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New Releases for October 26th

We'll waste no time with pleasantries and just get right to to this week's loooong list of great new DVDs. Remember, * means it's on Blu-ray, buy it here online with SALE. THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE*—Lisbeth Salander's suspected of murder and on the run in the second cinematic installment of Steig Larsson's trilogy. SALE SEX AND THE CITY 2*-Of all the things people have rightly taken issue with in this film, I was most outraged by the fact that Carrie had never seen It Happened One Night. WINTER'S BONE*This intense and emotional story of poverty, drugs and family set in the Ozarks won the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival. SOUTH OF THE BORDER—Oliver Stone's documentary takes an alternate look at South American politics at the turn of this century. WILD GRASS—A subversive, romantic thriller from director Alain Resnais. WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (AND WHY IS EVERYBODY TALKING ABOUT HIM)?—An entertaining study of the legendary pop singer/songwriter featuring lots of never before seen footage & photos and many of his famous friends. YOU DON'T KNOW JACK: THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF JACK KEVORKIAN—Al Pacino won an Emmy this year for his portrayal of the controversial physician in this HBO biopic co-starring Susan Sarandon, Brenda Vaccaro, and John Goodman. DARK STAR—The new Hyper-Drive Edition includes the 1974 student film nd the 1975 theatrical version of John Carpenter's excellent sci-fi film. MANIAC*—A 30th Anniversary Edition of the classic psycho-slasher story has multiple commentary tracks & many more extras. THE WILD AND WONDERFUL WHITES OF WEST VIRGINIA—A year in the life of the notorious West Virginia family. CANNIBAL GIRLS—Ivan Reitman's 1973 horror spoof starring Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin makes its DVD debut. HOUSE (HAUSU)*—Crazy Japanese horror/fantasy hybrid from 1977, new from the Criterion Collection. Must be seen to be believed! SALE PATHS OF GLORY*—Stanley Kubrick's powerful 1957 WWI drama starring Kirk Douglas is now available from the Criterion Collection. SALE THE VENTURE BROS.: SEASON 4, VOLUME 1—"Always moving!" SALE ANIME NEW RELEASES Birdy The Mighty: Decode Part 1 Dragon Ball Z Kai Part 2—on Blu-ray Full Metal Panic Fumoffu—Complete Series Hetalia: Axis Powers Season 2 Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Vol. 3 Kurokami: The Animation Vol. 3* One Piece: Season 3, 3rd Voyage Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings—Season 1* Slayers: Evolution-R—on Blu-ray NEW VIDEO GAMES Castlevania: Lord of Shadow (PS3) Fable III (Xbox 360) Fallout: New Vegas (PS3, Xbox 360) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja (Xbox 360) Sims 3 (Xbox 360) Vanquish (Xbox 360, PS3) WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 (Xbox 360, PS3) Star Wars: Force Unleashed II (Xbox 360, PS3) FAMILY NEW RELEASES Arthur's Pet Business Backyardigans: Christmas with The Backyardigans Dora The Explorer: Dora's Slumber Party Fred: The Movie Free To Be You and Me—36th Anniversary Edition Garfield Show: Odie Oh! Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars Let's Hear It For The Laurie Berkner Band! Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Princess Kai-Lan Shalom Sesame: Chanukah—The Missing Menorah Shalom Sesame: Welcome to Israel Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back Spot's Magical Christmas Wildfire: The Arabian Heart Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: The Cat's Adventures Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: There's Nothing to Fear In Here Yes, Virginia Star Wars: Clone Wars—Season 2 * NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Alien Anthology--All four movies! Danse: Le Ballet de L'Opera de Paris Back To The Future Trilogy--Great Scott! SALE
NEW TV ON DVD Law and Order UK: Season 1 Lock 'N Load (2009) Poldark: Series 2 Ultimate Dragnet War of The Worlds:The Final Season (1988) Real L Word: Season 1 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Beneath Clouds (2002)—Australia Captain Lightfoot (1955)(PAL)—USA The Chaser (2008)—Korea Detective Montalbano: Episodes 7-9—Italy Everyone Else (2009)—Germany The Final Girl (2010)—France The Four (2009)—Hong Kong Gunless (2010)—Canada Haunting Lover (2009)—China The Hedgehog (2009)—France Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (1967)(PAL)—UK Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary (1952)(PAL)—UK Loose Cannons (2010)(PAL Code 2)—Italy Mein Kampf (Mon Combat V.F.)(2009)—Austria Nebraska Jim (1966)(PAL Code 2)—Italy Rapt (2009)—France Sorceress (1987)—France Stevie (2008)—Spain Taza, Son of Cochise (1954)(PAL)—USA Thunder On The Hill (1951)—USA Wallander : Episodes 1-6 (2005)—Sweden NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, STAND-UP COMEDY & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE The Adonis Factor—Director Christopher Hines explores body image issues in the gay community. Bridge Life: Finding Our Way Home—"A Bridge Life: Finding Our Way Home is a feature-length documentary following Dan Sheffer, a Good Samaritan who rescues seven evacuees from the Houston Astrodome in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He brings them to Florida to help them get back on their feet, with a fresh start, a 'bridge life' that will lead them to a more permanent place." Charles Bukowski: One Tough Mother—"In 