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The many new releases for December 7th

This week's plethora of new releases includes one of the best films of the year, a movie where Luke Perry is one of the last humans on Earth, and most everything in between, so get comfortable and delve into this nice long list. As usual, * means it is also available on Blu-ray ( if you're in to the high definition lifestyle, scroll down to the end of the post for the new Blu list) and SALE means you can buy it from our online store. Of course, there's many of these & much more for sale in our actual store. If you're needing a gift for a fellow film fan, come check out our selection. INCEPTION *—Some might nit and pick about this or that, but one thing's for sure: Christopher Nolan knows how to make a quality movie. Winner of this year's prestigious "Best Fight in a Hallway" and "Loudest Audience Groan at an Ending" awards. SALE SHREK FOREVER AFTER: THE FINAL CHAPTER *—If this really is the final chapter, let's hope they tie up all the loose ends! CAIRO TIME—We've had the Canadian version of this movies starring Patricia Clarkson & Alexander Siddig (aka Dr. Bashir), since July, but the domestic release just came out last week. Here's another opportunity to see this beautiful study of character, culture and Cairo. DANCING ACROSS BORDERS—The real life triumph of dancer Sokvannara Sar, who went from Cambodia to stages in the US, including the Pacific Northwest Ballet. HUGH HEFNER: PLAYBOY, ACTIVIST AND REBEL—A revealing look at the man behind the bunny ears. RESTREPO *—This intense look at the war in Afghanistan through a remote outpost has been shortlisted for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar. MILK OF SORROW—This stark Peruvian drama shows the fallout of two decades of persecution through the struggles of one young woman. It was nominated for Best Foreign Film at last year's Oscars. PATRIK, AGE 1,5—This Swedish dramedy is about a gay couple who think they're adopting a toddler and end up with a homophobic teenager. 22 BULLETS—Jean Reno plays a man who was left for dead with 22 bullets inside him. Now he's out for revenge... DEAD SET--Big Brother meets Night of the Living Dead when a zombiepocalypse reaches contestants holed up in a reality TV house. CRONOS *—Guillermo del Toro made his feature film debut with this dark fantasy about magic and immortality. It's new to the Criterion Collection and includes del Toro's unreleased 1987 short horror film Geometria and a video tour of his home office. SALE THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP—The writer & producer of Frost/Nixon and The Queen present this look at the political alliance and personal friendship between Bill Clinton (Dennis Quaid!) and Tony Blair (the always great Michael Sheen). BROKEN FRAME—It took local filmmaker Paul Gorman 22 years to complete his murder mystery—this DVD has the film (made for just $500), along with "Reconstructing Broken Frame" and "Deconstructing Broken Frame," which explain how the filmmaking process broke down and how Gorman resurrected it. NEW VIDEO GAMES Create (Wii) Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) Okami (Wii) Tron: Evolution (PS3, Xbox) Tron: Evolution—Battle Grids (Wii) ANIME NEW RELEASES Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 7 Kurokami: The Animation Part 4 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular Families of Afghanistan Families of Kenya Have A Laugh Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Opposite Day Spongebob Squarepants: Legends of Bikini Bottom Spongebob Squarepants: Season 6, Part 2 NEW TV ON DVD Accidentally on Purpose: The DVD Edition Apparitions Beverly Hills 90210: Final Season Bonanza: Season 2 Vol. 1 CSI: Miami—Season 8 CSI: New York—Season 6 Dog the Bounty Hunter: Wild Ride Megaset Ghost Whisperer: Final Season Law & Order: Season 8 Mad About You: Season 5 Midsomer Murders: Set 12 Ep. 1-Dogleg Murders Midsomer Murders: Set 12 Ep. 2-Black Book Midsomer Murders: Set 12 Ep. 3-Secrets & Spies Midsomer Murders: Set 12 Ep.4-The Glitch On The Road with Charles Kuralt: Set 3 7th Heaven—Final Season Facts of Life: Season 5--Can you spot the voice of Bobby Hill? NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Amazing Stories: Season 2 Eps. 13-16 (PAL Code 2)--USA, includes Brad Bird's "Family Dog" episode Bastard Swordsman (1983)—Hong Kong Curse of Father Cardona (2005)—Dominican Republic Death Tube (2010)—Japan Desde Que Amanece Apetece (2005)—Spain Disciples of the 36th Chamber (1984)—Hong Kong Henry 4 (2010)—France Hide and Go Kill (2008)—Japan