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New Releases for December 14th

This week's list of New Releases isn't as long as its predecessor but packs a much more concentrated dose of cinematic excellence. Here's the list--remember, the * means we also available on Blu-ray and you can buy select titles by clicking SALE (or just browse our whole online store here). THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF LITTLE DIZZLE—Local filmmaker David Russo's imaginative workplace comedy was produced with help from the Northwest Film Forum's Start To Finish program. We also have it on sale here in the store for $19.99 if you want to keep that local & indie vibe going... A-TEAM *—Bradley Cooper is no Dirk Benedict, but the film totally works on a "I just want to see some tough guys act cool and blow stuff up" level. CYRUS—Jay & Mark Duplass' latest awkward human story is a quasi love triangle between a recluse (John C. Reilly), a woman (Marisa Tomei) and her 22 year old son (Jonah Hill). DESPICABLE ME *—An excellent "We need a movie the entire family can watch without numbing adult brain cells" movie. SALE EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP—Street artist Bansky, along with fellow artists Thierry Guetta & Shepard Fairey, present "the world's first street art disaster movie." MICMACS *—Jean-Pierre Jeunet's latest is a revenge tale told in his usual fanciful fashion. We like that the hero is a video store clerk. SALE NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS—Oh Emma Thompson, we'll follow you anywhere... THE OTHER GUYS *—Warning: Moments of this buddy cop action/comedy starring Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell will cause you to snort and/or choke with laughter. TRAILER PARK BOYS: SAY GOODNIGHT TO THE BAD GUYS—The prelude to Countdown to Liquor Day shows the exploits of friends-of-the-store Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles after the Season 7 finale. This trailer is NSFW. GASLAND—Josh Fox's history of natural gas and its relatively unregulated extraction is both exhilarating and heartbreaking. Beware of the flaming tap water... MUGABE AND THE WHITE AFRICAN—One of last year's best documentaries follows the fight between a white farmer in Zimbabwe and the country's leader, Robert Mugabe. JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK—Forget everything you think about the legendary comedienne and just watch this. DOUBLE TAKE—If you missed this "paranoid thriller" starring Alfred Hitchcock and his doppelganger when it played this fall at SIFF Cinema, you can now unravel its mysteries at home. STRAIGHT TO HELL RETURNS—Director Alex Cox has revamped is 1986 classic with deleted scenes, a new 5.1 soundtrack and "digitally improved violence and cruelty." TROUBLE IN MIND—Alan Rudolph's 1986 neo-noir starring Kris Kristofferson, Lori Singer, and Keith Carradine set in the crime-filled "Rain City" (aka Seattle!) is finally on DVD! (not that we weren't enjoying our VHS copy). AMERICA LOST & FOUND: THE BBS STORY—Criterion's excellent box set is finally out on standard DVD! For those of you who haven't been chomping at the bit since the Blu-ray came out last month, the set includes Head (the Monkees movie!), The King of Marvin Gardens, Drive, He Said, A Safe Place, The Last Picture Show, Five Easy Pieces, and Easy Rider. These two great movies will be out on our shelves FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17th LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA'HOOLE *—We've been calling Zack Snyder's animated adventure OWL 300 since has a similar action and battle armor. We aren't making fun of it though; it's actually quite enjoyable. Just ignore the crappy ballad in the trailer. THE TOWN *—Jeremy Renner was nominated for a Golden Globe this morning