2008, the last two Charles Bukowski readings were released as individual DVDs, There's Gonna Be a God Damned Riot in Here! (Bukowski Live in Vancouver, 1979) and The Last Straw (Bukowski Live in Redondo Beach California, 1980). The two readings are different in tone from one another, but both were raucous, confrontational events, much of the action coming between the poems. Therefore, rather than cull out the formal poems, we offer the readings intact, as they are meant to be experienced. The 2008 releases were edited to avoid duplicate poems, but in this special 30th anniversary edition, they are offered uncut, in their raw entirety." Continuum Project"The Continuum Project follows some of the world's best climbing talent around the globe to document bold new routes and daring repeats on ice, rock, and in the alpine." Down Home Music: A Journey Through the Heartland—"In 1963, German filmmaker Dietrich Wawzyn hired Arhoolie Records founder Chris Strachwitz to take him on a musical tour of America. This film is a documents their journey and features amazing performances by musicians including Jesse Fuller, Lowell Fulson, King Louis H. Narcisse, Rev. Louis Overstreet, Mance Lipscomb, Black Ace, Lightnin' Hopkins, Alex Moore, the George Lewis Quartet, the Eureka Brass Band, the Hodges Brothers, Red Sovine, the Willis Brothers, Blind James Campbell, J.E. Mainer, Sweet Emma Barrett, Chief White Cloud, and more!" Girls From Brazil—"There are not enough children for adoption in Israel. During the 80's hope arose for those seeking to have a child - Brazil. Approximately 3,000 Israeli families flew to the carnival country to adopt a child. German and Italian families were also part of this adoption wave. In the meantime, the children, now grown-up, are traveling to their land of origin to look for the woman who gave birth to them. Filmmaker Nili Tal follows four young Israeli women on such a voyage." David Goodis...To A Pulp—"In the pantheon of noir writers David Goodis is one of the best. His brand of gritty, realistic prose is wholly unique and immediately recognizable. Yet, today he is probably one of the least known authors within the genre. He achieved his greatest fame when Warner Brothers produced the film Dark Passage, based on his novel, and hired him as a screenwriter. However, within a short time he was divorced, left Hollywood and retreated to his parents home in Philadelphia, where he remained for the rest of his life. But even from his monastic bedroom he continued to write, producing a series of dark, highly personal paperback novels. His life remains full of mystery and speculation. Now the story can be revealed." Great Expectations (2007)/Kochuu—"Great Expectations introduces us to the most significant architectural movements and personalities of the 20th century, including, among many others, Le Corbusier's functionalist cities, Buckminster Fuller's lightweight geodesic domes, Moshe Safdie's Habitat '67 prefab apartments, Rudolf Steiner's Goetheanum and other anthroposophy buildings in Switzerland, Oscar Niemeyer's sleek urban designs for Brasilia, Paolo Soleri's archology; of crystal-like desert cities, Antti Lovag's curved surfaces of Palais Bulles in France, Jacque Fresco's utopian Venus Project in Florida, and Peter Cook and Colin Fournier's biomorphic Kunsthaus Graz in Austria. Using archival and contemporary footage, animation and interviews, Great Expectations tells the fascinating story of these grand architectural visions, both realized and unrealized, as explained by great thinkers with revolutionary, if not always successful, ideas." Bonus Film: Kochuu, "A visually stunning film about modern Japanese architecture, its roots in Japanese tradition, and their relationships to modernist Scandinavian design." Higher Ground (2010)—"Documenting a year long journey as seen through the eyes of a selection of world-class climbers. Higher Ground focuses on the importance of exploration, passion for the mountains and those who pursue the lifestyle." Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down The Pink Carpet—"My Trip Down The Pink Carpet is Leslie Jordan's rollicking, faced-paced collection of stories served up with wit, panache, and plenty of biting asides. Filled with overwrought childhood agonies, offbeat observations, and revealing celebrity encounters - from Boy George to George Clooney - it delivers a fresh, laugh-out-loud take on Hollywood, fame, addiction, gay culture, and learning to love oneself." Luxury Liner: First Ascent of Supercrack—"In 1976, Indian Creek was a little-known, dried-up, ancient riverbed in southeastern Utah. But in that year the impossible became the possible: Earl Wiggins climbed Supercrack, a 300-foot vertical sandstone fracture from the ground up. Indian Creek is now considered one of the finest international climbing destinations in the world. Luxury Liner is the story of a bold man behind an unthinkable idea. It pairs historical footage of the first ascent of Supercrack with recent interviews that reminisce on an earlier time, when climbing necessitated fearlessness, confidence, finesse and humility." Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism"Narrated by Oscar winner Kate Winslet and directed by Oscar nominee Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, this inspiring film follows one woman's quest unlock her autistic son's mind. Margret, whose ten-year-old son Keli is severely autistic, has tried a number of treatments to help her son. Consumed by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about this mysterious and complex condition, she travels from her home in Iceland to the United States and Europe, meeting scientists and other experts, as well as other families touched by autism. The stakes could not be higher: one in 110 children is diagnosed with autism every year, with boys outnumbering girls four to one." National Geographic: Drain of the Ocean"If we could remove the water, what would we see? Using CGI animation, based on the latest scientific research, Drain the Ocean explores one of Earth's last great frontiers as never before—revealing unimaginable landscapes more dramatic than anything on dry land." The Other Side of Immigration"Based on over 700 interviews in Mexican towns where about half the population has left to work in the United States, The Other Side of Immigration asks why so many Mexicans come to the U.S. and what happens to the families and communities they leave behind. Through an approach that is both subtle and thought-provoking, filmmaker Roy Germano provides a perspective on undocumented immigration rarely witnessed by American eyes, challenging audiences to imagine more creative and effective solutions to the problem." Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis"We place our confidence in the governments that shepherd the economies, but with a growing number of disastrous financial crises in our recent past, an ever-increasing deficit, and experts arguing that a catastrophic global financial crash is around the corner, it seems the national debt has become the national detriment." Donnell Rawlings: From Ashy to Classy"With his firm grasp of the outrageous, Donnell Rawlings (HBO's The Wire) was born to make people laugh. He grabbed America's funny bone on Chappelle's Show with characters like Ashy Larry and the distinctively jheri-curled Beautiful. Now Donnell goes even further, taking on the entire American culture with impersonations of everybody from Michael Jackson to Barack Obama, and bringing his audience to tears with his razor-sharp insights and fearless observations." Real National Treasure"Housing many of the Nation's most unique and priceless pieces of history, the U.S. Library of Congress is a library unlike any other. In this fascinating look at the more than two-century-old institution--the largest library in the world—Modern Marvels® takes a rare, behind-the-scenes tour of the Library's vast collections. Here, upwards of 745 miles of shelves hold close to 145 million items, many of them invaluable treasures from George Washington's hand-written diaries and personal copy of the Constitution to historic drafts of the Declaration of Independence to Galileo's first images of the moon." Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae"While everybody has heard the music of Bob Marley, the superstar of reggae, few people know that it was Rocksteady that developed the buoyant rhythms, prominent bass pulse, soulful vocals and socially conscious lyrics that gave reggae its power." Saturdays at Reuben's "Saturday At Reuben's is an entertaining film about a group of magicians who have been getting together in the backroom of a New York City delicatessen to share their magic tricks -- along with stories and humor -- every Saturday afternoon for decades. It shows the true brotherhood of magicians--young and old-- entertaining each other as they practice their close-up magic." The Socalled Movie—"Socalled, aka Josh Dolgin, is the supreme klezmer hip-hop funk artist in the world. A pianist, singer, rapper, accordion player, and magician, he's a demented Renaissance man and a multi-cultural mixmaster. The Socalled Movie is a kaleidoscopic portrait that compiles 18 short films that display his electrifying craft and deep-rooted sense of history." StrikeforceStrikeforce, the world-class mixed martial arts cage fight league that houses some of the greatest fighters in the world, comes to DVD for the first time! Featuring some of the biggest, most brutal fights in history with superstars of the Octagon Fedor Emelianenko, Brett Rogers, Robbie Lawler and more PLUS rare special features such as never-before-broadcast fights and exclusive fighter interviews. A must have for any MMA fan!" Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black"Armed with history, humor and his trademark ranting, the ever-acerbic Lewis takes a comedic look at how to survive the month-long festival of consumption without losing your mind. Watch as Lewis consults experts in holiday history, anxiety and gift giving, and explores the meaning of Kwanzaa, the history of Chanukah, and the real Saint Nicholas. He will interview turkeys on a turkey farm, do a stint as a department store Santa and investigate why we drink on New Years Eve." NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Babe Ruth Story (1948)"William Bendix suits up in Yankee flannels as the renowned pitcher-turned-outfielder and Sultan of Swat in a movie that mixes fact, fiction and more fiction in a way that makes it a bit of a novelty among sports biopics." Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975)—"Special Agent Cleopatra Jones knows the heroin pipeline stretches from Hong Kong to the U.S. - and she's dead set on shutting the pipeline off at its source. But the Dragon Lady (Stella Stevens), lecherous, drug-running underworld queenpin, is taking dead aim against Cleo. Tamara Dobson returns in beautiful, brainy, fighting form to her signature role in Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold."
