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Theater-going roundup for your post-Thanksgiving weekend

You've wined, you've dined, you've weathered the storm. Are you ready to watch some movies? Good! If you're in a holiday mood, our Holiday Staff Picks section is chock full of choices both traditional (WHITE CHRISTMAS) and not so much (DIE HARD). We also have a special Holiday section for kids movies. While you're here, start your holiday shopping with our expansive collections of DVDs for sale--some in particular are particularly cheap. We can also special order most anything in print, so let us know if you've got a hard to find movie on your list. If you're also needing to curtail cabin fever, here's what's in theaters--If you've been going through Top Chef: Just Desserts withdrawals or wanting to extend the indulgence of the season a bit longer, Northwest Film Forum has KINGS OF PASTRY, which follows some of the best pastry chefs in the world as they compete for the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France) classification. It's directed by D.A. Pennebaker, who also made DON'T LOOK BACK and MONTEREY POP (visit his section in our Documentaries room for more of his films). They're also showing Hitchcock's PSYCHO, which is always good to see with a crowd. Another great-to-see-with-a-crowd classic (and in this case, wine) is CASABLANCA, which will be showing starting Friday at Central Cinema. Friday & Saturday night you can quote-along with ZOOLANDER (study up by clicking here). In the week ahead, Central Cinema continues the Reel Grrls' AWESOME MOVIES DIRECTED BY WOMEN series (hosted by Ms. Lindy West) on Wednesday night with Julie Taymor's TITUS. Then on Thursday, Three Dollar Bill Cinema presents the underrated KISS KISS BANG BANG with an introduction by author/film critic Alonso Duralde. He'll also be signing copies of his book "Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas." And down the still snowy sidewalk from our store, the Hope/Crosby/Lamour ROAD series continues at Grand Illusion Cinema with 1946's ROAD TO ZANZIBAR. The comedy crime blaxploitation SUPER SPOOK is again in the Late Night spot. Speaking of late nights, this weekend's Midnight Movie at The Egyptian is THE MUPPET MOVIE. Gather a group of friends and go. Have a happy and safe weekend, everyone!