for his performance in Ben Affleck's strong bank robbing drama. It's well earned. NEW VIDEO GAMES Create (PS3) Little Big Planet (PS3) Up (PS3) ANIME NEW RELEASES Dragon Ball Z Kai S.1 Pt. 1 Gun X Sword: Complete Set FAMILY NEW RELEASES Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular Search for Santa Paws NEW BLU-RAY Black Pirate (1926)—Includes both silent & talkie versions The Deer Hunter Hard Boiled—Ultimate Edition Lock Down Mirrors 2—Unrated True Grit Wicked Lake NEW TV ON DVD Gunsmoke: Season 4 Vol. 2 The IT Crowd: Season 4 24: Season 8 --Jack tries to get out and they keep pulling him back in. NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Aftershock (2010)—China Beyond The Rave (2010)(PAL Code 2)—UK Chekhov: Comedy Shorts (2010)(PAL Code 2)—UK Desirable Teacher 2 (1982)—Italy Fishmen and Their Queen (1995)—Italy The Girl From Cortina (1994)—An Italian horror, or Giallo film Open Hearts (2002)—Denmark Scandalous Gilda (1985)—Italy Sicilian Girl (2009)—Italy The Trotsky (2009)—Canada True Legend (2010)—China Celebrity Sweetheart (2009)—New Korean TV drama—"Lee Mari (Choi Ji-Woo) just wants to be loved that's why she became an actress. Now as the top star in Asia, she's adored everywhere she goes, but her relationships never last more than 100 days. PhD student Chul-soo reluctantly agrees to ghostwrite Mari's new book, and the two become increasingly close despite being from two different worlds..." SALE
Altiplano (2009)—"High in the majestic Andes of Peru, silent but deadly traces of mercury -- remnants of long-ago silver mining -- bring illness and death to a local village..." Complete History Of My Sexual Failures (2010)—UK "Luckless filmmaker Chris Waitt embarks upon an odyssey in which he will visit his ex-girlfriends in an attempt to find out the reasons why each of them dumped him." NEW SONY/COLUMBIA CLASSICS Why are these so special? Find out here. Apache Territory (1958)—"Following the aftermath of an attack by a marauding band of Apaches on a wagon train, drifter Logan Cates (Rory Calhoun) comes upon the lone survivor, a distraught adolescent girl. Taking charge of his new ward, Cates encounters another besieged group of settlers and together the group takes refuge at Papago Wells, where they try to wait out the Apaches and fend off another attack. As their food and water give out, so does the courage of many of his embattled force, leaving Cates to use a dust storm for cover as he and the remaining settlers strike back in their battle to survive." The Executioner (1970)—"When a covert operation in Vienna goes awry, British Intelligence operative John Shay (George Peppard) suspects his colleague, Adam Booth (Keith Michell), may be a double agent. Despite help from his girlfriend, Polly (Judy Geeson), a clerk at MI6, Shay fails to convince his superiors of his theory. Undeterred, Shay learns from scientist Philip Crawford (George Baker) that Booth has been trying to steal top-secret documents. Appointing himself executioner, Shay kills Booth and then assumes his identity to obtain conclusive evidence that Booth was a traitor, only to discover the dead man's wife (Joan Collins) is now Crawford's mistress, and Soviet Intelligence has set him up." Father Is A Bachelor (1950)—"For drifter Johnny Rutledge (William Holden), nothing satisfies like his favorite Yet, after the shady medicine show he is working for is put out of business with the arrest of its disreputable owner, Professor Mordecai Ford (Charles Winninger), the suddenly-unemployed Johnny takes an interest in orphan May Chalotte (Mary Jane Saunders) and her four brothers. Though aided by Prudence Millett (Coleen Gray), the daughter of a local judge, Johnny's bachelor fatherhood is threatened when a blackmailing lawyer aims to expose his less-than-upstanding past."
