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Happy birthday to us!

On this day in 1988, our inspired founders George and Rebecca Latsios opened the doors of a storefront on Latona and began the experiment known as Scarecrow Video (read our whole history here). Twenty two years and over 109,400 titles later, we continue to carry on their mission to unite people with film. As I said on our 20th anniversary, Scarecrow would not exist without the support of Seattle's film community and all our customers who continue to champion local and independent outlets to discover movies. We'll continue to be stewards of the broadest selection of movies possible, from the still-only-on-laserdisc to the newest 3D Blu-ray and most everything in between. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! Here's little about us and our neighbors down at Cinema Books by a Communications class at UW: ...and a video featuring The Best Film Corner in America by another group of UW students: And how Roy Bolger knew our namesake was special...