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New Releases for the week of October 19th

It's Double Your Brody, Double Your Fun week here at Scarecrow with two new titles starring Academy Award winner Adrien Brody. There's also some pretty intriguing indies, bloody Japanese horror flicks, classic cowboys, compelling documentaries, a bunch of video games and much more. Here's the full list; * means it's also on Blu-ray and you can buy them online with a click of the SALE. PREDATORS *--Is it a reboot or a "bold new chapter"? We're still not sure, but the story about an assortment of efficient killers who are airdropped into a jungle to fight predators is good alien-slaughtering fun. Adrien Brody and Alice Braga are our heroes, joining Oleg Taktarov (The Expendables), Danny "Machete" Trejo, Laurence Fishburn and Topher Grace. Yes, Topher Grace! SALE GIALLO—Adrien Brody is an FBI agent tracking down a serial killer with a preference for pretty ladies in this new thriller by Dario Argento. AGORA—Rachel Weisz stars as an astronomer in ancient Egypt who leads a group of like-minded scholars against the encroaching Christian doctrine. It's directed by Alejandro Amenabar (The Others) PLEASE GIVE— Writer/director Nicole Holofcener continues to explore upper middle class liberal aspirations and guilt in this dramedy starring Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall and Oliver Platt. HOLY ROLLERS—Jesse Eisenberg stars in this ripped-from-the-headlines story of a disenchanted young man studying to be a rabbi who gets caught up in a scheme to have Orthodox Jews smuggle Ecstasy into the US. It played this summer at SIFF. ASSAULT GIRLS—The latest live action from Ghost In The Shell director Mamoru Oshii puts three heavily armed ladies into the thick of an increasingly violent virtual video game where they fight giant sand monsters not unlike the ones in Beetlejuice. VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL--Maybe you should just watch the trailer for this one. It's NSFW or the squeamish. LADIES & GENTLEMEN...THE ROLLING STONES*—Their legendary Exile on Main Street concert film arrives on DVD and, for those who demand a higher definition look at Mick Jagger, Blu-ray. DISNEYNATURE: CRIMSON WING: MYSTERY OF THE FLAMINGOS and OCEANS--Two new docs from the nature lovers at Disney. SUN BEHIND THE CLOUDS: TIBET'S STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM—A new documentary exploring the rift between The Dalai Lama's Middle Way approach to independence and younger Tibetans hungry for a more confrontational solution. UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US—If you missed its run at Grand Illusion Cinema in January, here's the black metal documentary, "goes behind the highly sensationalized media reports of 'Satanists running amok in Europe' to examine the complex and largely misunderstood principles and beliefs that lead to this rebellion against both Christianity and modern culture." NEW VIDEO GAMES Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (XBOX) Enslaved: Odyssey To The West (PS3, XBOX) Medal of Honor: Limited Edition (PS3, XBOX) NBA 2K 11 (PS3, XBOX) NBA Jam (Wii) Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse (Wii) Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) ANIME NEW RELEASES Eden of The East: Complete Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Season 2, Part 3 Naruto Shippuden: Box Set 4 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Dexter's Laboratory: Season 1 Generator Rex: Vol. 1 Sesame Street: C Is For Cookie Spirit of The Forest Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics: Vol. 2 NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Hard Candy The Mission (1986) Moulin Rouge (2001) Psycho (1960)—50th Anniversary Edition Rocky Horror Picture Show—35th Anniversary Edition Romeo & Juliet (1996) Secretary Seven Samurai—The beautiful Criterion edition!! SALE Apocalypse Now—The Full Disclosure Edition is available in a 2-disc set with the Redux or in a 3-disc set with Hearts of Darkness. SALE
NEW TV ON DVD Cake Boss: Season 2 Jonathan Creek: The Specials Lights Out: Vol. 8 Mind to Kill: Series 2 Outer Limits (1995): Seasons 4-7 Tales From The Darkside: Final Season Wallander (2008): Vol. 2 The Bionic Woman: Season 1—The 1976 original! NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Aftershock (2010)(Code 3)—China Bluff (2007)—Colombia Dust InThe Wind (1986)—Taiwan, directed by Hsiao-Hsien Hou (Flowers of Shanghai) (1952)(PAL Code 2)—UK Historia Comun (2004)—Puerto Rico How I Ended This Summer (2010)—Russia Jade and The Pearl (2010)—Hong Kong The Misfortunates (2009)—Netherlands The String (2009)—Tunisia Terrorizers (1986)—Taiwan/Hong Kong, directed by Edward Yang Three Steps North (1951)—Italy Tropical Fish (1995)—Taiwan The Round-Up (2010)(PAL Code 2)—A new Holocaust drama from France. The trailer doesn't have subtitles but you won't need them to understand the sentiment. The Loved Ones (2009)(PAL Code 2)—New horror from Australia. No one should want to go to a dance this badly... Socialism (2010)(PAL Code 2)—New from Jean-Luc Godard NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC, STAND-UP COMEDY & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE American Sign Language for Kids & Adults: Vol. 1—"This ASL DVD, approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes is excellent for kids and adults to learn the fundamentals of American Sign Language about everyday life with fun and lessons about kindness and compassion." British Beat