Hide and Go Kill 2 (2009)—Japan Ichi: Origin (2002)—Japan The Living Dead Girl (1982, Full Uncut Version)—France, directed by Jean Rollin Passage Home (1955)(PAL)—UK Return of the Bastard Swordsman (1984)—Hong Kong Shiver of the Vampires (1970)—France, directed by Jean Rollin You Lucky Dog (2010)—Canada Mademoiselle Chambon (2009)—A sweet love story from France Manuela & Manuel (2010)—Things tend to get a bit crazy when you ask your drag queen friend to pose as the father of your baby, as we see is this Puerto Rican comedy. NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Best Government Money Can Buy?The Best Government Money Can Buy is the first behind-the-scenes, comprehensive, non-partisan examination of the system of lobbying in Washington, DC. The cost of election campaigns has spiraled out of control, to the extent that, on average, our representatives spend more than 25% of their time fund-raising. Even our Presidents regularly interrupt the nation's work in order to spend time fund-raising! Veteran documentary film-maker, British-born Francis Megahy, makes a journey of discovery as he tries to answer some questions which puzzle him: who provides the money? What effect does it have? How is it connected to the financing of political campaigns? And most crucial, is it in the public interest?" Destination Forks: Real World of Twilight—Another look at what the sparkly vampire phenomenon has done for Forks' economy. Frontline: God in America—"For those who know that in America, religion matters, and for those who wish it didn't matter so much, comes God in America, a sweeping history of how religious faith has shaped America. Interweaving documentary footage, historical dramatizations, and interviews with religious historians, this documentary series is an in-depth exploration of the historical role of religion in the public life of the United States." God Delusion Debate—"Bestselling author, scientist, and atheist Richard Dawkins puts his assertions to the test when he debates his Oxford University colleague John Lennox, who is both a scientist and a Christian theologian. Filmed before a sold-out audience in Birmingham, Alabama - the heart of the American 'Bible Belt.'" I Can Tell The World—An uplifting documentary following members of an interracial, multigenerational choir that performs African American spirituals. Watch the trailer here. Michael Jackson's Vision—"Here, for the first time, is the complete collection of all 35 of the short films produced by Michael during his career as a solo artist - 10 of which are appearing on DVD for the first time. All of the short films have been meticulously restored and remastered for the ultimate audio and visual experience and a bonus DVD includes 7 additional videos including 'Enjoy Yourself' with The Jacksons, 'Say Say Say' with Paul McCartney and the Previously Unreleased video for 'One More Chance'. This is a true representation of Michael Jackson's Vision". Kevin Pollak's Chat Show: Guest-Neil Patrick Harris—Did you know Kevin Pollak even had a "chat show"? "Neil Patrick Harris, on the day he announced his plans to adopt twins, sheds new light on the four different phases that have been his career." Media Malpractice—"The 2008 Presidential election was historic in many ways. For the first time, the vast majority of mainstream media decided to openly back one candidate. Media Malpractice tells the entire story of this precedent-setting and dangerous media reality. In just four years, Barack Obama went from being a little-known State Senator, to being elected President of the United States. This film explores the role of the media in facilitating the victory that shocked the world. While the media did everything they could to elevate Obama, they took a very different view of John McCain s VP nominee Governor Sarah Palin. With an interview of Palin done exclusively for this film, Media Malpractice examines the real story behind many of the media-created perceptions used in a blatant attempt to destroy her credibility." Men For Sale—"Men For Sale follows eleven sex-trade workers over the course of a year, recounting their struggles to survive alcohol and drug-related addictions, abuse and stigmatization - and, their troubled pasts. Trapped in a vicious circle of prostitution and drug, they pursue their hardscrabble lives, knowing their prospects for the future are dim. An unflinching portrait with neither voyeurism nor false sympathy, Men for Sale acknowledges those society prefers to ignore." Nature of Existence (Special Edition)—Roger Nygard, director of Trekkies, questions a unique group of people about their theories as to why we're all here. WARNING: The trailer as the S-word in it. Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome—"Public Enemy's 20 year career has had a monumental impact on the music world. Robert Patton-Spruill's Welcome to the Terrordome chronicles their legacy, their history and what icons of the music world say about their influence. Two decades later, the most controversial rap group of the 80s is all grown up... and still touring." Unfortunately, there's no footage of Terminator X's ostrich farm. But it does give us an excuse to post this video: Reformat The Planet—"Reformat the Planet is a feature-length documentary that delves into the movement known as ChipTunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original hardware. Familiar devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System are pushed with startling results. Using New York as a microcosm for a larger global movement, Reformat the Planet maps out the genesis of the first annual Blip Festival, a four-day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit video game consoles." The Rivals (2010)—"The battle will commence on the high school gridiron ... but for two Maine towns from opposite sides of the tracks, the fight is all around them. Rumford is fighting for survival, supported by a slowly dying paper mill. Its championship team is its heart and soul. Cape Elizabeth's coach is fighting to be a winner in a privileged town with no patience for losers. Better equipment and facilities can only take them so far. Both teams are fighting for respect: The blue bloods desperate to prove themselves and the blue collars playing for the only pride their town has left." Search for Sherlock Holmes—"He is the most portrayed film character of all time, with more than 70 actors having played the part in over 200 movies. In this documentary, actor and director David Hayman (Trial & Retribution, Hope and Glory) becomes a sleuth himself to conduct a fascinating personal investigation into the enduring appeal and real-life inspiration behind Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Visiting many of the places that influenced Conan Doyle's work, David also meets writers, historians and celebrity fans of the Great Detective, who include actor Stephen Fry (Kingdom) and author Lynda La Plante (Prime Suspect)." Shooting Star(s)Shooting Star(s )tells the story of Johnny Nunez, and his escape from humble upbringings in Brooklyn to become today s most prominent hip hop celebrity photographer. Filmmakers Axel Ebermann and Daniel Frei document the incredible journey of this man who is now on the verge of becoming a household name himself. The film presents us with the glamorous life of Johnny Nunez, in which he mingles with prominent figures such as Russel Simmons, Al Sharpton, Swizz Beatz, Tyra Banks, Jay-Z, Bai Ling and many more, while also narrating Johnny's American Dream rise from poverty and his battles with racism to becoming a star of his own." Sondheim! The Birthday Concert *--"For the master composer and lyricist's 80th birthday, many of musical theater's brightest stars gathered to perform more than two dozen sensational numbers from Sondheim's illustrious career. Many of these enduring songs are rarely heard and several are performed by the original Broadway cast members. David Hyde Pierce hosts this magical event with Stephen Sondheim's longtime collaborator Paul Gemignani conducting the New York Philharmonic." 2010 World Series: San Francisco Giants—"Each definitive 2010 World Series game is presented in its entirety, preserving the complete, unedited footage of every World Series game and key postseason games plus exclusive locker room celebrations and interviews." Ultimate NFL--I'm just guessing this documentary is all about football. Yankeeography: Core Four Collection—" In a series of small roster moves during the 1995 season, the Yankees laid four cornerstones for the Club's success over the next two decades. Starting in April and concluding in September, the Bronx welcomed the Major League debuts of Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and Jorge Posada. As teammates they've won double-digit division titles, more than a dozen pennants, and a fist full of World Series rings. As individuals they continue to climb the baseball's Mount Olympus." Avert your eyes, M's fans. MANY MORE MOVIES... AAAH! Zombies—"Zombies. You know 'em, you love 'em. But what do they think of you? In this hilarious twist on the Classic Zombie Tale, we see the world through Zombie eyes when a barrel full