College Coach (1933)"Struggling Calvert University needs a new income stream - fast. So it hires firebrand coach James Gore to build a turnstile-clicking football team. Build it he does by bringing in top players, slipping them stipends, putting them in pea-brained classes, manipulating the media and cutting himself in on cushy side deals. But one of Calvert's vaunted 'Four Aces' backfield has more character than that. He quits when he uncovers the disgrace behind the glory, a move that could throw Gore's scheme for a loss." Crowd Roars (1938)"Boxer Tommy "Killer" McCoy can duck away from a foe's haymaker punch but one thing he can't dodge is bookies eager to rig matches. Now, on the night of his biggest fight, Tommy's supposed to take a dive. If he doesn't, a gambler warns, he may never again see his father or the woman he loves alive." The Fireball (1950)"Filmed when Roller Derby was one of TV's most watched programs, The Fireball blazes by with three Hollywood legends (Mickey Rooney, Pat O'Brien, Marilyn Monroe) and its slam-'em-over-the-handrail, roller-speedway realism."
Huddle (1932)"In an era when universities were opening their doors to the working class, Huddle celebrates teamwork and college spirit, fisticuffs and friendship, laughs and drama, pre-Code romance and thrilling football action (including that rivalry of rivalries, the big Harvard-Yale game)." Moonfleet (1955)"Ground breaking German director Fritz Lang (Metropolis, M) directs Stewart Granger (The Prisoner of Zenda, Green Fire) in this swashbuckling adventure about an 18th century orphan who discovers that his charming guardian is the leader of a gang of buccaneers." None But The Lonely Heart (1944)"Down-and-out Londoner Ernie Mott makes the best of things - finding love here, dabbling in crime there. Still, there's a core of decency in Ernie. But a world of poverty and despair has little use for decency. Cary Grant plays Ernie in a milestone work set just before World War II. Gone is the usual Grant elegance. Instead, wistful Cockney Ernie is closer to the star's 'umble roots and Grant took great pride in his performance, which earned him an Academy Award® nomination as Best Actor." Pretty Maids All In A Row (1971)" Written and produced by post-Star Trek Gene Roddenberry, and directed by Roger Vadim (Barbarella), Pretty Maids All in a Row is an outrageous, head spinning, flower-powered dark comedy/sex comedy/murder mystery that could only be produced in a decade like the 70s." ...AND MORE MOVIES Against The Current (2009)"When is life not worth living anymore? A marvelous cast led by Joseph Fiennes explores that question when Paul Thompson (Fiennes of Shakespeare in Love and Elizabeth) talks old buddy Jeff (Justin Kirk of Weeds) into helping him fulfill a crazy childhood dream of swimming the entire 150 mile length of the Hudson River. Joined by Liz, a teacher intrigued by their scheme (Elizabeth Reaser of The Twilight Saga and Emmy nominated for TV's Grey's Anatomy), they plunge into the adventure with glee. But Paul and Liz soon realize Paul is driven by more than just the stunt when they find out Paul's deadline to finish is also the anniversary of his wife's unexpected death. Is swimming against the current a struggle against sadness or the last act of a man who is ready to give in to grief?" Albert's Memorial"Harry (David Jason, A Touch of Frost) and Frank (David Warner, Titanic) promise to honour their friend Albert's dying wish to be buried on the hill in Germany where the three fought side-by-side in World War II. Feeling too old for adventure, but determined to keep their word, they set off across Europe in Harry's black cab on a journey full of surprises. Hopelessly lost in France, they pick up German hitchhiker Vicki, who intuitively uncovers the dark secret that has haunted them for over fifty years - and helps them find their way." All American Orgy"Nothing is more relaxing then a trip to cottage country with a group of friends. Enjoying the outdoors, beers by the lake, and a friendly orgy... Hoping to broaden their horizons and save there relationships see the mayhem that ensues when three couples mix sex, drugs and alcohol in a crazy weekend getaway to Cummings Farm." American Cowslip—"Ethan (Ronnie Gene Blevins), a tightly-wound slacker, faces eviction unless he can win the cash prize in the local Garden of the Year contest. Challenged by his bizarre neighbors, Ethan hilariously tries to grow the perfect 'American Cowslip,' a rare flower that will smoke the competition. Starring Diane Ladd, Rip Torn, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Dern and Hanna Hall with Val Kilmer and Peter Falk."