Flight of The Doves (1971)—"Filmed entirely on location in Ireland, the tale reteams Ron Moody and Jack Wild of Oliver! fame in a suspenseful, often humorous story of a pair of runaway kids fleeing a cruel stepfather and searching for their kindly grandmother." Idol On Parade (1959)—"British pop sensation "Jeep" Jackson's (Anthony Newley) career is in high gear when he's notified he'll have to do a two-year tour in the army. Of course the musician isn't well suited to the military life, and his antics wreak havoc on the patience of commanding officer Sergeant Lush (William Bendix). Will Jackson defeat the military with his singular personality or will a truce allow the army to soldier on?" Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel (1979)—"Lindsay Wagner stars as a young physician who is compelled to return to her roots. Although the orphanage where she was raised is abandoned, she sets up a medical practice and discovers that her "new-fangled" medicine is in direct conflict with the home-spun ways and remedies of the area's medical practitioner." Memory In My Heart (1999)—"Rebecca Vega (Jane Seymour) doesn't remember anything of her life prior to waking up in a hospital eight years ago. Now that she and her husband Joe (A Martinez) have begun trying to have a child, she has been plagued with headaches and recurring nightmares. After a fateful encounter with a curious stranger who claims to recognize her, Rebecca's memory is jolted when she sees a picture of herself and her three children. Armed with only the photo, the location of a small town, and the name Chase Stewart (Bruce Davison), Rebecca sets out to find some answers." National Health (1973)—"Peter Nichols (Georgy Girl) adapted his own hit play to the screen, based on his experiences in hospitals. A riotous black comedy that's as timely today as ever, it contrasts the appalling conditions in an overcrowded London hospital with a soap opera playing on the televisions there. In an ingenious touch, the same actors appear in the 'real' story as well as the 'TV' one, thus blurring the distinctions even further. Jack Gold (The Medusa Touch) directs such outstanding British actors as Lynn Redgrave, Colin Blakely, Eleanor Bron, Jim Dale, Donald Sinden, Mervyn Johns and, in only his second film, Bob Hoskins." Song To Remember (1944)—"Cornel Wilde plays Frederic Chopin in this richly detailed bio-pic which highlights the famous composer's relationship with the unconventional author George Sand (Merle Oberon)."
Song Without End (1960)—"This lush bio-pic of the brilliant composer and piano virtuoso Franz Liszt (Dirk Bogarde) depicts the great conflicts in his young life. Liszt has begun to tire of the oppressive demands of his current mistress, Countess Marie (Genevieve Page), who has given up her own life and young children to live with him despite a great scandal. Liszt prefers to flee to the adoration of the crowds and the concert stage, where he captures the attention of another adoring woman, the beautiful Russian princess, Carolyne (Capucine). Carolyne encourages Liszt to go into a sort of exile, so he can focus on his composition, while she awaits her divorce. Despite her great love for the composer, he is torn between his carnal passions, his religious devotion, and the demands of his artistry. The last film directed by Charles Vidor (who died before its completion, replaced by George Cukor) is a gorgeous spectacle photographed by the famed cinematographer James Wong Howe." Storm Center (1956)—"Directed and co-scripted by Daniel Taradash (From Here To Eternity), this reflection on the rights and responsibilities of citizens was a timely response to Anti-Communist sentiment in the 1950's. A small town librarian (Bette Davis) stands up to local pressure to remove a controversial book from the shelves — on principal, not out of sympathy for its perspective. Also co-stars Brian Keith (Tight Spot, and TV's A Family Affair) and Kim Hunter (A Streetcar Named Desire)."
NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, ART & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Angst (2009)—"Filmmaker Michiel van Erp follows Amsterdam inhabitants who struggle with various anxiety disorders, as they attempt to overcome their fears... including a woman who must take really long showers to feel clean, another woman who was kidnapped by a terrorist group years ago and a man who is so terrified of heights, he can't be near his window." Biography: The Brat Pack—"Made up of actors Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, and Demi Moore, members of The Brat Pack were characterized as being young, precocious, successful, and rich—not to mention having great looks and sex appeal to spare. In this definitive profile, get an inside look into the personal and professional trials and triumphs of these eight actors, who quickly became cultural touchstones for teen audiences everywhere." Carlos the Jackal: History's Mysteries series—"Sought by Western intelligence for over 20 years, his name was synonymous with political terrorism in the 1970s. Mastermind behind the terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, his most infamous feat was the 1975 kidnapping of 11 OPEC ministers meeting in Vienna. Captured in 1994, The Sudan turned him over to France to face murder and other charges. See how an overweight Venezuelan boy, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, turned himself into a swaggering, cold-blooded killer" 80 