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$1 Posters! OMG! Posters! $1!

Scarecrow Video had an uncle we never knew who recently passed away and, in his will, left us his massive collection of theatrical posters from the early 90s! We're going to give you, adoring Puget Sound area public, first crack at these before we donate them to the Library of Congress Hot Pink and Large Type Face Division (LoCHPaLTFD). Posters are priced to move at $1-$4. The majority are the nice, double sided glossy theatrical originals collectors love so much! The majority are in great condition, rolled, and in protective plastic sleeves. Stop and by and check them out, they're right by the front door. Some highlights: Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Basic Instinct Malcolm X Alien 3 and this one: cliffhangerver13036398 Come on down and check them out!