As Good As Dead"What begins as an average day for Ethan takes a dangerous turn when he's kidnapped & held hostage in his apartment. The home invaders aren't looking to rob him: instead they are looking to avenge the death of a right-wing cult leader. But the more they interrogate him, the more they doubt he's the killer." It stars Cary Elwes, Andie MacDowell and Frank Whaley. Backyard (2010)"Upon her arrival in Juarez, Mexico, police captain Blanca Bravo is confronted with a series of long-running and increasingly gruesome murders. The victims: all young women who work in or near surrounding factories. They are first raped then killed and left to desiccate in the burning desert. Within the town, nervous folks chatter about a possible serial killer. As Blanca pursues her investigation she discovers a disjointed society in which indifference has begun to spread. But the new police captain refuses to throw her hands in the air, and such determination results in Blanca facing many horrors head on." It stars Ana de la Reguera and Jimmy Smits. Brain Dead (2010)"An alien parasite hungry for human hosts...The infected rising from the dead, ravenous for brains...A group of desperate misfits battling for survival...Someone has a really bad travel agent!" Chronic Town (2008)"Truman Korovin is a lonely, sharp-witted cab driver in Fairbanks, Alaska, 1980. The usual routine of picking up fares and spending his nights at his favorite bar, the Boatel, is disrupted when his girlfriend, Emily, dumps him on one of the coldest nights of the year. After an acid trip, Truman winds up in the local loony bin. Imprisoned in a grueling therapy group, Truman gets re-acquainted with loonies who are his old cab fares, which includes a local stripper he has insulted more than once. In this world, Truman must find or lose himself." Clapham Junction"Inspired by true events. In this riveting film about sexual tolerance in modern society, the paths of several men intersect during a dramatic 36 hours which changes their lives forever. After another man falls victim to a violent gay-bashing incident, the homosexual community of Clapham Junction comes together to bring the assailants to justice. Starring Rachael Blake and Rupert Graves." Dead Outside—"In the stark aftermath of a neurological pandemic, two strangers come together on an isolated Scottish farm. April, a 16 year old survivor with a dark past has survived alone for months. Daniel, a man bereaved, clings desperately on to hope of life in the outside world. Questioning his own sanity in the face of the maddened and distant cries of the suffering, he finds that the true enemy isn't the virus, but something much closer to home." The Deported—"A pair of corrupt INS Agents deport an Italian-American action star to Mexico, where he attempts to find his way back across the border with some help from a lovable gang or orphans. Gianni de Carlo (Nicholas Turturro) is in a bit of a pickle; despite being a legal American citizen, he's stuck in Mexico with no means of getting back to his family or career. Perhaps with the help of mischievous moppet Juan (Nicholas Turturro III) and friends, Gianni will find a way to outsmart small-town bullies Fernando (Paul Rodriguez) and Ernesto (Felipe Esparza) and the other local eccentrics blocking his escape route." Don't Let Me Drown—"Two young people are brought together by a tragedy that has touched both of their families in this refreshing and honest love story. Stefanie (Gleendilys Inoa) is a teenaged girl whose family has moved to Brooklyn shortly after the September 11 terrorist attack, which claimed the life of Stephanie's sister. Meanwhile, Lalo (E.J. Bonilla) comes from a family that struggles financially and Lalo's father works sifting through the debris at Ground Zero. Stephanie meets Lalo at a party in a city park, and while she's not sure how she feels about him at first, he's immediately infatuated with her and as he pursues her, they discover how much they have in common and they find themselves falling in love." Evening Primrose (1966)—"The people are gone. The doors are locked. Darkness descends inside a department store. Fleeing the pressures of the outside world, an unhappy poet is at last alone. But not quite. In his newfound sanctuary, he comes across a group of hermits who have been hiding there for years. Among them is a young girl with whom he falls in love. Created especially for television, Evening Primrose aired only once on ABC Stage 67. Starring Anthony Perkins and Charmian Carr, the production featured a teleplay adapted by James Goldman (from a short story by John Collier) and a score that included some of Stephen Sondheim's most hauntingly beautiful songs - among them 'If You Find Me, I'm Here' and 'Take Me to the World'." Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41—"A mad mix of outrageous exploitation, flamboyant art movie, and energetic comic book, this manga-inspired cult classic is actually the second film in a series, but you hardly need the history. Matsu (Meiko Kaji, Lady Snowblood) is an innocent woman in jail who defies the sadistic warden and brutal guards with silent stares and sudden strikes. Nicknamed 'Scorpion' for her lethal, lightning attacks, she is systematically abused, tortured, and humiliated by the vengeful warden while she plans her escape."