Blocks From Tiffany's—"Documenting the everyday activities of two South Bronx street gangs, the Savage Nomads and the Savage Skulls, the film is a glimpse into a different time, when the South Bronx was considered a land of nowhere..." Hildegard Von Bingen: Ordo Virtutum—"Ordo Virtutum (70 mins) is the oldest surviving European music-drama, and the greatest musical work by the visionary mystic, Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). Hildegard left a treasury of writings and music expressing the passionate intensity of her mystical experiences. Her profound knowledge seemed to come directly from a source of wisdom deeper than learning and tradition, finding its expression through the symbolism of medieval Christendom." William Kentridge: Anything is Possible—"William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible gives viewers an intimate look into the mind and creative process of William Kentridge the South African artist whose acclaimed charcoal drawings animations video installations shadow plays mechanical puppets tapestries sculptures live performance pieces and operas have made him one of the most dynamic and exciting contemporary artists working today. With its rich historical references and undertones of political and social commentary Kentridge's work has earned him inclusion in Time magazine's 2009 list of the 100 most influential people in the world." Robert Klein: Unfair & Unbalanced—"Comedian/actor Robert Klein stars in his ninth HBO stand-up special, an hour of all new insights into society's foibles and follies, plus several memorable musical interludes. Klein performs his routine in front of a live audience at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts' Amaturo Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida." Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and The American City—"The story of Daniel Burnham, a dreamer, who shaped some of America's best-known places and spaces. The film explores Burnham's fascinating career and complex legacy as public debate continues today about how and for whom cities are planned." Mellodrama: The Mellotron Movie—"From a California workshop to Royal Albert Hall, Mellodrama tells the story of an ingenious contraption called the Mellotron. Essentially the first sampling instrument, its haunting sound has changed the production and texture of popular music from the Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever'; and the Moody Blues' 'Nights in White Satin'; to Radiohead's OK Computer and Kanye West's 'Gold Digger'." National Geographic: And Man Created Dog—"In the ultimate canine ancestral story, National Geographic explores the genetic journey from wolf to dog. Travel back 100,000 years to meet the "mother of all dogs" and trace the evolution of her descendents over the eons, even as we evolved ourselves - from cave dwellers to modern humans. Find out what scientists are learning about dogs' unique ability to communicate with humans, and how powerful brain chemicals work to cement our affection for each other." National Geographic: Inside Death Row—"In the small town of Huntsville, Texas 18 inmates were executed in 2008 alone, 423 between 1982 and 2008. National Geographic provides rare access inside this center of the capital punishment controversy. In intimate interviews, meet those scheduled to be executed in just weeks and learn how they struggle through each day knowing the exact date and hour of their death. And find out how the residents of Huntsville feel about living in a town that's ground zero for capital punishment in the United States." National Geographic: Nasca Lines-The Buried Secrets—"Are they ancient road maps or messages for visiting aliens? Lying at the foothill of Peru's Andes Mountains is the site of one of the world's greatest mysteries. Etched, as if by giants, onto its arid, moonscape plains are immense lines that stretch for miles to form strange shapes recognizable only from the air. Forming the shapes of animals, plants and humans, they were first spotted by pilots in the 1930s, and inspired fantastic explanations ever since. Now, a team of specialists from around the globe has come to southern Peru to investigate the Nasca Lines in the hope of uncovering their secrets." National Geographic: Solitary Confinement—"Alone... in a cell... 23 hours a day... for days, or even decades. Today, tens of thousands of Americans are subject to what may be the most extreme prison environment ever designed. Although the effects of isolation are largely unknown, in prisons across the country, convicts are placed in solitary confinement - cut off from nearly all human contact. Some say solitary is the only way to handle the worst prisoners, but others claim it amounts to psychological torture more cruel than any physical abuse. From prisoners on the edge, to scientists making finds that are changing our most fundamental notions of ourselves, National Geographic looks at the science of solitary and discovers what it means to be absolutely and completely alone." Paris: The Luminous Years—"A storm of Modernism swept through the art worlds of the West in the early decades of the twentieth century, uprooting centuries of tradition. The epicenter of this storm was Paris, France. For an incandescent moment from 1905 to 1930, Paris was the magnetic center for radical innovation and experiment, and the Mecca for creative talents who would change the course of art throughout the Western world."
