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New to View: The MacGuffins take on ZOMBCON 2010

Attention EVIL DEAD fans! In this week's episode of The MacGuffin Podcast , Spencer and John brave last weekend's ZOMBCON 2010 at Seattle Center and come out unscathed with an EVIL DEAD spectacular! Part I of their ZOMBCON adventure features interviews with Timothy Patrick Quill, Danny Hicks, Adam Deyoe, Betsy Baker and Ted Raimi. Among the many anecdotes these actors & directors share, we learn that George Romero and Lloyd Kaufman* are extremely nice people, there's talk of a sequel to TROLL 2, Ted Raimi may be a deity, you should steer clear of Danny Hicks at the supermarket, and the difference between a low budget movie and a big budget one is "more time and better food." Stay tuned for ZOMBCON Part II next week!
Spencer & John's DVD Picks of The Week are available for rent & sale here at the store--click the images to buy online. You know you want that Goonies board game**...
*We can vouch for this as he's been to the store and honored us with a Troma Diploma. **Note to John: If memory serves from the Goonies video commentary track, Sean Astin leaves because he has to go do something Lord of The Rings related. It was filmed for the previous DVD release.