Flick (2008)—"Memphis cop Lieutenant McKenzie (Faye Dunaway) is called in to investigate a series of strange deaths and weird sightings following the resurrection of a murder victim from the 1950s. Now brought back to life in modern times, Johnny tries to find his teenage sweetheart (who is now age 62), and also seek revenge for his death." Fools—"Academy Award® nominee Katherine Ross and two time Academy Award® winner Jason Robards team up in the bittersweet romantic drama Fools. Matthew South (Robards, Academy Award® winner for Julia, All The Presidents Men), is a Hollywood actor who specializes in horror films. He finds himself in San Francisco doing some soul searching, having reached a crisis point in his career and his life. An incident in a public park attracts the attention of Anais (Ross, Academy Award® nominee - The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid), a beautiful younger woman." Freaknik: The Musical--Adult Swim doesn't want us to embed the trailer for this animated hip-hop adventure, so you'll just have to go here to see it. Golden Age Bronson: The Breakout Years & The Knockout Years—Two compilations of Charles Bronson's TV work. Golden Age Karloff—A collection of Boris Karloff's TV work during the 1950s and early 60s, including a "pilot" for Karloff's Kiddie Corner. Golden Age Noir 2--Two hundred minutes of noir featuring a cavalcade of stars.
Growth—"In 1989, a breakthrough in Advanced Parasitic Development at the Cuttyhunk Island Research Facility led to a mysterious outbreak that killed most of the center's staff and the island's residents. Twenty years later, a young woman who fled the original epidemic has returned with a group of friends to sell her family's property. But a new breed of parasite may have evolved and survived. They are fast moving. They can slither into, or out of, any orifice in the human body." Harrison Montgomery—"In San Francisco's poverty-stricken Tenderloin district, would-be artist Ricardo Papa is trying to make ends meet as a petty drug dealer. On the run from his boss and on the outs with his girlfriend, he takes up residence in the dilapidated Hotel Boyd. There he crosses paths with thirteen-year-old Lattie Flemming who charms Ricardo with her fearless and beguiling attitude. As they grow closer, Ricardo learns that Lattie s mother, Margo, is trapped in an abusive relationship that puts mother and child in jeopardy." Held Hostage—"What if the ultimate nightmare is just the beginning? After three masked gunman break into her home, bank manager Michelle Estey (Julie Benz, TV's Dexter) and her young daughter are duct-taped with explosives and threatened with death unless Michelle cooperates in a daring bank heist. Terrified, Michelle agrees to their demands. She and her daughter are left unharmed, but Michelle soon realizes that, after the robbery, they are still very much in danger. Unguarded by police, shunned by her colleagues, she becomes a suspect in the crime and her shady past exposed in what becomes the fight of her life in this tense thriller." Hitmen Diaries: Charlie Valentine—"Mobster. Gunfighter. Womanizer. Charlie Valentine (Raymond J. Barry) is living a life of crime and is determined to score one last big payoff. However, when the perfect crime goes bad, Charlie flees to Los Angeles to get help from his estranged son, Danny (Michael Weatherly). Since Danny desires the power of his gangster father, he attempts to make his way up the ladder in the seedy underworld, pulling one heist after another. In this story of lies and betrayal, unexpected qualities in a cast of unsavory characters are revealed in the end." Mafu Cage (1977)—"Academy Award winner Lee Grant (In The Heat of The Night, Shampoo) stars with Academy Award nominee Carol Kane (Dog Day Afternoon, When A Stranger Calls) in this psychological thriller directed by Emmy winner Karen Arthur (Lady Beware, Legacy). Cissy (Kane) and Ellen (Grant) are daughters of a deceased African primatologist who kept wild animals in a cage in his living room. Mentally unbalanced, Cissy virtually lives in this exotic 'Mafu Cage', crowded with hothouse plants and strange African artifacts. Ellen is obsessed with the caretaking of Cissy and must keep a constant watch on her sister's unpredictable personality. When Ellen's co-worker, David (James Olson-The Andromeda Strain, Ragtime) begins making romantic advances towards Ellen, Cissy believes the man poses a threat to the sisters' relationship. The disturbed Cissy ensnares David in the Mafu Cage and sujects him to a series of horrific, and deadly rituals!"
