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New to View: A MacGuffin Halloween

Welcome to a Very Spooky Special Halloween episode of The MacGuffin Podcast! In this ghoulish installment, Vampire Hunter John and Skeleton Spencer list their top 5 most underrated horror movies. We've got all of them for rent--you'll find them either in our Staff Picks Halloween section or up in the Psychotronic room. They also reminisce about their favorite Halloween moments in non-horror films & TV shows. Some of us might be disappointed they didn't choose any of the Halloween episodes of Roseanne.
We have both of their DVD Picks of the Week for rent & sale here at the store:

The Back To The Future Blu-ray includes the footage of the original Marty McFly--Eric Stoltz

Spencer is right--see this movie

I'll end with this video for Spencer and John and all of us afraid of spiders. Happy Halloween, everyone!