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New to View: Wes Craven's horrorshows

Spencer & John of the MacGuffin Podcast are celebrating the spooky season with a month of episodes focusing on horror movies. Their first blood-splattered installment is a Wes Craven retrospective, in anticipation of his first directorial effort in four years (counting his segment of Paris, Je T'aime), MY SOUL TO TAKE , which opens in theaters this weekend. I'm not really a fan of movies where people stalk, torture and kill other people so I haven't seen big chunks of Craven's filmography. I did like Scream, though it did temporarily convince me the friend I watched it with was going to kill me. Maybe I'd be better off with Music of The Heart... Next, they talk about how the Motion Picture Association of America goes about rating horror movies. Their conversation stems from last week's very limited release of the unrated HATCHET II, which has already been pulled from theaters. FYI: We have the uncut VHS copy of Nightmare On Elm Street 5: Dream Child available for rent in our Stalkers section. Spencer & John end with their DVD Picks of The Week. Both are available here for rent & sale:
Mark your calendars for Friday, October 22nd, when Spencer & John visit our neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema to present the excellent double feature BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, part of the GI's ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! series.