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Theater-going round up for the first weekend of December

December's finally here! If you're need a movie to jump start you festivities, our special holiday rental sections are up now for your seasonal viewing pleasure. We also just put out a fresh new batch of regular ol' staff picks. If you're out on the town this weekend, here's some of what's new in our local theaters: Northwest Film Forum has the "creepily riveting" story behind the man behind the Wall of Sound THE AGONY AND ECSTASY OF PHIL SPECTOR and the stylish, subtly funny movie-within-a-movie THE PORTUGUESE NUN. SIFF Cinema comes off its Thanksgiving break with ALAMAR, a quasi-documentary that follows a father and son on an emotional, soul searching journey down the Mexican coast. They're also showing THE WIZARD OF OZ, (everyone should see at least once on a big screen) and THE DARK SIDE OF OZ, the infamous pairing of the film and Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. If you didn't get high and try this in college, now's your chance to see just how well it synchs up. Central Cinema will be hosting the POST ALLEY FILM FESTIVAL this Saturday from noon to six with over two dozen short films focused on the ladies. Central Cinema is also getting into the spirit of the season with one of our favorite holiday films, DIE HARD. The always awesome BADMOVIEART returns on Monday with the ape-tastic TROG : "From the boiling rage of a world hurled back one million years comes...Joan Crawford in TROG!" Can you think of any other movies featuring an Oscar winner and dinosaurs locked in mortal combat? We also feel obligated to the Gleeks out there to remind you about Central Cinema's GLEE Sing Along on Thursday at 8pm. Don't Stop Believing! Lastly, our friends and neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema end their Hope/Crosby/Lamour ROAD series with 1946's Alaskan adventure ROAD TO UTOPIA. The "awesomely bad 80's action smorgasbord" KILL POINT is in the Late Night spot. And an important Save The Date reminder: Next week IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE kicks off its 40th year of holiday screening at the Grand Illusion. Happy viewing to all.