of Toxic Goo transforms four friends in to the Walking Dead, and suddenly, it seems every one else has gone mad. In the most unique Zombie story in years, the Zombies embark on a bumbling quest to find the "Truth", completely unaware of their rotting undeadness. After all, Zombies are people too." Across The Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright—"Desperate to payoff a large debt, a besieged local Narco-head (Andy Garcia), rounds up every crooked cop on his payroll to track down the financier and uncover the fortune that could save his family from a gruesome end. Also chasing the $2billion is a retired Russian mobster, who after being swindled by the charismatic crook , dispatches a lethal mercenary team ( led by Luke Goss) to bring his nemesis back DEAD OR ALIVE. It's also personal for the FBI task force officer ( MarioVan Peebles) who let the financier slip through his fingers back in the USA; This agent knows that his career rides on returning to the States with the billionaire embezzler in his possession." It also stars Aiden Quinn and Gina Gershon. Altitude *—"After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force." Amanda (2009)—"Joe is a 40-year-old womanizer until he meets Amanda. It's love at first sight and a match made in heaven. They enjoy a storybook romance and decide to get married, much to the dismay of Joe's quirky but loving parents. It's marital bliss until Joe discovers that Amanda was born a man and had a sex change at age 18! Devastated by Amanda's shocking admission, Joe sends her out the door. After much thought, however, Joe comes to his senses and realizes that Amanda was the best thing that ever happened to him. In his quest to find Amanda and rekindle their relationship, he discovers the real truth about love. This charming romantic comedy features Randy Ryan (Public Enemies) and Ariana Dubynin (The List) in a film that identifies true love and explores gender identity." Attack on Darfur—"Attack On Darfur, which stars Billy Zane, Edward Furlong and Kristanna Loken, is the story of a group of Western journalists in Sudan who visit a small village to gather footage and interviews in hopes of reporting on the atrocities they have seen. When they hear that the Janjaweed are heading towards the village, they are confronted with the dilemma of whether to run for safety or to stay behind and attempt to avert the village's slaughter." Barry Munday—"Barry Munday, a suburban wanna-be ladies man, wakes up in the hospital after being attacked in a movie theater, only to realize that he is missing one of his most prized possessions... his testicles. To make matters worse, Barry learns he's facing a paternity lawsuit filed by a woman he can't remember having sex with. With this being Barry's last chance to ever be a father, Barry reaches out and embraces the journey of parenthood and the onslaught of bumps that face him along the way. Big Bad Mama & Big Bad Mama II--A Roger Corman Cult Classics Double Feature! The original film stars Angie Dickinson as a failed bootlegger who turns bank robbery into a family affair when she brings her daughters along for some bank robbing & general heists with William Shatner and regional treasure Tom Skerritt. The sequel sets Dickinson and her teenage daughters out for revenge on a crooked politician. Boston Girls—"Boston Girls, an edgy and provocative film about two femme fatales with a serious vendetta for cheating men. Armed with a list reminiscent of Kill Bill, these girls won't rest until the last one has been offed. Haunted by vicious memories of their past, tainted with rape and violence, these two Boston snow bunnies tour the town on a mad killing spree with a taste for blood and justice." Somewhere in this revenge tale is Machete's Danny Trejo. Boys Life 7—The gay-themed series continues with four short films: The Young and Evil, Spokane, First Date and Raw Love. Brazen Bull—"The latest creation from visionary indie director Douglas Elford-Argent, The Brazen Bull is an ice cold tale of misguided ambition and savage revenge. Set in the bowels of an iconic derelict Los Angeles high-rise, we follow Lauren and her real-estate investing fiance as they discover first hand what happens when a madman leads not with emotion, but rather chilling rationality. The Man in question, played by Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco) brings a heaping helping of sanity and jet-black humor to the crazy table. The result is a wonderfully off-kilter horror/thriller that never goes where we expect, but rather draws the audience deeper into a surprising world that has dark corners even in the brightest rooms." Buffalo BushidoBuffalo Bushido is a psychological portrait of a man trying to come home against the odds. Seeking to reconnect with his friends, Davis finds himself being pushed away into the role of the samurai - his coping strategy & manifestation of estrangement. Home begins to take on a different meaning for Davis as he cannot escape his past and the path he must now take." It stars Peter McGennis, Jesse L. Martin and Leila Arcieri. The Chosen One (2010)—"Rob Schneider stars in his newest comedy The Chosen One. Paul Zadzik (Rob Schneider) is a down-on-life car salesman whose brother (Steve Buscemi) is never too far away to mock Paul's failure. Paul's life is about to change when a tribe of Holy men travel thousands of miles from their devastated homeland to proclaim that Paul is the spiritual leader they've been waiting for called the Chosen One. Unwilling to accept this role, Paul finds himself on a comical journey of self discovery that leads him to eventually accept who he is and that the fate of humanity is in his hands." City Confidential: Boston-Betrayal in Beantown—"The shocking story that tore Boston apart racially when police were fooled into believing that a black man had killed Carol Stewart, a pregnant white woman. It took days for the city to discover the horrible truth: Carol's husband, Charles, shot her and then called 911 to claim that an African-American car-jacker had committed the crime." Crazy Mama/The Lady in Red (1979)—Yet another Roger Corman Cult Classics Double Feature. Crazy Mama stars Cloris Leachman as a woman on a crime spree/road trip with her mom & teenage daughter and was directed by Jonathan Demme. The Lady In Red stars Pamela Sue Martin as Red Polly Franklin, the woman who ultimately tipped of the FBI to John Dillinger's location. It co-stars Louise Fletcher, Christopher Lloyd, and Robert Conrad as Dillinger.
Damned By Dawn *—"Spoken of only in fearful whispers, a supernatural force holds a chilling grip over a remote, primitive farming community where Claire (Renee Wilner) arrives to visit her ailing grandmother. On her deathbed, the old woman warns Claire about the cost of interfering with a powerful spirit coming to claim her soul, and when the rest of the family fails to heed these ancient traditions, the dead are called up from their graves for a bloody night of retribution that leaves carnage and monstrous mayhem in its wake!" Deadland—"World War III's nuclear strikes on the U.S. have set the nation back 200 years; money holds no worth, food is impossible to find, and hope is all but lost when every survivor of the war is infected by a fatal nuclear plague. Deadland is a post-apocalyptic tale of an ordinary man, Sean Kalos, driven on only one purpose: to find his missing wife in the new United Provinces. What was designed to be the new rebirth has become martial-law, and the Officers of the Province wield their power with cruelty. When Sean crosses them, he finds himself in the middle of a personal war, and his search for his wife dominoes into what could be the revolution the survivors have been waiting for." Dream Boy—"Their love was forbidden... When Nathan (Stephan Bender), a shy and introverted teenager, moves next door to the charismatic Roy (Max Roeg), the boys strike up an immediate friendship as high school study partners. But as they grow physically attracted to each other, the two must keep their desires secret or face violent backlash from their rural backwoods community. Based on the novel by Jim Grimsley." Escape From Zahrain—"In a strife-torn Arab state, fanatical loyalists of a nationalist leader (Yul Brynner) attack a police van transporting him to prison and aid his escape into the deadly Arabian Desert. Escaping with him are fellow death row prisoners Huston (Jack Warden), a swashbuckling American who had embezzled a fortune from the Zahrain Oil Company and Tahar (Anthony Caruso), a sadistic maniac. Sal Mineo (Rebel Without a Cause) plays a student who helps the fugitives flee the pursuant police in a stolen ambulance. This vintage adventure yarn features a special cameo appearance by James Mason (North by Northwest). Directed and Produced by Ronald Neame (The Poseidon Adventure)."
