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Scarecrow Podcast: Episode V

Hello and welcome to latest installment of the Scarecrow Podcast. We return from a bit of a break with an all ladies episode featuring our colleagues Paige, Alex, Megan, and Rhias. They discuss their offbeat answers answers to the age-old question, "Can you recommend a good romantic comedy?", talk holiday movies for people who get Grinchy over the usual seasonal mush, and movies that you expect to not be so great but turn out to be amazing (like BRING IT ON or A KNIGHT'S TALE), and their current movie watching trends & obsessions. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Here's the trailer for one of the recommended love stories I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. It opens soon in theaters but has been out on DVD in the UK for months. We've got two copies currently in our staff picks section.The movie directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul that Paige couldn't remember is called TROPICAL MALADY. Click on the title to enjoy a non-English subtitled musical interlude from the film. Rhias combats the group's dismissive approach to the holidays with MIRACLE AT MORGAN CREEK.The Swedish film SHOW ME LOVE is in Megan's staff picks. and Alex has CASTAWAY ON THE MOON in hers.They end with talking about what DVDs they'd like to get for Christmas. Paige wants the Adult Swim awesomeness of THE VENTURE BROS. We have all the seasons for sale here in the store, including the latest DVD release Season 4 Vol. 1.


Rhias wants the long sought after complete series DVDs of DARIA and THE MAX HEADROOM SHOW along with the new COMPLETE METROPOLIS.


Alex has been drooling over THE MIGHTY BOOSH: THE COMPLETE SPECIAL EDITION collection.



Megan recently re-watched DISTRICT 9 and now wants the Blu-ray


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