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New Release Tuesday: a NEW WEBSITE (and some movies, too)


Hello everyone and welcome to our newly redone, revamped and revitalized website! You can read our various bloggings on this front page. If your wondering just how many posts we've done about the upcoming State DVD release, you can search the blog by typing in a keyword on the upper left hand side. If you're looking to search our rental inventory, click on the RENTAL icon in the upper right hand corner and follow the search tips from there. If you're looking to do a little shopping, click on the SHOP icon that's also up there in the right hand corner. You can also follow along with our in-store viewing with our live Twitter feed down towards the bottom. There may be some bumps along the road as we get used to this newfangled thing, so we apologize in advance for any troubles you may experience. Please take a look around and let us know what you think by posting back here or emailing us at And please let us know if you run into any bugs/snags/evildoers. So what else is new today? --The Dana Carvey Show--the short-lived sketch comedy show from 1996 featuring what would be considered a comedy dream team by modern standards: Steve Carell, Louis C.K., Charlie Kaufman, Robert Smigel and Stephen Colbert. --Taken--When his daughter is kidnapped by slave traders, an ex-CIA agent (Liam Neeson) goes on an all-out crazed brutally ass-kicking assault to get her back. The DVD features both the theatrical and extended cuts. It comes in Blu-ray, too! --Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy--The man who gave the world Family Guy subjects us to even more animated pop culture paraodies and gernerally absurd, raunchy and uncensored tales. --Of Time and The City--Terence Davies (The House of Mirth) creates a moving, lyrical look at the life and times of Liverpool. --Underworld: Rise of the Lycans--See how the whole vampire/werewolf fight began with this prequel. --Wise Blood (Criterion)--A John Huston film adapted from the novel by Flannery O'Connor, starring Brad Dourif, Ned Beatty and Harry Dean Stanton. Thank you, Criterion! Wise Blood one of the titles in our Criterion Crime & Film Noir SALE we posted about here. --S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale--We're curious what this straight-to-video sequel will be like. If you've seen it, let us know... --Passengers (2008)--A grief counselor working with survivors of a plane crash gets suspicious when the clients start to disappear. Starring Patrick "Nite Owl" Wilson and Anne "Agent 99" Hathaway. --The Best of Star Trek and The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation--The original recipe series has "Amok Time", "The City on The Edge of Forever," "The Balance of Terror' (welcome, Romulans) and of course, "The Trouble With Tribbles." TNG has "The Best of Both Worlds 1 & 2," (Picard becomes Locutus), "Yesterday's Enterprise," (Tasha lives!) and "The Measure of a Man." (where Riker is forced to flip Data's OFF switch). Good choices all around, but I would have liked to have seen "The Enterprise Incident" (Vulcan Death Grip!) and "The Doomsday Machine" (the one with the deadly flying Bugle) in the original series collection and "The Inner Light" (Picard lives a lifetime in just a few hours) and "Data's Day," (featuring the Dancing Doctor), plus a whole separate "Best of Wesley Crusher" collection. But my fan-nerd self digresses...Also out today is the Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy (Khan, Klingon Christopher Lloyd and whales) on DVD and Blu-Ray plus all six of the original cast films on Blu-ray. I need to get back to web-based businees here, but there's plenty more where that came from. Just head in and check out the bright orange list in our New Release section.