Eulogy for a Vampire—"A handsome young drifter is found unconscious near a remote rural monastery inhabited by the mysterious Order of Pathicus. His strong sexuality unsettles the young monks. One by one, they unravel through their perverse obsession with the drifter, who seems to possess an inner knowledge about the monastery and its dark secrets." Exterminators—"Alex (Heather Graham, The Hangover) finds herself in a court ordered rage-therapy group after a bad breakup with her boyfriend. There she meets Stella (Jennifer Coolidge, American Pie), the owner of an extermination business who might be killing more than bugs, and Nikki (Amber Heard, Zombieland), a dental technician with the face of an angel and the mind of a sociopath. Together these women form their own 'silent revolution,' wreaking havoc on the men of Texas with their own brand of girl justice." Final StormLuke Perry alert!!! "Not all is well on the quiet farm where Tom, Gillian and their son Graham call home. A mysterious storm hits and before the power goes out, glimpses of weather related catastrophes on a global scale are being broadcast. Even more unsettling is how they notice that their neighbors, cars, birds, crickets - all are nowhere to be seen nor heard. Among these eerie signs, a soft spoken man named Silas stumbles onto their property, sick and cold. Maybe it is the apocalypse. The rapture. The end of days. And they're all that is left of humanity." Fruit Fly—"Bright, effervescent and witty, Fruit Fly gives a musically gay twist to this Tales of the City-esque drama with sparkling results. H.P. Mendoza s (Colma:The Musical) critically-acclaimed directorial debut follows Bethesda (L.A. Renigen), a young performance artist in search of her career and birth mother in San Francisco. Moving into the city s vibrant queer neighborhood, and surrounding herself with a loving gay family, she becomes the fruit fly of choice for her circle of gay male buddies, while uncovering long-hidden family secrets. Full of quirky, melodic and uplifting musical/dance performances, Fruit Fly is a glittering mash-up that will have you humming for days." Hair High—A new animated tale by Bill Plympton. Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre (Unrated!)—When a bloody freak accident takes out their captain, a boatload of international tourists on a whale-watching expedition must fight for their lives while stranded in the middle of the ocean. Help seems to arrive in the form of a helpful whaler who offers to take them back to shore, but instead he strands them on a rusty, terrifying barge of death with his insane family who are determined to hunt down and kill the trespassers one by one! Featuring an appearance by horror legend Gunnar Hansen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), this shocking, blood-spattered trip on the high seas unleashes a night of terror only a lucky few will survive." Bob Hope: Collection—Five newly remastered films: The Lemon Drop Kid (1951), My Favorite Brunette (1947), Road To Rio (1947), Road To Bali (1952), and The Seven Little Foys (1955). Hunter Prey—"Sandy Collora is perhaps best known as the man who directed the cult short film Batman: Dead End, praised by Kevin Smith as possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made, albeit before the Nolan era. Now, seven years later, Collora has thrown off the shackles of his short film career with the release of his debut feature film Hunter Prey, a science fiction spectacular with the same heart and soul as the glorious Sci-fi of the mid 1980s."
I Am—"In modern-day Los Angeles, the lives of ten troubled people intersect, leading to profound choices that will test their morality & faith." Is It Just Me?—"Laugh-out-loud funny and seductively sweet, Is It Just Me? is a gay romantic comedy about one gay boy s search for Mr. Right. Adorable Blaine, (Nicholas Downs) can t seem to meet guys, let alone form a relationship.His beefy go-go boy roommate Cameron who has no shortage of willing partners can t understand why he doesn t just pounce and enjoy some one-nighters. Instead, Blaine hides in chat rooms where he meets Zander, a shy, recently relocated Texan. But when the time comes to exchange photos, Blaine accidentally sends an image of his hunky roomie, and things go from romantically promising to downright confusing." The Kid: Chamaco—"In the tradition of Rocky and City of God, The Kid: Chamaco is contemporary boxing tale of father and son overcoming vast differences to help train a young Mexican fighter plucked from the streets of Mexico City. The father (Martin Sheen), a U.S. doctor, and his son, a burned-out boxing pro, unite to shape the young Mexican teenager into his countries new boxing idol. Along the way, all three men discover hidden strengths, and embrace unforeseen destinies." Knucklehead—"Shortly after Eddie (Mark Feuerstein) loses his new fighter and finds himself $50,000 in debt to longtime nemesis and