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Theater going roundup for the first weekend in November

Welcome to the theatrical round up for the first weekend of November. We begin at SIFF Cinema, which will be home to the SEATTLE POLISH FILM FESTIVAL this weekend and next with a fine variety of features. Check their website for the full schedule of films & ticket information. Northwest Film Forum is showing Olivier Assayas' five and half hour biopic CARLOS, the story of infamous international terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez ( please read Charles Mudede's review in The Stranger). The film will be showing over three nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:30pm. Also at NWFF is Jacques Tourneur's 1957 noir NIGHTFALL starring Aldo Ray as a fugitive on the run and Anne Bancroft as his lovely accomplice. GOODFELLAS continues at Central Cinema, so you'll have more chances to watch Martin Scorsese's masterpiece with an appreciative crowd and a hearty pint. On Monday there's a double feature of MISMATCHED COUPLES ("breakdancing meets kung fu!") and IP MAN, the story of the Wing Chun master who went on to train Bruce Lee. This film is a favorite amongst the Scarecrow staff, especially for the super awesome fight scene inside a house. Then on Tuesday, CC kicks off a TV Dinner mini-series with the pilot and first episode of TWIN PEAKS. They'll show several more episodes each Tuesday after that, ending on November 30th with the series finale and FIRE WALK WITH ME. Our neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema have STRAIGHT TO HELL RETURNS, an updated version of Alex Cox's 1987 punk western with new effects and about five minutes of previously cut footage. The 1971 documentary DERBY--a look at both the national derby craze, a fanboy with big dreams and his interesting family--is in the Late Night spot. Don't forget that Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday at 2am, so FALL BACK before you go to bed Saturday night. Sure, it will now be dark at 4pm, but you also get an extra hour of movie watching. Happy viewing to all.