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New to View: Favorite Scary Movie Moments

The month-long celebration of all things HORROR (insert menacing laugh here) continues on this week's episode of The MacGuffin Podcast. Spencer & John begin with a discussion of the new-to-theaters PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 and SAW 3D. Will the sequel to a ghost story slightly more freaky than when someone scares the hiccups out of you win the weekend's box office over a gore-filled sequel rife with flashbacks and 3D gimmicks? Our hosts weigh the franchises' pros and cons, but our feelings on this subject can best be summed up by the tagline of ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: "No matter who wins, we lose." Moving on to much better movies, Spencer & John talk about their favorite scary movie moments. There's ghosts, aliens, talking dolls and...Ernest? They've also been counting down their favorite horror movies over on their blog--check 'em out here. If you're watching/reading this Friday at 7pm, get in your car/on the bus right now and head to see Spencer & John IN PERSON at Grand Illusion Cinema. They're presenting a double feature of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (both movies best seen with an audience) plus provide you with opportunities to win fabulous prizes from fabulous places like Scarecrow Video. Both of this week's DVD Picks are available for rent & sale here at the store: