A, and on Friday co-star Toby Froud--aka "Toby"--will also be in attendance, he's a puppeteer now! Central Cinema has the endlessly enjoyable ELF and the annual holiday humor of The Beta Society's A VERY ALAN THICKEMAS on Wednesday the 22nd. Our U-District neighbors at The Varsity will be showing the new documentary BUDRUS. This documentary from local company Typecast Films. The film follows how Ayed Morrar and his family united Israelis and Palestinians from all political factions to save their village from destruction. Nadav Greenberg from the non-profit Just Vision will be at the 7:15pm screenings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The fine Seattle tradition of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE continues at Grand Illusion Cinema with the added bonus of BAD SANTA in the Late Night spot. This weekend also might be good to catch up on some the of movies recently nominated for Golden Globes and/or Screen Actors Guild awards like BLACK SWAN or THE FIGHTER. Does anyone know when THE KING'S SPEECH will finally make its way to town? Let's hope it's soon. Happy viewing and happy holidays to all.