bookie Memphis Earl (Dennis Farina), he discovers Walter (Big Show), a bumbling 7-foot, 440-pound, life-long resident of the orphanage-turned-handyman with his own debt problems: The kitchen fire Walter caused will close down the church's orphanage in a week unless he comes up with $50,000. Upon overhearing Walter's predicament, Eddie convinces the no-nonsense head nun, Sister Francesca that Walter can win the $100,000 grand prize at the tournament to pay off the church's debts. But in order to do so, he will need to take Walter on the road, enter amateur fights along the way, and teach him how to become a real fighter." Lake Placid 3—"Get ready for a living, feeding nightmare when a swarm of gigantic crocodiles terrorizes a secluded country lake. When local wildlife is brutally mauled and campers are reduced to carcasses, biologist Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson) knows a voracious predator is on the loose. So does a feisty female hunting guide (Yancy Butler) out for her next trophy. As the body count rises, the local sheriff tries to keep things quiet and keep the tourists coming. But when the horrifying, hulking truth emerges, can anyone stop these cold-blooded killers before they claim their next victim?" Last Day of Summer (2009)—"Tired of being tormented by his boss, Joe, a disgruntled fast food employee, finally snaps and plans revenge. But after he's rejected by a beautiful stranger, he decides to kidnap her instead. Starring DJ Qualls and Nikki Reed." The Locksmith—Will this locksmith unlock the door...TO LOVE??? Lost Tribe—"On a remote tropical island, an archeological team unearths a prehistoric secret so dangerous that none of them will live to reveal it. Then, when a group of friends is shipwrecked on the island, they discover the terrifying truth about what the scientists found - it's very much alive, freakishly strong and has a taste...for humans." It stars Lance Henriksen. Love Shack—"A dysfunctional family of adult film stars reunites for a memorial porn shoot following the death of legendary producer, Mo Saltzman. Along the way, the film's hapless director must contend with dueling Divas, bickering couples, emotionally-scarred tag-team brothers, and a dominatrix with low self-esteem. Given its all-star cast and lofty pedigree, the film should be the greatest porno of all time. In the tradition of Waiting for Guffman and Spinal Tap, Love Shack is a mockumentary that does for the adult film industry what Best in Show did for dog shows. Hilariously inappropriate!" Love Simple—"Adam (Francisco Solorzano) and Seta (Patrizia Hernandez) fall madly in love after meeting in a Brooklyn laundromat. She suffers from Lupus, he's stuck at home caring for his chronically ill father. Both lie through their teeth to avoid having to reveal they are anything but perfect. Eventually, their deceit unravels and they are faced with a choice: walk away or try to save the relationship. Deciding to give it one last chance, Adam and Seta reveal everything about who they really are despite the fact that they may not love one another once they know the truth." Misconceptions—"After Miranda, a religiously-conservative woman, decides to act as a surrogate mother for a married gay couple, she gets more than she bargained for when the anxious parents-to-be show up on her doorstep. Starring A.J Cook, Orlando Jones and David Moscow." Monster A-Go Go—"In this sci-fi classic from director and producer Bill Rebane, a space capsule crash-lands, and the astronaut aboard disappears. Is there a connection between the missing man and the monster roaming the area? This Special Edition includes a restored version of Monster a Go-Go, the theatrical trailer, an interview with Bill Rebane, audio commentary, a special collectible Scary Monsters article and a short film from Bill Rebane titled Twist Crazy." Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods—"Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods examines Morrison's 30-year career and the real-life events that inspired his stories. Featuring extensive interviews with Morrison himself, the film delves into his early days growing up in Scotland, the start of his career in comics, the crazy years of the '90s as his life and his comics became enmeshed, and his recent attempts to turn personal troubles and social darkness into compelling comics. The film also gives insight into his creative process, including a look into his vaunted idea notebooks." Murder Can Be Deadly/Marked One/Pit of Darkness—Three crime thrillers from the early 60s. Naked Fury /Cover Girl Killer—A British crime double feature
