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New to View: The MacGuffins talk holiday movies (and other drugs)

Greetings and happy post-Thanksgiving, everyone! I was recovering from a Tofurky overdose Friday and neglected to post the latest episode of The MacGuffin Podcast. So here it is now, in all its holiday glory... Our dashing hosts Spencer & John begin with a trip down the memory lane that is Jake Gyllenhaal's filmography in light of his new film LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, a romdramedy with his once BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN co-star and future Oscar host Anne Hathaway. From his shoulder-popping film debut as Billy Crystal's son in CITY SLICKERS to the MacGuffin family favorite OCTOBER SKY, the underrated and awesome THE GOOD GIRL and the sparkle motion phenomenon of DONNIE DARKO, you know Jake's always had quality skills. We'll forgive PRINCE OF PERSIA... Moving on, while the actual Thanksgiving holiday has past, the spirit of the films remain. Like my colleagues discussed in Episode IV of the Scarecrow Podcast, Spencer & John wonder why there aren't more movies specific to the November holiday. Unlike my colleagues, they do mention Pauly Shore's SON IN LAW. You'll find PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES and THE ICE STORM in our new Holiday Favorites special rental section. They end as usual with their DVD Picks of The Week-- John picks Rob Reiner's latest coming-of-age film FLIPPED, while Spencer goes with newly refurbished THE COMPLETE METROPOLIS.