Live! Best of the 60's— The British Beat Live public television concert special premiered in March 2007 and includes an incredible line-up of British Invasion stars, including Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Zombies, Petula Clark, Peter & Gordon, Lulu, Gerry & The Pacemakers, and others. Features "Wild Thing," "Do Wah Diddy," "Ferry Across The Mercy," "Go Now," "Time Of The Season," and many other classics. Hosted by Petula Clark. Bo Burnham: Words Words Words—"Bo Burnham is back with a new one-man show full of his patented songs and wordplay, as well as haikus, dramatic readings, blasphemy, and so much more in his first hour-long special, shot live in his home town of Boston." Faded Glory—"Faded Glory is a true story of a group of aging athletes, good friends for over 18 years, who never gave up the dream of playing baseball at a competitive level. Through the eyes of their manager Rick Cohen, Faded Glory follows the National Network team, 18 men over the age of thirty-five who have overcome life's adversities, including injury, divorce, bankruptcy, infidelity, drug addiction, incarceration, and one life-threatening disease. It all takes place as National tries to win a National Amateur Baseball World Series title. Faded Glory is a captivating document of friendship, courage, humor, and the indomitability of the human spirit." The Life of Reilly—A Special Edition DVD of the awesome documentary on Charles Nelson Reilly. Mayor of Strawberry Fields—"The Mayor Of Strawberry Fields is a moving look into the quirky homeless subculture living in Central Park. Gary, the self-proclaimed 'Mayor' of Strawberry Fields, has lived at John Lennon's Imagine Memorial and decorated it with flowers for the past 14 years. Thousands of tourists see his labor of love daily, while he sits on as the 'silent' artist. This short documentary delves deep into Gary's euphoric yet dysfunctional life on the streets, and takes the audience into a world only a true rock and roll fan would understand. Whether it's the searing city heat or blistering cold of winter, Gary stands by the memorial with flowers from bodega dumpsters, and gives the world, as he says, 'the peace sign it needs'. Like any average Joe, Gary has a wife, a dog and a happy job. His unorthodox profession has started to make his artwork yet another landmark of Manhattan, and through his own self promotion, made him a celebrity in his own rite." Terence McKenna: This World...and Its Double—"A full day excursion into the questions he explores with unequaled imagination, where is life carrying us? What is the nature of that other world which co-exists with this one? What is the role of shamanic plants in shaping our consciousness?" Phish: Coral Sky—"On November 2nd, 1996, Phish performed at Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL; the only outdoor shed show of the Fall Tour. A long-time fan favorite, the show features special guests including Karl Perazzo (from Santana) on percussion throughout and Butch Trucks (from The Allman Brothers Band), playing drums during the encore. Along with a few palm trees, the DVD showcases the birth of the band's more rhythmic, textured group improv style and conveys their and the crowd's excitement at the breakthrough." Psycho Legacy—"The Psycho Legacy follows the indelible filmmaking legacy left by the Psycho movies and unravels the screenwriting, casting and directing of all the movies, examining their undeniable longevity and success. Interweaving ultra-rare and never-before-seen interview footage of Anthony Perkins and dozens of interviews including Robert Loggia, Olivia Hussey, Henry Thomas, Diana Scarwid, Tom Holland, Hilton Green, Mick Garris and many more, The Psycho Legacy is the first documentary to unite and explore decades of Psycho movies in one place, revealing surprises and insights into what is considered the grandfather of modern horror." Running The Sahara—"Running the Sahara is a feature documentary narrated and executive produced by Academy Award winner Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award winner James Moll. This powerful and inspirational film chronicles an attempt by three ultra marathoners to run across the entire length of Africa's Sahara Desert, tackling not only the elements, but also unimaginable physical and emotional obstacles..." Running America—"On September 13, 2008 Running The Sahara's Charlie Engle teamed up with Ultra-Marathoner Marshall Ulrich for his next expedition to press the human physical and mental strengths to their limits. This time the challenge was 3,069 miles in 45 days, starting in San Francisco and running to Times Square in New York. To accomplish this record breaking milestone, the runners would have to average close to SEVENTY miles each day." Smash His Camera—"Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis sued him, Marlon Brando broke his jaw and Steve McQueen gave him a look that would have killed, if looks could kill. To the celebrities he pursued, photographer Ron Galella was the beast who threatened beauty..." Song of the Little Road—"Satyajit Ray's masterpiece the Apu Trilogy is widely considered one of the most important works in cinema history. In 1992, Ray was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Oscar. But when film-preservationist David Sheppard volunteered to go to Bengal, he found the original negatives in a terrible state. "It's hard to think of another world-class filmmaker", says Sheppard, "whose oeuvre hangs by such a thin thread!" The Song of the Little