Off Jackson Avenue"Off Jackson Avenue is an interwoven crime story set in New York City involving a Mexican woman who has been tricked into sex-slavery by an Albanian pimp and must find a way to break out, a Japanese hit man in town to do a job for the Chinese mob who is also haunted by his recently-dead mother's ghost, and a local car thief who must go on one last stealing spree to raise enough money to buy a tire store and go legit. Off Jackson Avenue reminds us that there are still some parts of New York City that you won't find on any map." Playback (2010)—"When Detective Steve Lambord begins to investigate his daughter's death, he discovers a closet full of videotapes, each one featuring his daughter with a different man in compromising positions. Digging deeper into the mystery, he discovers a girl he barely knew, and unearths secrets he never wanted to confront." Possession of David O'Reilly—"Giles Alderson stars as David O'Reilly, a guy dumped by his girlfriend and looking to crash with his London friends for the night. Unfortunately, O'Reilly is bringing more than emotional baggage because something a demon, a ghost, an alien, is stalking his every move. O'Reilly knows more than he's admitting why else does he immediately pour a line of salt across the doorstep? But is he possessed or just nutters? Uneasiness soon ramps up into sheer fright in a movie that Pax Romano admitted left him surprised and scared witless." Scrambled Sex: Erotic Cinema of the Early 80's—"From the company that brought you the Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection comes a BRAND NEW, 4-Feature Salute to Set-Top Boxes and the precursors to Skinemax, Scrambled Sex: Erotic Cinema of Early '80s Cable! Featuring Clio Goldsmith, the darling of early '80s Euro-Erotica, this provocative collection offers a sublime sampling of classic '80s late-nite erotic cable." Shark City—"Two friends living in the big city are looking for love in all the wrong places when one of them finds his dream girl - who happens to be the daughter of a mobster. Kenny, a slick stockbroker who can t fly straight, aspires the high life but can t afford what he s got, and Dagen, ladies man and mild mannered real estate agent, have to involve their stable married house bound buddies to get them out of a huge jam. Mob Boss Ventura Ritt is onto them after Dagen falls for his daughter Samantha, and Kenny along with the help of his crocked assistant, Jen scams Ritt out of a million dollars in a stock deal. Subsequently, involving a high stakes poker game, they come up with a plan to get out of the mess, get the girl, get the cash and get the mob's thugs off their backs." Tomorrow We Live (1943) / Inquest (1939)—Two more classic British films. Tricks of a Woman—"Dessi (Elika Portnoy) is a shy foreigner with a mundane, everyday job at a local fish market and her life is going nowhere fast. Dessi's fortunes take a dramatic turn when she is discovered by Rex (Scott Elrod), a high fashion photographer and gambler who has become disenchanted with the superficial women surrounding him. In debt to his photographer rival Albert (Carlos Leon), Rex can erase the debt if he can turn Dessi into a high fashion model. With a flare of bravado, Rex accepts the challenge of transforming Dessi into a beautiful super-model. In the process, Rex unexpectedly falls in love with Dessi but worries what will happen if she ever learns the real truth." 2:22—"Hardened criminal Gully Mercer (Mick Rossi) devises a foolproof plan for a snowy New Year s Eve heist at 2:22 A.M. at The Grange, a high-class hotel filled with a vault of valuable safety deposit boxes. Aided by a brilliant and eccentric jewelry mover (Heat's Val Kilmer) and three fellow thieves from his usual crew, the scheme involves tying up and impersonating the night staff except the hotel s demanding guests cause plenty of complications, including a frustrated drug dealer who starts making demands of his own. Soon their paths take unexpected turns as seemingly small mistakes lead to treachery, pursuit, and murder." Year of Getting To Know Us—"Growing up with wacky, dysfunctional parents, New York writer Chris Rocket finds his world turned upside down again when he returns to his childhood home in Florida. With a family like this, he'll be lucky to last the week. Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Tom Arnold." ...AND LOTS OF NEW BLU-RAY Ancient Aliens: Season 1 Bangkok Adrenaline Battle Royale & Battle Royale 2 Bee Gees: In Our Own Time --Gibbs in hi def! 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