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Scarecrow Podcast Episode II: Scares & Splatters

Welcome to the second episode of THE SCARECROW PODCAST. This week's installment features Marc "Swellzombie" Palm, Kevin Clarke, Rich Grendzinski & Matt Lynch. They begin with a quick endorsement of Jackass 3D--a movie with a lot of heart and bodily fluids. Moving on, the gentlemen get into the Halloween spirit with a flashback to childhood and browsing the shelves at their local video stores to discuss some of the VHS covers & images that haunted them well into adulthood...

They also reflect on the fact that after years of horror film appreciation, it's the ones you see as a kid that continue to scare you the most--movies like Poltergeist, The Thing, and the totally weird trailer for Cathy's Curse. Then things get gory with a review of 1987's aptly named Splatter Farm. Could it be The Room of horror movies? Head up to our Stalkers section and rent it...if you've got the stomach. Let us know what movies scared you as a kid, which VHS art sends chills down your spine, and who you'd call if blood came out of your shower--plus share your thoughts on this episode and suggest topics for future discussion at The Scarecrow Podcast: Episode II was recorded down the street from the store at Dantes by producer Mark Allender. Much thanks to them both. Check out the Inaugural Episode here. Both will soon be available on iTunes.