Biography: Ringling Brothers—"The Wisconsin-born Ringling brothers grew up in an era when the circus's arrival in town triggered an unofficial holiday. Five of the seven brothers—Albert, Otto, Alfred, Charles, and John—were so drawn to the majestic spectacle of the circus, that in the early 1880s, they decided to start one of their own. In this profile, BIO® dives into the fascinating story of how the Ringling brothers, sons of a German immigrant harness maker, came to be multi-millionaires, acquiring Barnum & Bailey® and becoming the greatest circus producers in the world." Schoolgirl Report Volume 7—Impulse Pictures is proud to present Schoolgirl Report 7: What The Heart Must Thereby... another sexy, sinful entry in the popular German sexploitation series. Secrets of the Dead: Aztec Massacre—"Previously, historians believed that Spanish Conquistadors were seen as gods by the Aztecs, who put up little resistance to their conquest. A new find near Mexico City is turning history on its head. Over 550 bodies were found, more than 40 of which appear to be European, indicating that the Aztecs not only resisted the invaders, they sacrificed them to their gods. Aztec Massacre rewrites what we thought we knew about the Aztec civilization." Secrets of the Dead: Sinking Atlantis—"5000 years ago the Minoans flourished on the island of Crete. Their advanced culture became the setting for many famous Greek myths. Yet in their heyday the Minoans were wiped from the pages of history. The cause of their downfall has remained a mystery of the ancient world. Sinking Atlantis explores the usual theories about the disappearance of the Minoans and reveals the truth behind the reign and fall of the great Minoan civilization." It's narrated by Liev Schreiber. Tales of Urban Fascination—"Urban wanderings inspire these six experimental films ' from a collage of movie trailers found outside a Brooklyn theater, to an evocation of an Uruguayan poet's life as a bookkeeper, to a compendium of vox populi interviews gleaned from city streets. Created over 10 years, this collection reveals the urban experience with verve and insight."
...AND MORE MOVIES Bloodbath In The House of Knives—"A hypnosis demonstration serves as the catalyst for murder in this micro-budgeted, neo-giallo shocker featuring Troma's Lloyd Kaufman. When Ivy's friends all start dropping dead, the search for the killer reveals that everyone has a motivation for murder. Could sleaze-ball drug-dealer and pornographer Nick Lemenza be to blame, or has Ivy's troubled sister Violet finally taken the plunge off the deep end? The more bodies that turn up, the shorter the list of suspects grows, and the greater the chance that Ivy will be the next name on the killer's growing list of victims." Civilization (1916)—"Thomas Ince's war epic is an allegorical film about peace. The King of Wredpryd leads his people to war with their neighbors heedless of the cost. Count Ferdinand captains a submarine of his own design but refuses to fire on a civilian ship and therefore sinks his submarine. In purgatory, Fredinand's soul encounters Jesus who offers him redemption if he returns to the living as a voice of peace." Cool as Ice--"Drop that zero and get with the hero." Dear Mr. Gacy—"This true-story thriller is based on the experiences of 18-year-old college student Jason Moss and his relationship with notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. As part of a school assignment, Moss sends a letter to Gacy in prison, portraying himself as a vulnerable kid. Gacy, suspicious at first, puts Moss through a series of tests before surrendering his trust to him. What follows is a twisted psychological game of cat and mouse between two master manipulators, in which Jason's life is turned upside down and Gacy discovers new dimensions within himself. When Gacy invites Jason to visit him in prison for a private meeting, Jason accepts. Nobody could have predicted what would unfold inside the maximum security cell." Disengagement—"Ana is reunited with her estranged Israeli stepbrother, Uli, when he travels to France for the death of their father. She decides to return to Israel to search for the daughter she gave up at birth 20 years ago. Crossing frontiers by car, train and boat, Ana and Uli are caught up in the turmoil and emotion of the military-enforced disengagement of Israeli settlers from Gaza in 2005..." A Dog Year—"Based on the 2003 memoir by best-selling author Jon Katz, A Dog Year tells the story of a 50-something writer (Oscar® winner Jeff Bridges) in mid-existential crisis, who impulsively agrees to adopt a high-strung border collie named Devon. At first, the dog wreaks chaos on a suburban household Jon shares with two older, mellower Labs. But as Jon learns to let go of the hostility in his own personality, he finds his ability to train and communicate with Devon much easier. Ultimately, the experience transforms both man and dog in meaningful, unexpected ways." It's a good prelude to Tron: Legacy and/or True Grit Frenemy"After a group of friends witness a horrifying crime, they wonder how they were lucky enough to escape, unharmed, while one friend did not. Through this self-discovery they start to understand the meaning of their own hilarious yet twisted fate. As their time starts to run out, the chance at redemption isn't too far behind." It stars Zack Galifianakis, Matthew Modine, Paul Adelstein, Callum Blue, and Adam Baldwin. Hoodoo for Voodoo: Unrated Director's Cut—"When a group of college kids win a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, they soon find themselves on a rollercoaster ride of survival as bodies drop left and right. The workers at a local Voodoo tourist trap suddenly begin turning up dead, and the group must bind together and stay alive to figure out who is behind this most wicked plot. But, hey, who can be inconvenienced at the biggest party of the year?" The Horde—"In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a group of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt cops go on a rampage against the mob responsible. A horde of bloodthirsty cannibal zombies complicates matters." It was directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher and played at the Venice Film Festival.