Make-Out With Violence—"Make-Out With Violence is a genre-bending tale of a boy trying to fulfill his unrequited love for a girl who has risen from the dead." Mentor—"Mentor is a story of love and ambition, centering on celebrated writer/professor Sanford Pollard (Rutger Hauer) and his two star pupils Julia (Dagmara Dominczyk) and Carter (Matthew Davis). A brilliant, charismatic and lauded writer, Sanford inspires as he corrupts, teaches as he taunts, and takes as he gives. Leaving young Sanford emotionally drained and defenseless against his teacher and mentor as he watches the girl of his dreams being snatched away before his eyes... Upon learning of the death of his mentor, Carter Baines revisits their time together and the biggest mistake of his life, letting the woman that loved them both get away." Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith—"A new life awaits Alice Washington, who goes back to college after a divorce only to find herself dealing with a much younger roommate, an attractive teacher she s not allowed to date, and a basketball team that wants her to become one of the players! Charming, hilarious, and touching, this fresh look at starting over proves it s never too late to become the woman you were always meant to be." It stars Cybill Shepherd. Next Hit—"A record company takes an unorthodox approach to boosting sales, which is to put out a 'hit' on their marquee talent's life with hopes of creating a multi-platinum recording legend." Nice Guy Johnny—Award-winning writer-director-actor Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan, She's The One with Jennifer Aniston) returns with Nice Guy Johnny, his most romantic comedy in years." The Outback—"Three couples set out to the West Australian desert on a 4WD holiday and unluckily end up in the same area, at the same time of year, as did a similar set of tourists 20 years prior, whose abandoned vehicles and totally unused supplies were found in the sand dunes near an Aboriginal sacred site. The trip ends....badly." Outrage: Born in Terror—"A young woman is forced to re-live a traumatic childhood event, when a vacation in the woods turns into a nightmare with an ex-military sniper hunting them down. She now has to confront her inner demons to come out alive." It stars Michael Madsen. Paranormal Entity—"Twenty-three-year old Thomas Finley was arrested for the murders of his nineteen-year-old sister, Samantha, and fifty-two-year-old Edgar Lauren, professor and paranormal investigator. Police were called to the scene by Thomas Finley himself. He was found with his sister's body cradled in his arms. Despite evidence against him, Thomas claimed that the victims were attacked by a demonic entity of unknown origin..." Passenger Side—"On the morning of his thirty-seventh birthday Michael Brown (Adam Scott) receives a telephone call from his estranged brother Tobey (Joel Bissonnette), which sends the two off on a day-long odyssey across a wild and weird Los Angeles in search of Tobey's reason for living. Behind the wheel of a beat up old BMW, fuelled by hilarious banter and a killer soundtrack, the brothers' search leads them through a bizarre, beautiful land filled with surprising, comical characters to a very unexpected and magical destination." The Prankster—"Chris Karas is the brilliant leader of The Pranksters, a secret society that rights the wrongs of high school by pulling sophisticated pranks on deserving oppressors. But with graduation looming, Chris longs for more from life. Guided by the homespun wisdom of his charmingly eccentric Uncle Nick, Chris embarks on a challenging path of self discovery and romance." Les Princes (1983)—"Les Princes is the debut movie of Tony Gatlif (Latcho Drom). The portrait of a Gypsy family living in the almost abandoned and decaying outskirts of Paris." Psychomania (1972)—"The cult classic known as the greatest British zombie biker movie ever made returns with the ultimate full-throttle restoration: Nicky Henson (The Witchfinder General), Beryl Reid (The Beast In The Cellar) and Oscar® winner George Sanders (All About Eve, Village of The Damned) star in this beloved 70s mind-blower about a motorcycle gang who burst from their graves to crush a world of psychedelic hippie pleasures under the wheels of black leather occult mayhem." The Rig—" When a tropical storm forces an offshore drilling company to evacuate non-essential personnel from the 'Charlie' oil rig, the small but experienced crew left behind settles in to ride out the storm. Isolated on the rig, their routine night is interrupted when a crew member goes missing and an extensive search proves futile. Slowly, they discover that a deadly creature is stalking the crew, eliminating them one by one. Surrounded by nothing but raging ocean with no hope of escape, the roughnecks must survive the stormy night with an unrelenting force of death hunting them down." Rust (2010)—"In the midst of a midlife crisis of faith, a man finds hope where he least