Road tells the story of how a master's body of work came so close to disintegration, and why Ray's films move audiences so deeply across time and cultural boundaries. Three icons - director Martin Scorsese, producer Ismail Merchant, and music composer Ravi Shankar - illustrate stirringly what makes a masterpiece." That Was Nam—"Be an eyewitness to the conflict that divided our nation and changed the very fabric of society. This collection of harrowing and compelling footage traces the evolution of this conflict from a regional military engagement to an ever-expanding war that ultimately spanned three U.S. Presidents. This captivating 9 DVD collection examines the war from the air, water and land, and from within the hearts of those that fought." Theater Of War—"Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep (Mamma Mia!, It's Complicated) is an unforgettable Mother Courage in Tony Kushners adaptation of Bertolt Brechts masterpiece, Mother Courage and Her Children.." 20th Century with Mike Wallace: Politics & Presidents—"Wars, assassinations, impeachments, and political scandal rocked America in the 20th century and still reverberate today. Join legendary newsman Mike Wallace as he examines the people, events, and issues that shaped our nation. Mining the rich archives of CBS News, this series shows history as it happened, reported by Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Roger Mudd, and other giants of broadcast journalism. Interviews with Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michael Beschloss, Hugh Sidey, Richard Reeves, and a host of other experts--as well as with some of the principal players in these political dramas--provide a fresh, revealing perspective on the recent past. The 10 episodes in this set examine Washington politics and presidential leadership from McCarthyism through the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Relive--and rethink--more than five fascinating decades." Vietnam War Stories—"Witness the Vietnam War, its roots, its battles, its heroes and the price paid in the name of freedom. This stunning, detailed collection shows the war with heartbreaking realism. It looks at troubling questions about America's justification for the conflict, the horrors of jungle warfare and the human calamity of the war. Ultimately, it profiles the courage of the soldiers who put their lives on the line in the name of patriotism. Vietnam War Stories is a grand scope project covering the war years of 1954 to 1975. The timing for this show is right with renewed interested in the conflict as it draws comparisons to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan." NEW FROM THE COLUMBIA CLASSICS SERIES 12 To The Moon (1959)—"A group of twelve international scientists are the first to land on the moon. In their exploration of the surface, they run into all kinds of trouble, including threatening messages from alien life forms residing on the moon. Just a short nine years before the historic moon landing, this film's understanding of the science of space exploration is fantastically simplistic, but this well-made science fiction film holds interest with a strong cast and intriguingly strange events, photographed with great style by John Alton. Ken Clark, Michi Kobi, Tom Conway, John Wengraf, and Robert Montgomery Jr. portray the intrepid scientists."
...AND MORE MOVIES Arizona Round-up (1942)—"Undercover government agent Tom Kenyon is hired by rancher Mike O'Day to help protect his herd of wild stallions. Tom smells a rat when a railroad syndicate suddenly quadruples their rates, fully aware that the ranchers will not be able to afford to transport their horses to market. The syndicate plans to bankrupt O'Day and the others, in a plot to buy up their land cheap. Tom must find a way to derail the scheme, before a bloody shooting war erupts." Cheyenne Tornado/Border Vengenace (1935)—A Reb Russell Double Feature! First, Cheyenne Tornado: "A wealthy cattleman is gunned down in cold blood, igniting a savage range war between sheep and cattle ranchers. Seth Darnell, owner of the Box D Ranch, blames the sheep ranchers for the murder and means to drive them out by force. The Cheyenne Kid believes the herders are innocent, and is determined to find the real killer, before more lives are lost." Border Vengeance—"John Preston is murdered by cattle rustlers. Flash Purdue claims to have witnessed the killing and falsely accuses the Benson family, who are forced to flee the territory. Benson's son, The Muley Kid calls Flash a liar, and in the ensuing gunfight, blows off the top of Purdue's ear. The Kid rides off, vowing to return one day and clear his family's name." Colin (Special Edition)—A zombie movie unique in that a) it follows a zombie around rather than a group of survivors and b) it only cost $70 to make. Golden Crime Busters—Six classic TV dramas, including 1952's Biff Baker USA with Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin and a 1955 episode of Public Defender featuring a young Dennis Hopper. Killing Machine (2010)—"Action icon Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Universal Soldier) stars as Edward Genn, a divorced Vancouver father and investment broker who also happens to be the infamous KGB-trained assassin known as Icarus . But when his two worlds collide in a storm of bullets, bloodshed and betrayal by the Russian Mob, Icarus reloads for the most personal and punishing contract of his entire career. When revenge is not enough, how far will a one-man death squad go to get even?"