Hunt To Kill *—"When Jim's (STEVE AUSTIN!) teenage daughter is kidnapped, he's forced to lead a band of ruthless killers into the wilderness to retrieve their share of a missing heist score. In order to rescue his daughter, Jim must use his unique brand of survival skills to outsmart the kidnappers before it's too late. Hunt To Kill is an action packed adrenaline rush about a man operating on his most primal instincts to save the one thing he's willing to die for - his daughter." Locked Down *—"Danny, a respected cop, is set up after an investigation goes wrong. While lying low in his new jail cell, Danny is forced to get involved in the inmates' underground cage-fighting circuit. With the help of Irving, a former mixed martial arts champion, Danny devises a scheme to bring justice and innocence to his family's name, if he can get out of the cage alive." It stars Vinnie Jones, Rashad Evans, and Bai Ling. Macbeth (2010)— The BBC's recent version starring Kate Fleetwood and Patrick Stewart. Minotaur (2006)—"In an Iron Age village eight youths must be sacrificed every five years to a bloodthirsty monster, the MINOTAUR. Seen as a god, the offerings are lowered into the Minotaur's vast labyrinth beneath the palace to face the beast... and their death. When his love is lost to the sacrifice, Theo believes she is still alive and sets off to the palace intent on killing the evil bull-god." It stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Van Der Water, and Tony Todd. Mother and Child—"From writer-director Rodrigo Garcia (TV'S Big Love, Nine Lives) and executive producer Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel) comes the moving story of three women and the power of the unbreakable bond between mother and child. Three women's lives share a common core: the have all been profoundly affected by adoption... Mr. Robinson Crusoe (1932)—"While cruising the South Seas Yachtsman Steve Drexel bets his friends he could live comfortably on a remote island with nothing but a toothbrush. So Steve swims to the island, and while awaiting his friends return, improbably builds a comfortable home. Soon a grass-skirted young native from a nearby island shows up fleeing a disagreeable wedding, Steve nicknames her Saturday but then has to deal with her unhappy tribesmen." The movie stars Douglas Fairbanks and includes both the silent & talkie versions. Resonnances—"A perfect getaway for a group of friends turns into a nightmare in this amazing French micro-budget horror/sci-fi film! Thomas, Yann, Vincent and three female friends hop into their cars and travel to the French mountains for a relaxing weekend trip. On their way, a dangerous psychopath escapes from prison and there's even talk of a ghostly female apparition haunting the area. After picking up a suspicious hitchhiker, a thick fog envelops their cars and sends them all over a steep cliff! Barely surviving the fall, they soon discover something even more horrifying. An ancient creature lives under the ground... listening and waiting. It's ready to devour anyone and anything in its path and this group of friends is very much on tonight's menu!"
Slave (2009)—"When David's (Sam Page) fiancé Georgie (Natassia Malthe) is kidnapped while on a vacation in Spain, she becomes the trophy of a dangerous and masochistic psychopath known as the White Arab (David Gant). While Georgie fights for her life and her sanity, David must wade through a quagmire of corrupt officials, drug dealers and crazed locals in an attempt to discover her location and rescue her before it is too late."