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New To View: The MacGuffin's talk Harry and Haggis

In the latest episode of The MacGuffin Podcast, movie-loving Muggles Spencer & John* kick off the holiday movie season and the release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART I with a retrospective of the HP film franchise. Know this up front: John has read the books, Spencer hasn't, and there are SPOILERS GALORE (so don't watch the first part if you still need to catch up on few of the movies or books). They talk about the director changes (Cuaron will always be the best), the challenges of translating the intricacies and sheer length of the books into film, and how the actors grow as the series goes on. In the next segment, Spencer & John discuss the polarizing career of Paul Haggis, whose name you may have heard shouted loudly before and after a lot of profanity when he accepted the Best Picture Oscar for 2004's CRASH. He also wrote & directed this weekend's not-as-big movie release THE NEXT THREE DAYS, the film where Russell Crowe breaks his maybe-maybe not guilty wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of jail. To be fair, Haggis has done great work in MILLION DOLLAR BABY and CASINO ROYALE. But some of us are never ever going to get over CRASH winning that Oscar... Spencer & John end with their DVD Picks of the Week, both of which are available for rent & sale here at the store. The additional footage on the AVATAR DVD that's on Earth is supposed to be pretty good. *I'm only assuming they are Muggles. They could be Wizards, they could be Squibs.