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Anime Spotlight: Gory, Violent, Scary, Bloody Anime

October! Halloween! Intense animated objectionable content involving (all or some of) graphic depictions of sex, drug use, and bloodshed!! Nobody animates graphic horror and violence like Japan! This year's Anime Halloween section is for ages 16 and up!! Mature audiences only! Personal Recommendations of this section: Akira - If I really have to explain the plot of this to you by now (it's been in the spotlight section at least 3 times), you should just come in and pick it up already! This Anime is the ultimate classic! if you want to start anywhere in the history of intense, awesome, mind-blowing Anime, this is it. Death Note - I'm mostly a fan of late 80s, early 90s anime (especially in this intense, violent, mature genre), but when I first checked out Death Note (2006), it blew me away! Every episode had a twist I didn't see coming. Very original, this Manga and Anime got huge fast. It revolved around a straight-A student who stumbles across an unassuming notebook... which he finds out will kill people when you write their names in it! He quickly turns into what he thinks is a God of Justice, but others go after him as if he were a serial killer. They made live-action movies of this series, but I felt they fell flat in terms of twists, turns and pacing. Anime all the way! Vampire Hunter D - Another beautiful classic to catch up on if you haven't seen it. The character design was done by the incredible Yoshitaka Amano, the same guy who did the Final Fantasy video game character designs. Beautiful, haunting, incredible. Wicked City - I am a fan of anything done by the Mad House animation studio. They are most famously known for Ninja Scroll--a crazy violent classic that anyone who has seen anything bad-ass, knows about. Wicked City is also bad-ass. Demon "Shape Shifters" and humans had a contract to not destroy eachother for awhile. the contract is up and demons start taking over. WHAT TO DO!? watch insane blood and gore splash across the screen, duh. If you are under 16, or still wanna be just a little scared, but not grossed out *too* much by animated horror, I have compiled an alternate list of Halloween-themed Anime here (or also listed in the spotlight section in store): Black Jack* Blood: the Last Vampire Blood+ Boogie Pop Phantom Dark Cat Demon Fighter Kocho Descendants of Darkness D-Gray Man Ghost Hound Ghost Hunt Ghost Slayers Ghost Sweeper Mikami Haunted Junction Kakurenbo* Magical Witch Punie-chan Mirage of Blaze Murder Princess Night Head Night Hunters Pet Shop of Horrors* Phantom Quest Princess Resurrection Soul Eater Trinity Blood Tweeny Witches Vampire Princess Miyu Venus Versus Virus Witch Hunter Robin Wolf's Rain *= Personal Favorite Just because it's animated, doesn't mean it can't be scary! Watch some Anime this Halloween!