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DESTROY ALL MOVIES!!! available NOW!!!

Coming soon AVAILABLE NOW AT SCARECROW VIDEO is a mighty tome called DESTROY ALL MOVIES!!!: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PUNKS ON FILM. This 528 page compendium of cinematic punks was edited friends-of-the-store Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly and published by the great folks at Fantagraphics. We here at Scarecrow are proud to have been a small part of its creation. For a look at how it came to be, here's Scarecrow employee and DAM contributor Spenser Hoyt. And while you may have missed the signing/pizza party, we still have the book here for $29.95. A few years ago my friend/co-worker/co-conspirator Zack Carlson approached me about his magnificently stoopid book idea--a complete survey of every film from the 20th Century featuring punk rockers and new wavers. I first made Zack's acquaintance through that gem of a wacko movie theatre The Grand Illusion Cinema. I had run the joint for a few years and Zack took over my position as we both had a similar cinematic outlook. Zack had tested the waters of punk cinema by programming such delights as Repo Man, Suburbia, and Joysticks. These handful of films barely cracked the surface of a potentially ginormous punk rock filmography in need of deconstruction. Zack and co-maniac Bryan Connolly had already broken ground researching their daunting task with extensive work on the unreliable internet and a more hands on approach by exploring the shelves and boxes at Scarecrow Video. Soon these two poor hungry bastards realized that practically any film (especially from the 80s) could potentially contain a punker of some variety. Along with a few willing co-workers from Scarecrow I agreed to help my brave friends dig through literally thousands of films in search of Mohawks, Devo sunglasses and spiked leather. It was also difficult at times to truly establish if somebody was "punk" as accoutrements like leather jackets and wristbands could be worn by everybody from bikers to valley girls. For the most part, filmmakers had no idea what a punk rocker acted like, costume departments would combine tie-died t-shirts and liberty spikes and screenwriters had no grasp what a "scary" punk would say besides grunting menacingly. I took endless stacks of videotapes home and scanned away staring carefully for any glimpse of punkishness. I plowed though the lesser-seen titles in Scarecrow's Psychotronic room, delighted in obscure action from the Bang section and even watched a porno or two...all for the sake of art, of course. Soon I found that couldn't walk down the street without evaluating my fellow humans for their level of punkness. My girlfriend started watching random movies on TV and would spot a punk in the background. Hello! Even up until the book's final deadline a punk would sprout up out of nowhere and I'd rapidly crank out a quick capsule before it was too late.
The contributors and editors of this tome have truly done the deed and, along the way, uncovered several films not included in any sort of film book or internet site. As a lover of film and gorgeous movie books I could not be more delighted with the chance to participate in something as brilliant and beautiful as Destroy All Movies!!! Needless to say I can't wait to hang out with Bryan and Zack at Scarecrow on the 12th (Pizza party anyone?). And I can hardly contain my excitement in anticipation of the quadruple feature at The Grand Illusion where there will be a rare screening (from 35mm film even) of one of my all time favorites Get Crazy!!! Zack & Bryan will be here to sign books and talk punk on Friday, November 12th at 5pm. We'll have plenty of books here for sale along with pizza and/or doughnuts. Look for this fine poster by Marc "Swellzombie" Palm in our front window:
Once the signing is over, they'll head up the street to the Grand Illusion Cinema for a QUADRUPLE feature of the aforementioned Get Crazy with Valley Girl, Class of 1984 and URGH! A Music War. If you can't make it to the U-District, Zack & Bryan will be signing books on Saturday, November 13th at 2pm at the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery in Georgetown.