Lisbon—"A woman hires an American smuggler to sneak behind the Iron Curtain and murder her husband so that she and a wily co-conspirator can collect the husband's fortune but their heinous plan runs afoul." This 1956 battle of wits stars Ray Milland, Maureen O'Hara, Percy Marmont, and Claude Rains. Lone Star Law Men (1941)—"A ruthless gang of bandits is terrorizing Texas border towns. Tough-as-nails cowpoke Tom Sterling is deputized and is sent out after the outlaws. He manages to infiltrate the Duke Lawson outfit which is responsible fo stage hold-ups, rustling, and murder. But when Tom's cover is blown, he must first find a way to save his own life, before any of the desperados can be brought to justice." Mirrors 2—For the lowdown on the straight to video spinoff, we refer you to Outlaw Vern. Night of The Demons (2009)—"Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) is throwing a decadent Halloween part at New Orleans' infamous Broussard Mansion. But after the police break up the festivities, Maddie (Monica Keena) and a few friends stay behind. Trapped inside the locked mansion gates, the remaining guests uncover a horrifying secret and soon fall victim to seven vicious, blood-thirsty demons." It also stars Edward Furlong. Old Oregon Trail—" 'Splendid horsemanship and rapid action on the part of Art Mix, Cowboy Star, dominate the historic film drama The Old Oregon Trail. Art Mix, an independent producer, an actor schooled on the western plains and having accurate knowledge of places and events of the early day, give him an opportunity that makes this picture most realistic. Many fine comments were made during the showing of this film on Mix's ability in portraying the life of Oregon's early days.' -- from the original 1928 press book." It's a double feature with 1925's Revenge on the Range. Older Than America—"Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, The A-Team) stars in this mystery about a geologist tracking down the epicenter of an earthquake that leads him to an Indian reservation. Actress Georgina Lightning (TV's The West Wing and Walker, Texas Ranger) makes her co-writing and directing debut with this passion project while also starring alongside Cooper as Rain, a woman beset by troubling visions from the past. Both their journeys lead to an abandoned schoolhouse and shocking secrets that corrupt politicians and businessmen want to pave over. But the spirits won't be silenced." Redeemer: Son of Satan--A psychotic killer preys upon a 10 year high school reunion in this 70s slasher flick. Saraband For Dead Lovers (1948)—"Well-mounted period drama, rather stolid but with some striking scenes and solid portrayals. It's about the doomed romance between an unhappy queen and a dashing Swedish mercenary." It stars Stewart Granger and Joan Greenwood and was directed by Basil Dearden and Michael Relph. Six Wives of Henry Lefay—"After Henry Lefay is presumed dead, his daughter Barbara is left to make the funeral arrangements. But when his current wife and five exes wage a fierce power struggle over the burial, Barbara is hilariously caught in the middle. Starring Tim Allen, Elisha Cuthbert, Andie MacDowell, Jenna Elfman, and Chris Klein." Spoken Word—"Cruz Montoya (Kuno Becker) is a rock star on the West Coast poetry circuit, where audiences from San Diego to Seattle gather to hear him perform. One day, he gets an unexpected phone call alerting him that his father, Senior (Ruben Bladés), is fatally ill. Cruz rushes home to his dying father, a reclusive former schoolteacher still leading a traditional life in their once bucolic mountain valley, now ravaged by poverty, drug abuse, and violence. Once home, Cruz retreats to his old life, managing a Santa Fe hip-hop club owned by local crime boss, Emilio (Miguel Sandoval), who Senior used to run with back in the day. Seduced by the fast action and easy money, Cruz loses his poetic voice, his identity, and almost his life, before he finds a way to heal his family, community, and himself." Thunderbolt's Tracks (1927)—" After World War I, Marine Sergeant Larry Donovan and Corporal Biff Flannagan seek out the family of a pal who died in France. They find Pop Hayden and his daughter Alice in Mexico, homesteading a worthless ranch sold to them by local con men. The Leathernecks won't stand for the kinfolk of a dead buddy being swindled, but in tangling with the outlaws they could end up biting off more than even a pair of hard boiled vets can chew."
Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960)—"The flamboyant playwright brings about his own downfall when he sues the Marquis of Queensbury for slander, and ends up going to jail for sodomy. Entertaining depiction of Wilde's court case, with much of the story being taken from actual court records." It stars Yvonne Mitchell, James Mason, Lionel Jefferies and Peter Finch as Wilde. 24 Hours To Kill—A 1966 caper film starring Mickey Rooney and featuring this awesome cover:
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