expects it - his hometown. James Moore (Golden Globe nominee Corbin Bernsen) is a former pastor who returns home to discover a family new to the area has been killed in a mysterious fire, and his childhood friend is implicated in the murder. Convinced of his friend's innocence, James sets out on a mission to find the truth... and in the process, rediscovers his own lost faith." Score (1972)*—"Having explored heterosexual obsessions in the critically acclaimed Camille 2000 and The Lickerish Quartet, erotic cult director Radley Metzger goes all the way in Score, a tale of a happily married swinging couple (Claire Wilbur and Gerald Grant), who make a bet that they can seduce a couple of naive young newlyweds (Lynn Lowry - I Drink Your Blood and Cal Culver) during a weekend get-together at their luxury Riviera villa. An erotic classic, populated with strikingly beautiful people who are into free love, -dressing up- and the fine art of seduction. Now for the first time presented the Uncut, Uncensored version. Adults only!" Sculpture—"Haunted by dark images from a repressed past, struggling artist Ashley Steele (Raine Brown) returns to her childhood home following the death of her parents. Accepting a commission from a well-known art dealer (Alan Rowe Kelly), she enlists body-builders as models and enthusiastically embarks upon the project. However, her fragile, new-found confidence cannot withstand her brother's obsessive behavior or her accelerating visions of childhood trauma. As a childhood friend (Misty Mundae) reaches out to help, Ashley spirals down a path of unspeakable horror, mutilation, and murder." Slasher (2007)—"Psychology student Erin has had enough with her studies. Frustrated, she and her friends Julie and Danny decide to spend a relaxing weekend in the woods, Far from their everyday lives. Gathering up several more friends, the group heads into the forest - but their carefree weekend quickly goes downhill. When an unexpected stranger arrives, their fun turns into a nightmarish race for survival as a psychotic slaughters them one by one. Alone, bloodied, and hunted - The group's friendship is put to the test... And secrets from their black pasts bubble to the surface to unleash holy hell on everyone left alive." Stripped Naked—"When beautiful exotic dancer Cassie, gets into yet another fight with her deadbeat boyfriend, she finds herself stranded on the side of the road and witness to a drug deal gone bad. As the gunfire dies out Cassie sees three dead men, $90,000 in cash and drugs, and a golden opportunity too good to pass up."
Summer and Smoke—Based on a play by Tennessee Williams (expanded from his one-act piece Eccentricities of the Nightingale). From childhood, Alma (Geraldine Page) has loved John Buchanan (Laurence Harvey). Repressed by the pressure of a minister father and a mother who has never recovered for a nervous breakdown, she keeps these feelings bottled up. Her life becomes unbearable when John returns from medical school and takes up with the sultry Rosa (Rita Moreno), the daughter of the casino owner who is as open and willing, as Alma is shy and repressed." This Movie is Broken—A "rock show romance" featuring the band Broken Social Scene. Trade Routes"An intelligent look at the dirty business of democratization, written and directed from the experienced vantage point of a US diplomat." Tropic of Cancer (1970)—"Tropic of Cancer is based on the scandalous and widely banned 1934 Novel by Henry Miller about blatantly promiscuous expatriates in 1930s Paris...The story was transported to 1960s Paris. Rip Torn (Heartland) portrays Henry Miller as he barhops and bed-hops through Paris while struggling to find his voice. Ellen Burstyn (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore) plays Miller's long-suffering wife and Henry Miller himself makes a brief appearance in this ribald tale that updates the setting but retains the libertine spirit of the book that was banned in the US and UK for 27 years." Wah Do Dem—"Max (Sean Bones) lives in Brooklyn. He enjoys playing soccer, skateboarding, and drinking with his friends. His girlfriend, Willow (Norah Jones) dumps him cold. Max then winds up alone on the high seas navigating through crowds of grey-haired cruisers. When the cruise liner docks in Jamaica, Max quickly escapes the tourist zone. At a local jerk stand he meets a charming Rasta who offers to show him a secret beach. Max loses track of time and his personal belongings. Naked and broke, Max, Makes his way to the US embasy. Along the road Jamaica is waiting to meet him. Features music and appearances by MGMT, Santigold, The Congos, Yeasayer, Suckers, Mykal Rose, and Mr. Lexx." Wheelmen—"Filmed just before he found stardom on The Office, Rainn Wilson stars as part of a group of misfit limo drivers who find themselves embroiled in a plot to assassinate the Vice President of the United States in this wacky comedy." Zombie Nightmare (1986)—Tia Carrere + Adam West + Voodoo=AWESOME!